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It's hardly surprising that not only the 7th art, but also television and advertising are making eyes at the most beautiful city in the world. Film and audiovisual professionals will find in the City of Light a rental of natural sets in Paris or a rental of apartments for filming in Paris, lofts, atypical spaces in Paris... so many original, picturesque and often prestigious locations. With Officeriders, there's only one watchword: silence, we're shooting in Paris!

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The City of Light attracts French and foreign productions

Paris has always been, and still is, a magnet for film productions. One out of every two films is shot in the natural Parisian setting or indoors. No fewer than 110 feature films are shot here every year, in addition to numerous short films and commercials. The capital is one of the world's most popular cities for both French and international filmmakers, particularly American productions, who flock to set up their sets in the City of Light. The history of the 7th art bears witness to this fact. Since the invention of cinema, the capital has never ceased to inspire directors, starting with Claude Autant-Lara's famous "Traversée de Paris" in 1956. Since then, many great directors have fallen in love with Paris and celebrated it in cult films. Among them, Woody Allen, an unconditional admirer of our capital, pays a vibrant tribute to Paris in "Midnight in Paris". Also worth mentioning is "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" (The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain), which reveals the landscape of the picturesque Butte Montmartre. More recently, "Intouchables" crowned Omar Sy best actor, not forgetting the 6th opus of "Mission Impossible", one of the most spectacular films ever shot in Paris, which took two months to complete.

Paris, a city of multiple settings for cinema and advertising

Paris is in fact one of the few cities capable of concentrating an extraordinary variety of urban or bucolic backdrops and incredibly varied interior settings within a radius of fifty kilometers. Whether you're looking to rent a natural set in Paris or a location for an indoor shoot in Paris, the capital remains a timeless backdrop for film, television or advertising. Each arrondissement has its own particular charm, although the 8th and 16th are always among the most sought-after. The capital abounds in natural settings in Paris, romantic, prestigious or unusual, starting with the mythical backdrop of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, which can be admired in the adaptation of Victor Hugo's famous novel. Other remarkable backdrops include the Louvre Museum, where the plot of The Da Vinci Code takes place, as well as catacombs, parks and gardens, museums, cemeteries, bridges, train stations... and even the Palais de l'Elysée, where the Tuches take up residence for a few hilarious scenes.