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Paris has always been akin to an eternal movie set. It's not surprising that the 7th art and television and advertising have been making eyes at the most beautiful city in the world. Film and audiovisual professionals will find in the City of Light a rental of natural sets in Paris or a rental of apartments for filming in Paris, lofts, atypical spaces in Paris... so many original, picturesque, and often prestigious places. With Officeriders.com, there's only one thing to remember: silence; we're shooting in Paris!

The City of Light attracts French and foreign productions

Paris has always been and still is a magnet for productions. One out of every two films is shot on location in Paris or indoors. No less than 110 feature film shoots take place here each year, in addition to numerous short films and commercials. The capital is one of the most popular cities globally for both French and international filmmakers, especially American productions, who flock to the City of Light to set up their sets. The history of the 7th art is there to testify to this fact. Since the invention of cinema, the capital has never ceased to inspire directors, starting with Claude Autant-Lara's famous "Traversée de Paris" in 1956. Great directors have since fallen in love with Paris and have celebrated it through films that have become cult. Among them, Woody Allen, an unconditional fan of our capital, and the film "Midnight in Paris" pays a vibrant tribute to Paris. Let's also mention the "Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain," which unveils the picturesque Montmartre hill's landscape. More recently, "Intouchables" crowned Omar Sy as the best actor, without forgetting the 6th opus of "Mission Impossible," one of the most spectacular films shot in Paris, which required two months of shooting.

Paris is indeed one of the rare cities capable of concentrating in about fifty kilometers an extraordinary variety of urban or bucolic settings, incredibly varied interior settings. Whether it's for a natural setting rental in Paris or indoor filming locations in Paris, the capital remains an eternal setting for cinema, television, or advertising. Each district has its own particularity and seduces for its cachet, although the 8th and the 16th are always among the most requested. The capital is full of natural settings in Paris, romantic, prestigious, or unusual, starting with the mythical backdrop of Notre-Dame-de-Paris that can be admired in adapting the famous novel by Victor Hugo. Other remarkable settings include the site of the Louvre Museum, which houses the plot of The Da Vinci Code, as well as the catacombs, parks and gardens, museums, cemeteries, bridges, train stations... and even the Elysée Palace, where the Tuches took up residence for a few hilarious scenes.

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A film location in Paris adapted to your project

In Paris, as elsewhere, each shoot is different and often requires natural settings in Paris. The most sought-after locations are generally river landscapes along the Seine, shots of the Eiffel Tower, parks and gardens, or famous squares such as the mythical Place Vendôme. Apart from natural Parisian environments, filmmakers and directors are also looking for specific Parisian location rentals such as Haussmannian buildings or atypical Parisian spaces.

Inside, a Paris filming apartment rental or a Paris filming loft rental lends itself ideally to the realization of film scenes for the cinema, commercials, short films, TV series, or, why not, photoshoots or various video-clips. On Officeriders.com, you will find the answer to your project thanks to a rental of lofts shooting Paris in the heart of the Oberkampf district near the Canal Saint-Martin, by renting a superb loft workshop or a magnificent bright apartment in the 20th district. Looking to rent an atypical space in Paris? A rooftop with a view of the capital will surely suit you! What about this superb private mansion a few steps away from the Porte d'Auteuil that could fit your scenario? The wide variety of Parisian indoor filming locations can suit any film project. In the heart of the capital, private mansions, Haussmann-style apartments, and rooftops are all the rage, while at the gates of Paris, a castle, a villa with a swimming pool, a suburban pavilion, or even an apartment in a low-income housing project will also be of interest to many producers.

Important criteria to study for a film location in Paris

Paris filming locations must meet several criteria and have essential assets to ensure the filming's quality and success. Officeriders.com offers you a wide selection of Paris filming locations rigorously selected for their perfect adaptation to the realization of long or short films, commercials, or video clips.

The interior must be spacious enough with a large main room of at least 40 m2 to install cameras and projectors while facilitating the movement of at least twenty people. A shoot may require many more people. A certain height of the ceiling must also be taken into account to allow the soundmen to move without constraints. A large enough room will provide camera operators the necessary distance for the shots when the camera must take very close-ups of faces. If the room is too small, it becomes difficult to see the background, which is why it's important to choose a large room to shoot in. On Officeriders.com, Paris film locations can also have little extras such as a terrace for outdoor lighting, original decorations, or exceptional views of the most beautiful monuments of the capital or the roofs of Paris.

Whatever your film location in Paris, it must be easy to access time for actors, extras, and technical staff. Also, there must be accommodation and restaurant facilities in the immediate vicinity. A film shoot lasts several weeks and requires certain amenities for the entire film crew.

Another essential point to consider for your film location rental in Paris is the accessibility of the site to the production department's technical vehicles with the presence of sufficient parking spaces nearby. It should also be noted that the technical equipment must be easily transported to the filming location.

You should also choose a free site of surrounding noise pollution (school, church, hospitals, air corridors).

To save money, it is important to concentrate within a radius of about 50 kilometers on various sites that can be used as assets for the same film. Moving easily from an urban setting to rural landscapes, from a plush Parisian apartment to the splendor of a castle as prestigious as Versailles, is often a challenge that filmmakers seek to meet.

Among the services offered by Officeriders.com, the rental of filming locations in Paris occupies a good place. A varied selection of indoor and outdoor locations is available for all types of film, television, and other projects.