Security deposit and guest guarantee

Everything is thought out at OfficeRiders to avoid any unpleasant surprises: verified professional profiles, guaranteed payment of your earnings within 72 hours, etc. However, as there is no such thing as zero risk, we have put in place all the necessary measures so that you can welcome your Riders with complete peace of mind.

In fact, in addition to the pre-existing (almost systematic) insurance for Hosts and Riders, OfficeRiders has set up : A deposit fixed on each advert by the host for each type of use,, systematically on all the site's bookings, which can be used for minor glitches.A guest guarantee offered in partnership with AXA which covers the biggest damages up to 1.500.000€.


Before you book

Before you make your reservation, OfficeRiders secures the deposit via a bank authorization, or failing that, via an imprint, in order to guarantee that the Host will be able to tap into it the event of a minor problem. If allowed by the Host, as a last resort, the deposit can also be secured via a cheque given upon arrival on d-day.


At check-in

At check-in, it is recommended that you carry out an inventory of fixtures with your Rider, in order to facilitate any damage reports at check-out. Indeed, whether compensation is asked via tapping into the security deposit or by activation the OfficeRiders' Hosts Garantee by AXA , documentary evidence of the damage is required.


At check-out

Once the Ride will have come to an end, you will have up to 48 hours to declare any damage observed at or after your Rider's departure, dircetly in the chat of the concerned reservation.

Note that you can always decide to reach an agreement with your Rider or Host outside of the website's process, by activating your own insurance for instance. However, please bear in mind that passed the 48 hours following check-out, you will not be able to ask for the deposit nor activate the OfficeRiders' Hosts Garantee by AXA . Finally, in the rare event that the Rider has given the Host a cheque directly upon arrival (e.g. no credit card), Host and Rider will have to manage cashing in the deposit on their own, without the intervention of OfficeRiders.

Sécurité avec OfficeRiders

Small glitch

You will be able to deduct all or part of your deposit in case of minor damage. Please note that it is imperative that you have all the supporting documents (photos, invoices and/or estimates, inventory of fixtures), if you don't, your Rider could oppose your declaration.

1. Report your damage directly on the cwindow of the concerned booking, up to 48 hours after Riders' departure. You will be prompted to indicate the amount estimated for the reparation or replacement of the damaged goods and to upload photos of the damage. 2. Select the method of compensation you have chosen : most probably the security deposit in the event of a small glitch. 3. Your Rider will be invited to react to your declaration by validating or opposing it. In the cas of contestation, you can continue to chat through the booking window in order to clear up any misunderstanding and agree upon a compensation amount. 4. Whichever your Rider's stance, you will be able to force deposit withdrawal by indicating the amount you request (within the limit of the amount of the guarantee deposit), provided you have provided the supporting documents. These documents are made available to your Rider. Please note that your Rider could engage in legal action if he/she feels the documents provided are insufficient.

Major glitch

In the event of a bigger damage, you can decide to call for the total amount of the deposit by following the steps above, or to request the application of OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee by AXA. Please note that it is not possible to ask for both the security deposit and the OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee by AXA to compensate damage. In order to make the most adequate choice for you, please take into account that a 250€ deductible will be held from your compensation in case of damage on goods, or 500 € in case of damage to the property. Also, claim processing time until compensation will be longer. Read our information leaflet for more details. To activate the OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee by AXA:

1. Report your damage directly on the cwindow of the concerned booking, up to 48 hours after Riders' departure. You will be prompted to indicate the amount estimated for the reparation or replacement of the damaged goods and to upload photos of the damage. 2. Select the method of compensation you have chosen : in this case, OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee. 3. ou will be contacted by a member of our team shortly after. You will be asked to answer a few questions in order to ensure that the damage is eligible for opening a file at our partner AXA. 4. If your file is eligible, all supporting documents must be provided within 8 days (estimate, invoice, additional photos, etc.) for AXA to open the file. A dedicated member of AXA's staff , will get back to you directly to confirm your compensation and possibly arrange with you for setting up an expertise. 5. In the rare event the damage did not comply with our partner AXA's conditions for coverage, or the compensation amount finally happened to be inferior to the deductible of the insurance, you would still have the possibility to call for your security deposit, up to 2 months after check-out date, by contacting our team.

What does OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee by AXA cover?

This guarantee covers damage to your space or your belongings during the Ride: - The material goods included in your space (furniture, hifi, electronics, household appliances) - Your space itself (floors, walls) The guarantee also covers the rider's civil liability. In other words, damage caused by the user of the space. For all information concerning the amounts of guarantees and exclusions, you can consult the information notice

What do I have to do to benefit from this coverage?

Any time a booking is made for your space via OfficeRiders, you benefit from this protection for any damage to your space and your belongings up to €1,500,000! This coverage is offered to you by OfficeRiders and applies to all bookings made via the platform - within the limits of the insurance conditions you can consult. Caution: OfficeRiders insurance does not replace the owner's home insurance.

What is an insurance deductible?

It is the amount that remains payable by the insured in the event of a claim. The insurance is included in the OfficeRiders service, however a deductible of €250 for damage to furniture and of €500 for damage to property will be deducted from the compensation amount transfered to you. For example: An accidental water leak during the rider's occupation of your home damages your chair. The value of the damaged property is fixed at €900. AXA will pay €650 in compensation. The sum of €250 will be paid by the insured.

What should I do if I notice damage or loss?

In the event of an incident, it is your responsibility to declare it at check-out, directly on our website. Your declaration must be submitted within 48 hours following the official departure of the riders, directly in the relevant booking window. Depending on the nature and estimated amount of the damage, you may then choose to call for partial or total amount of the security deposit, or request the activation of OfficeRiders' Hosts Guarantee by AXA. To be taken into account, your declaration will have to be submitted within these deadlines and will have to include : -the nature of the loss (theft, water damage, fire, etc.) and its circumstances (date, place, etc.) -a description and estimate of the objects that have been damaged or stolen -supporting documents : photos, invoices, quotations, or any other evidence (provided within 8 working days) -the police file in case of theft (within 48 working days) For additonal information regarding the conditions for coverage and exclusions, pleaseconsult the information sheet.

When am I covered?

The guarantee is automatically included in the OfficeRiders service and is granted for the duration of the ride, which cannot exceed 30 days. Compensation will be executed upon request, provided the damage comply with the conditions of the guarantee.

What is not covered?

Please note that there are a number of exclusions concerning the insured property, depending on the nature of the damage and its causes. Please refer to the information leaflet for details.

Other questions