Meeting and conference room rental in Paris 19ème

The 19th: an ideal district for a room rental in Paris

A perfect location for a meeting room rental in Paris

Looking to rent a meeting room in Paris? The 19th arrondissement has everything you need for a successful day's work in the capital. Ideally located, the 19th arrondissement can be reached very easily thanks to the proximity of the gare du Nord. The Gare de l'Est_, in the 10th arrondissement, is also very accessible (a few metro stations away from the 19th arrondissement on line 5). Note that it is extremely easy to reach one of the two stations by foot, and vice versa, since they are located a few hundred meters from each other. The 19th arrondissement is also crossed by some of the most important metro lines in the city, notably the famous line 7. For those who prefer outdoor transportation, the tramway allows you to get around the district in a few minutes. With its exceptional concentration of various forms of transportation, this district is a perfect location for organizing a professional day with all your employees.

A training room rental in Paris close to the restaurateurs

If you're considering a business rental in Paris, you're probably wondering how you can easily feed your entire team at lunchtime. To feed a whole group, the 19th arrondissement of Paris is the place to be. This district is particularly distinguished by its abundant choice of places to eat. In the immediate vicinity of the Rosa Parks station, there are a number of fast-food outlets for express lunches. The 19th arrondissement is also rich in brasseries, for example on avenue de Flandre, for a quick and quality lunch. These rub shoulders with more atypical addresses, such as Asian restaurants or African restaurants (not forgetting the famous "Pièce de boeuf"). The area around La Villette is a street full of restaurants of all kinds for a good moment of relaxation between noon and two. In any case, if you choose this district for your conference room in Paris, you will have no trouble finding a pleasant place to eat for you and your teams.

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The 19th district: atypical spaces in Paris and cultural and tourist attractions

Seminar rooms in Paris and relaxation

To combine professional efficiency, relaxation, and effervescence in a workgroup, there is nothing like a city location teeming with cultural and architectural features and places conducive to escape and wonder. This is often the best way to bring out the best in everyone. The 19th arrondissement is full of fascinating places that stimulate creativity and imagination, whether for a short day's work or a longer stay. Among the must-see places in the 19th arrondissement are the secret villages on the edge of the Buttes-Chaumont park, a beautiful green space overlooking the neighborhood that dazzles the arrondissement with its warm intimacy. A room rental in Paris near such places is a guarantee of conviviality for a professional stay. Not far from there: the Ourcq Canal. A peaceful place to walk along the water, perfect for stretching your legs after a meeting. Also worth mentioning, among the many amazing places in the neighborhood, the Parc de la Villette, and its proximity to the surprising Cité des Sciences.

The 9th, a setting for atypical activities: filming locations in Paris

If the 19th arrondissement is a perfect place for a training room rental in Paris, it is also a perfect place for particular activities, especially artistic ones. Indeed, the district offers a plethora of filming locations in Paris, in very different atmospheres. Need a setting on a major urban thoroughfare? The esplanade of the Rosa Parks district is perfect for this. Or are you looking for a more chic and discreet atmosphere for your shoot? The secret villages of the district will meet this demand. And for a night-time shoot, the Stalingard district is obviously the place to be. Generally speaking, the 19th district lends itself remarkably well to all styles of filming, because the district concentrates in itself many identities of Paris: the popular Paris, the intimate Paris, the frenetic Paris, or the Paris of the night.

The 19th arrondissement: a district of professional effervescence

Multiple meeting room rentals in Paris

The 19th arrondissement of the French capital is extremely lively, and with this in mind, offers a large number of workspaces for rent. The choice is plethoric, and you will have all the latitude to find your seminar room in Paris. Do you want a "loft" atmosphere for your meeting? Opt for a spacious and bright room in the Crimée district. You prefer something cozy, with an atmosphere close to that of a comfortable bourgeois apartment? Let yourself be tempted by this proposal. The 19th arrondissement is both classic and trendy, so you should have no trouble finding what you're looking for for your seminar, whether you prefer intimacy or large workspaces.

For your work stay: an atypical space in Paris

For the rental of a meeting room in Paris, or with a view to finding a conference room in Paris, you might want to find a place that is original and confusing: the extraordinary tends to strike the spirits, to open up the imagination, and thus to encourage creativity in work. To do this, let yourself be tempted by our selection of the most unusual places in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. From a terrace atmosphere to a [friendly] reception store(, through stylish and generous open spaces, you will find the most amazing places for the organization of your working stay.