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The purpose, tone and spirit of your photo shoot

Before booking a room for the day, it is important to define the tone and spirit of your photo shoot. This rule applies regardless of the city you are interested in. To organize a photo shoot, the choice of the place will indeed be determined by the style and the atmosphere that you wish to give to the shooting. The environment, the brand of the place, is therefore the main element. Depending on the model (a living subject or a product), your photos will have to make you dream. They can also represent a brand. Often, as is the case for an advertising shoot, they aim to encourage the act of purchase.

Tips for a successful shoot: A place for each type of casting

In order for your photos to live up to your expectations, select your shooting location with the utmost care depending on whether it is a :

  • Photo shooting as part of a model casting, fashion model casting, beauty casting etc. Booking an atypical space or an elegant and glamorous place is very suitable for this kind of shooting.
  • Shooting for the cinema with casting of actors
  • Photo shooting of lovers, newlyweds, children. These are photo shoots in a more intimate setting
  • Advertising shoot to present a brand, to launch a new product
  • Professional shooting to present a team, to make known a brand, to give it a new identity. The objective of this type of shooting can also be the canvassing of new customers. The photos represent today an essential means of communication for the companies which market products. This applies to any sector of activity. The location of your photo shoot must remain in line with your brand image.
  • Shooting of images to feed a website. This concerns for example photos for a website under construction, for social networks, for future publications...
  • Culinary shooting to propose and highlight a menu, gastronomic creations, to have a custom image bank

The choice of the place will depend on the chic, the authenticity, the warmth, the originality etc. of your pictures. The message sent through your photos differs depending on the place where they are taken. In a modern industrial loft? A cozy apartment? A rooftop with a view on the Eiffel Tower? A villa with a pool or an artist's studio? The choice is yours! For this reason, many photographers prefer to book an atypical space to create the surprise. Choosing a new, original location is a great way to stand out as an artist.

With OfficeRiders, every setting has its own atmosphere!

Organizing a photo shoot requires selecting a location that corresponds exactly to the style and tone you wish to convey in your future photos. For this reason, a successful photo shoot means finding a space that has an atmosphere. It must also have a strong identity capable of capturing and transmitting emotions through the magic of the lens.

On OfficeRiders, you will have the choice between a multitude of environments. To give your pictures a warm tone, nothing better than a "canut" in Lyon with a cocoon look. Looking for greenery? Choose a house with an exotic garden. Do you want elegant and glamorous photos? The decor of a beautiful Haussmannian apartment or a late 19th century mansion in Lille is ideal for this style of photo. The same is true for a castle in Bordeaux. The expected effect will be rendered by the presence of majestic wooden floors, prestigious furniture and a sophisticated decoration.

Let's move on to another register, that of fashion. If you want to present a collection of summer clothes or swimsuits, we recommend a more relaxed setting. The vacation spirit of a villa with a pool would be perfect! A touch of exoticism would be welcome? Why not give your photo session a touch of exoticism and dream? How about an exceptional Balinese-style villa on the banks of the Yerres River, just outside Paris?

Your company's premises are too small or do not really lend themselves to the realization of beautiful photos? For a business event to present a team or a product for example, the coworking spaces to be booked on OfficeRiders will prove to be the perfect places. Modern settings convey the message of a young and stylish atmosphere, evocative of a dynamic company.

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Reserve an atypical space as a shooting location

Would you like to organize a shooting in a more unusual setting and offer another dimension to your photos ? The atypical spaces proposed on OfficeRiders will perfectly meet your expectations. These different types of places with a strong identity each have their own universe. To convince yourself of this and book a space for the day in Paris, just imagine a photo session in a sublime loft workshop, remarkable for its large glass roof. Such a place exists, nestled in the heart of the Oberkampf district and is suggested by OfficeRiders. This room reservation for one or more days if necessary, will seduce the lens of all photographers. Still in Paris, perhaps you prefer the modular and incredibly bright space of a unique rooftop with terrace and view? What about the effect of the zenithal light of an atypical loft born from the amazing renovation of former SNCF warehouses?

OfficeRiders invites you to take a look at its offer in the capital of Flanders. Take advantage of this opportunity to book a day space in Lille in an atypical gym. It will be perfect for shooting fashion shows. In Lyon, booking an atypical space is just as easy. A canut in the Terreaux district or a showroom with character in the heart of the city will wonderfully enhance your shots. Browse our site to organize a photo shoot in Bordeaux in a beautiful mansion in Bordeaux center, in the intimate cocoon of a Haussmannian lounge. Moreover, what would you say about a mansion from the end of the 19th century or the originality of a Pop-Up store on the Tourny alleys? All these atypical spaces also have the advantage of being well located. They meet all the criteria sought by photographers specializing in photo shoots.

The sets and accessories for your shooting in a flexible location in France

As we have just seen, your shooting location differs according to the style of photo you want. However, the success of a photo shoot does not only depend on the selection of the location. Indeed, whatever the type of photos desired, the choice of the decor and the accessories counts for much in the final result. Why not organize your shooting in an apartment and take advantage of the decoration of the space if it seems usable? A high ceiling with exposed beams can be for example of the most beautiful effect on your photos.

Among the tips for a successful shooting, we must therefore mention the importance of the decor, furniture and accessories available on site. These elements will be essential if you plan to book a space for the day in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon or Paris. Touch-ups of course help to remove (within limits) what you don't want to be on the set. However, it is always better to take care of the decorum beforehand. Take advantage of the presence of a piano, a jukebox, a lounge bar, a rocking chair, an indoor garden, a colorful decoration, etc. All these elements will add a touch of romance, originality, mystery, fun or glamour to your photos... The search for a cocooning atmosphere implies a relaxing place. You will recreate it by means of accessories such as cosy sofas, plants, a piano, a fireplace...

To make a success of your photo shoot, the decoration and the smallest detail will really make the difference. The spaces to be booked on OfficeRiders for this type of event are carefully designed and tastefully furnished. We invite you to discover them through our numerous photos. They will give you a good idea of the decoration of each of them.

The surface and the layout of the premises: space to shoot at ease

Book Fréderic's space to organize a photo shoot Contemporary studio-loft with park & pool - Chez Fréderic Not all locations are suitable for a photo shoot. As such, the available space is another criterion to consider before booking a room for the day. A minimum area of 20 m2 is essential for shooting. A minimum of surface facilitates the work of the photographer, the technical team and the models who evolve and work in optimal conditions. In addition to the shooting areas, a space must also be reserved for make-up and hair styling. A separate area will be used for the equipment. Think also of a room for the models to change between two shots. Finally, a kitchen or a relaxation area will give you the possibility to take a break for a drink or a meal.

OfficeRiders offers you to book a day space in Paris, Lyon or Lille with at least one large room and 2 or 3 smaller rooms. A modular space facilitates the coexistence of several functions in the same room. It offers you the possibility to install several decors. A modular space also limits the inconveniences related to the circulation of people during the session. The loft is therefore an ideal place to rent as a photo studio. The layout of the spaces, often very spacious, allows you to realize your shootings and your professional shootings with many possibilities of arrangements.

To transport equipment, you must also think about the accessibility of the place. The height under the ceiling must be sufficient to allow the lighting equipment to pass. A large single-storey house with large rooms, a nice lawn or a beautiful garden is perfectly suited for shooting or making clips while ensuring enough space to accommodate technicians.

Brightness: the determining element for a successful shot

Every photographer knows that the clarity of the location plays a crucial role in the quality of a photo. The light, certainly one of the most sensitive technical aspects to master makes everything in a photo! The ambient light will sublimate the decor and the model by naturally improving the sharpness of the photographic rendering. An ideal shooting location must therefore be bright. If your photos are underexposed, the result will be much less good. However, too much light can also affect the quality of your shots, which may be overexposed. It's up to you to find the perfect balance!

Natural light: the secret of a perfect shoot

The light should be as natural as possible. Tps for a successful shoot: use as much sunlight as possible by playing with shadows and contrasts. Daylight is indeed the most aesthetic and can be used as is without needing to be modified. As for artificial light, good practice is necessary to master it. With natural light the result also differs depending on the time of day chosen for the shoot. A photo session on an outdoor terrace in the early afternoon will not offer as beautiful a result as in the presence of a lower sun.

It's not surprising that places with a well of natural light are particularly sought after by photographers. This is the case of a glass roof or a space with large windows that let in daylight. White walls and light-colored floors also contribute to the ambient brightness. They tend to make the space appear larger.

On OfficeRiders, a wide choice of light-filled shooting locations

OfficeRiders has flexible locations in France, bathed in light. As such, we offer you the opportunity to book a space by the day in Paris, Lille, Lyon or Bordeaux. Discover the brightness of a splendid loft under a glass roof in Paris, a luminous house in Lille or a superb chartreuse bathed in sunlight near Bordeaux.

Tips for a successful shoot: when booking a room for the day, remember to check the weather forecast a few days before the date of the photo shoot. This will give you an idea of how bright you will be on the day.

Catering for your teams

You will most likely need to cater for your staff and models during the shoot. People wishing to book a space for the day in Lyon, Lille, Paris or Bordeaux can benefit from a catering offer.

OfficeRiders has selected for you local artisans and speakers. They will delight the palates of the people present during the shooting. We propose you an offer for the breakfast, the lunch without forgetting the snack break. You will have the choice between several meal themes. You will have the choice of a seasonal cuisine, an exotic cuisine, a gastronomic menu, vegetarian dishes... A whole range of products have been rigorously chosen for their quality and freshness. Our caterers are at your service upon request. Why not book a day space in Lyon and take advantage of the services of a chef such as Mickaël Houx, a great name among the elite chefs of Lyon? Is your team a street-food enthusiast? Treat your technicians and your models to artisanal products during a lunch, street-food after-work or hot-dog animation served by a team of cooks.

When booking your flexible rental in France, remember to specify your catering needs. The majority of the houses and apartments put at your disposal by the individuals who trusted us have a nice fully equipped kitchen. This is very practical for heating. This comfortable space also accentuates the conviviality. It also favors the feeling of well-being of your teams and models who will feel "like at home".

Tips pour un shooting réussi : le charme de l’arrière-plan

L’arrière-plan lors d’un shooting photo se définit comme la zone située en arrière du modèle. Au moment de prendre en photo une personne ou un groupe de personnes, l’arrière-plan présente toujours un intérêt sur lequel il faut s’attarder. Un arrière-plan mal choisi compte en effet comme un élément susceptible de détourner l’attention du spectateur loin du modèle principal. Il convient donc d’y accorder une grande importance, et prendre conscience de l’impact de ce dernier sur la photographie finale.

OfficeRiders vous propose de réserver un espace à la journée à Lille, Paris, Lyon ou Bordeaux… Certains vous dévoilent un panorama exceptionnel sur les sites emblématiques des plus belles villes de France. Les terrasses et rooftops sont à cet effet très demandés par les professionnels de la photo. Réussir son shooting photo consiste par exemple à réserver un espace à la journée à Bordeaux avec vue sur la Garonne, un espace à la journée à Lyon donnant sur la colline de Fourvières, à Paris sur la tour Eiffel…

What is the advantage of using the services of OfficeRiders to organize a photo shoot?

In order to succeed in organizing a photo shoot, it is important to know how to unload certain time-consuming tasks. The goal is to focus on the essential: your core business as a photographer. By using a platform like OfficeRiders, an agency specialized in renting venues for the organization of all types of events in France, you will be more efficient. The reason for this is simple. You will immediately find the right place for your shooting. It will correspond in all points to your needs in terms of capacity of reception and equipment. You don't waste time looking for it!

Organizing a photo shoot becomes much easier with OfficeRiders. First, we study your needs. We will then be able to provide you with a flexible location in France. But not just any location. It will be exactly what you want your photo shoot to be. When you book a space for the day in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon or Lille, don't hesitate to make a specific request. A particular material, another imperative? We will meet your needs.

When it comes to budget, with OfficeRiders, you won't have any bad surprises. Following your request, you will know exactly, according to the duration of the shooting, the price to reserve a space for the day in Lille in a loft. Same process for the price of a day space in Bordeaux in a sumptuous castle. You want additional services? A quote will be established so that you can foresee the exact price of your photo shoot.

On OfficeRiders, a wide range of sites for your day room reservation Would you like to organize a photo shoot in a more unusual setting than a traditional photo studio? OfficeRiders offers a wide range of locations that are ideal for organizing a photo shoot. These spaces belong to individuals who register on our site as hosts. Their house or apartment is entrusted to us for rent. These particular houses are integrated into our offer after having been validated by us for the quality of their services.

Whether you are planning to book a space for a day in Lyon or to book a space for a day in Bordeaux, with OfficeRiders, it is very simple. You choose the city you are interested in and your shooting space from all the flexible rentals offered. You then get in touch with the owners. For any request, don't hesitate to ask for assistance from one of our consultants.

OfficeRiders responds to new needs linked to the evolution of work methods. In particular, we take into account the aspirations of all the professionals who call on us, especially photographers. Indeed, the demands are constantly evolving in terms of flexibility and expertise. Do you want to book for a day or several days? We adapt your booking according to your needs. You want to organize a photo shoot in Paris, Lyon, Lille or Bordeaux in a space that meets specific requirements? Our team is at your disposal to accompany you in your search and guide you towards a flexible rental adapted to your needs, anywhere in France.