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Tour de france, roadshow, tour événementielle: meetings and events for your staff or an evening for customers and prospects have become unmissable professional events and real motors for your business. Whether it's to unite, thank or promote a product or a brand through an itinerant event across the territory, these professional events require preparation and organization to ensure their success.

Tour de france objectives

Unite teams/collaborators

A company with a national dimension, present in several regions, can sometimes face certain constraints, notably linked to a lack of exchange with its teams and control over the well-being at work of remote teams. Bringing your teams together for a seminar, training or team-building activity is above all about creating a moment of exchange. Organizing traveling meetings in each region where your teams are present is a real opportunity to involve your employees and encourage their buy-in. One of the objectives of your events can be to reward your employees for the work they have put in throughout the year. Creating occasions that allow your teams to "get out of the box" and take time out are very useful, both toget closer to your teams and to keep them motivated. As we all know, motivation is the key to success, and must remain a permanent concern for any manager. These moments will enable your staff to give their opinions, share their ideas, visualize and develop new perspectives together, creating an atmosphere based on listening and exchange. The emulation created can be a realsource of motivation.

Create and unite a community

If you want to go out and meet your audience and create a feeling of proximity, exchange and conviviality, road shows are for you! Organizing a tour of Francethroughuniqueeventsis an opportunity to give your customers an experience they'll remember! This can help you to meet a number of needs: making yourself known, increasing and developing your customer portfolio, creating a new network, conveying a good corporate image. If your company is mainly active on the web, it can be difficult to get a true picture of your customers and prospects. Organizing a national roadshow is a way of attracting people, giving new impetus to a project and developing your notoriety, and can be effective for getting to know your prospects by meeting them face-to-face.

Give wide access to training - national dimension

Training is sometimes essential to maintain an optimal level of expertise within a team. The training of your employees is therefore a major challenge in terms of skills. Through the organization of a Tour de France, a cschedule of training sessions in several regions enables you to train your teams in atypical locations. In an age where exchanges and interactions are increasingly digitalized, it is nevertheless advantageous to create and/or conserve physical contact and to engrave your methods and skills through our human relations. . Organizing a Training Tour de France is also an opportunity to provide access to a completely different experience: working on "emotions" and "well-being" influences the commitment and memory of the training, which will be far more effective than in a traditional setting.

New product launch

If you're looking to promote a product or service, especially for a significant launch, a promotional tour is a marketing ally of choice! It's all about promoting something new within your company, to your customers and prospects: a new line, a new product, or simply an improved model. It's the sense of the unprecedented that comes to the fore. When you go to meet customers with your product, it's possible for them to touch, taste, smell and test it. This is a unique moment to create a real emotional connection, and convey alternative messages. You can play on this first experience within atypical"themed" venues that stick to the values of the brand and the product. This experience will leave a more memorable memory in their minds than simply seeing the product in a magazine or between two TV movies. Take, for example, proving the effectiveness of a product: an in-condition test doesn't lie, a video can. We're more likely to make a purchase when we know we're not in for a nasty surprise.

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2.0 Organizing a tour de france: The stages

We send you a complete set of specifications.

The cahier de charges is the guideline for the implementation of the event. The main purpose of the cahier de charges is to answer a number of questions clearly and precisely, so that the person(s) in charge of accompanying you can best understand your company's/project's needs. The secret of a successful event is simple: careful preparation. Neglect it, and you run the risk of failing to satisfy your employees and customers. The key word here is anticipation. When transmitting the specifications, the brief should include a certain amount of information:

  • Objective and content of the tour de france or promotional tour.

  • Target audience

The external participants * The **target

  • Dates, cities and times of events

  • Estimated assembly and dismantling time.

  • The type and format of the event.

  • Additional services required (caterers, equipment and activities)

  • Budget per event for venue rental and additional services.

  • Any constraints
  • Technical requirements
  • Any access or parking requirements

Don't hesitate to mention what you've done in previous years, and whether it's a regular project or will become one in the future.

How to choose cities

Mapping your network and finding the optimal meeting point is an essential step. The choice of cities for your Roadshow or tour de france, can involve strategic cities where you have the most employees or the largest number of customers located, for example. It can also be an opportunity to get out of the big cities where you're used to and target regions in line with your products and new products (launch of a new sun cream on the Côte d'Azur, presentation of ecological products in hidden houses in the countryside or on the edge of a forest, press days in big cities...).

Finding the right venue and anticipating logistics.

The venue is a key element in the success of an event. It must be in line with the message and image you wish to convey. The desire to meet in comfortable spaces "just like home " and the expansion of the collaborative economy have given SMEs, start-ups and major accounts access to a large choice of "out of the box" venues. When choosing locations, the logistical aspects must not be overlooked. These must take into account a number of factors, including the following:

  • personnel dedicated to the mission and their distribution in the cities
  • Equipment rental: audio equipment, mobile modules
  • Estimated set-up and dismantling time
  • Travel time between each city
  • Time spent on each operation

The venue must be accessible to your employees and customers if they don't have a car. For this reason, it's best to locate your event near public transport. Pay particular attention to the size of the venue, the comfort of participants, and the number of seats if necessary. If you're planning an outdoor event, make sure there's enough indoor space to accommodate you in case of rain. Play up the novelty of your event by choosing a unusual venue unknown to the public, in line with your company's values and/or in phase with the brand image of your product or service. The choice of a "home-like" venue in which they feel at home will enable you to favor exchanges andcreate a convivial atmosphere..

Venue validation :

The choice of venue is crucial, as it is the first image that your guests will have of the event. This is why a visit of the venue prior to validation is obviously highly recommended. It's also important to take into account the environment and location of the venue. The neighborhood in which it's located can set the tone for the type of event you're going to organize. Take into account elements such as the presence of roadworks in the street and the accessibility of the venue by car or public transport: a space too far away from your target customers may discourage some. The second point to take into account is the layout of the location itself: light, room size, layout and furniture used, as well as the presence of an exterior, are important elements to visualize before validating the location. All these points will play a role in the atmosphere you wish to create. Make sure the space matches the image and purpose of your event. Finally, accessibility for your partners is important. Take into account your technical requirements, as well as the needs of catering services, and make sure that this is possible in the space you select. Unpleasant surprises can happen very quickly, so it's vital that you are able to project all the elements of your event within the chosen venue. If the venue meets all the conditions, simply validate it, making sure that the terms and conditions also correspond to the type of event you wish to organize.

How to choose a caterer

To choose the ideal caterer for the event you're organizing, you need a dash of curiosity, two fingers of common sense and a few grams of selectivity. Whether it's for a meeting, a team-building day ora themed event, the important thing is to find a caterer who suits your needs and your budget. The caterer is often essential to the overall ambience of your event. What's more, it plays an essential role in the experience of your employees and customers: we all remember a bad buffet, and that would be a shame. Choose recommended caterers, local caterers who work with fresh produce. The Internet is a gold mine for information, but the best advertising is word of mouth! This stage is all about strategy: choose products in line with your values and image, and around the theme you want to promote - for example, if you want to promote a new beer brand, start with a friendly format of cheese and charcuterie boards, the launch of a sun cream will blend perfectly into a beach/summer setting around a barbecue and planchas. The presentation and decoration of the dishes are always appreciated by everyone, and culinary animations can transform your event into an unforgettable moment by favoring exchanges between guests and collaborators. Identifying the most suitable type of caterer (cocktail, buffet) and targeting the right quantities can be a tricky business. Note that depending on the format of your event (*training in the morning,product launch in the evening,team-building afterwork), the service will not be the same: if you want a *cocktail dinner, you'll need to adjust the buffet during the evening. It's important to anticipate the quantities so that they can be served as you go along, so that they're available throughout the evening. For afterwork or breakfast, the buffet can be set up at the beginning of the event. Validate and finalize the caterer as soon as you have the final number of participants. It will then be necessary to validate a few points with the caterer to ensure the feasibility of your project: access to the venue, storage capacity (refrigerator), parking, staff and material requirements (tables, tablecloths, cutlery, decorations)..

On-site staff training

In many cases, staffing is a service included in the venue rental. They are accustomed to different event formats and are able to adapt to any situation. Insofar as staffing is not offered by individual venues, you will most certainly be referred to the event agency or company you use to organize your events. Always with a view to anticipating the big day, be sure to devote time to training on-site staff: guest arrival times and how to manage the end of the event. If you've scheduled speaking slots, include information on how to coordinate workshops and catering. What are the roles to be played by on-site staff: organizing a reception area to collect coats, indicating reception areas, taking care of service. And don't forget to specify the dress code. These elements will help you not add unnecessary stress to the organization of your event so that you can enjoy the moment and guarantee its success.

A successful tour of France for meetings and training courses

Managing your teams on a day-to-day basis is no easy task for a Manager, especially when it comes to supporting your sales teams remotely when the company is present in several regions. A successful Tour de France de réunionsand training on the road means taking the time to organize an appropriate and unique moment for each team and office you wish to bring together. Unfortunately,,sometraining sessions offer a lot of theory and very few concrete meetings and interactions. This is an opportunity for your teams to meet inspiring and fascinatingprofessional speakersin order towork on open-mindedness and curiosity.Preferan atypical, convivial venue, conducive to exchanges**with several distinct spaces. It's important to organize a time when your teams can exchange and discuss in order toreview activity, strengthen your bond with the team and raise any issues they may have. The travelling team meeting will be an opportunity to share everyone's difficulties and successes. It will then be a matter of finding ways to alleviate the lack of proximity with your sales people and others. Why not group your teams around themed workshops? An acting class to work on oral expression andself-confidence, for example.

Organizing a successful event tour

The roadshow is an important event, and many unforeseen circumstances can arise during its organization. To avoid the unexpected, you need to be well prepared. Make a lasting impression on your customers and prospects by welcoming them to an exceptional, never-before-seen, original or far-from-corporate venue. Whether you're organizing a product launch or training your staff in new technologies, it's always a good idea to think outside the box for an event. To create a successful event tour, make a difference by thinking outside the box. Brands and audiences alike are looking for interaction, whether with the brand, the product, or the employees - always with the same objective in mind, not to remain spectators! If the objective of your event tour is to unite your teams and create a moment to showcase the company's culture, there are a thousand ways to value each of your employees and unite them: Stimulating interest, creating buy-in or generating team spirit can be achieved through workshops or events, challenges, or interventions that are once again out of the ordinary and out of the professional sector. If the organization of your promotional tour aims to introduce the general public to a new product, then it will be important to present the aspects of creation, design and expertise around animations offering the chance to test the product. A professional event is also an opportunity to meet future customers, partners and collaborators: so think about creating an environment conducive to exchange, a quiet space and time for discussion. Last but not least, it's often essential to call on the services of hostesses/hosts to ensure the smooth running and coordination of your event, while allowing you to devote your full attention to your guests. When organizing a roadshow or similar event, your main objective is to promote your brand image. If this type of service is not offered at the same time as the rental, some agencies offer hostesses to support you so that your event runs smoothly.

3.0 The advantages of the OfficeRiders solution for a successful Tour de France :

3.1 Large pool of qualified and atypical spaces

OfficeRiders offers an innovative solution in tune with today's challenges. Surfing on new technologies and the collaborative economy, OfficeRiders has created the first marketplace offering under-utilized living spaces in private homes, aimed at professionals. It's no longer a question of classical meeting rooms between four white walls, but of experimenting with the reinvention of your usual working methods, by seizing the opportunity to get together in unique and atypical spaces for your meetings, trainings, customer events, press and influencers, team-buildingand/or product launches... These spaces are carefully selected and comply with a precise charter in order to guarantee you atypical, functional and fully-equipped spaces that adapt to a variety of professional needs, ensuring pleasant and unforgettable moments.

Expert in the acquisition of suitable new premises

OfficeRiders adapts to every type of project. Whether you want your product launch to take place in an exceptional villa or in an art gallery anywhere in France, OfficeRiders offers you a tailor-made package. In order to respond to changing demands, OfficeRiders puts forward its expertise in the acquisition of venues best suited to your needs. OfficeRiders provides an expert team to find unique locations for your project, whatever the theme or city. Venues are then carefully selected and briefed on the company's charter and values, and of course on the organization of the event in question. In addition, a large number of partners throughout France in the form of concierge services and local actors enable OfficeRiders to offer a qualified offer rapidly.

A unique support service

OfficeRiders accompaniment for your tours de France is the guarantee of a revolutionary work experience. OfficeRiders is all about satisfying customer service. An account manager is dedicated to you throughout the organization of your project. A proactive listener, he or she will work with you to find the aspects you need to make your event a memorable one. Clear and effective communication is a key element for a successful project. Organizing a Tour de France leaves no room for improvisation. As soon as we receive your brief, we'll talk to you about your expectations, the objectives of your event and the atmosphere you want to create. An initial selection of venues will be sent to you, then refined with you step by step. Once the venues have been validated, a selection of caterers and service providers will be proposed to you and then validated together according to your needs. We keep our partners informed throughout the organization of your event, and brief them on your expectations.

An ecosystem of partners: a multitude of additional services and activities

OfficeRiders differentiates itself by emphasizing the human side of the space rental experience. Once we've identified a space suited to your project, an ecosystem of carefully selected and tested partners offers you a wide choice of additional services to give your event an unforgettable twist. On the catering side, it's the crème de la crème of local artisans and service providers who give your event a taste of home cooking, collaborative coffee roasters, renowned chefs or exotic street food, OfficeRiders strives to offer options that stand out, in the image of the spaces that welcome you. Thanks to a wide range of original activities, customize your tours of France at the click of a button and increase your happiness index at work: yoga, massages, improvisation workshops, cooking classes, tastings, digital magic... a limitless array of new experiences. It's an opportunity to create highlights and leave your mark on the experience of your employees and customers. Experiences that leave a lasting impression, that surprise and create a lasting bond with the company.