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Are you looking for a meeting room in Paris? A space where you can get together with your teams, far from the ordinary office? Meeting in atypical spaces, as a team, not only promotes team cohesion, but also boosts your employees' morale! To rent a meeting room in Paris, OfficeRiders offers you an easy and efficient solution. Choose your dates, the type of space you require, your budget, the district of your workplace, and that's it! Choose from a wide selection of humanized and flexible spaces, exceptional venues selected by OfficeRiders.

Find the Paris meeting room of your dreams

In a France that's still highly centralized, the capital is a must. Paris is home to almost 500,000 companies, compared with the city average of 142.6. If your company is based in Paris, you may need suitable meeting space from time to time, or simply a break from routine. If you operate in the suburbs or the provinces, organizing a meeting in a meeting room in Paris will be an opportunity to leave your usual surroundings and open up new horizons.

Renting a meeting room in Paris is an opportunity to energize your teams by taking advantage of the energy of the City of Light. From business districts to historic centers, the city exudes a cosmopolitan atmosphere that's deliberately forward-looking. The atypical spaces we offer in Paris will be the ideal setting for seminars or training sessions worthy of your choices for the future.

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Meetings in Paris, whenever and wherever you want

Because there are a multitude of options for renting a seminar room in Paris, OfficeRiders provides you with all the information you need to make booking a venue for your customer meeting or team building event as easy as possible.

Renting a meeting room in Paris also depends on its accessibility. In the capital, a workplace is always located close to a metro station. If you're coming from the suburbs, choose a meeting room in Paris close to an RER station: Châtelet and the Halles district, Auber and the Palais Garnier or the Champ de Mars and its proximity to the Eiffel Tower.

Like all European capitals, Paris is served by numerous stations. Each has historically been a prime location for business centers: Gare Montparnasse, Gare du Nord, Gare de l'Est, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare de Lyon and Gare d'Austerlitz. Officeriders offers a range of meeting rooms in Paris, directly accessible by train. Lyon is two hours away, Marseille three. The rooftops and galleries of Paris welcome you to organize meetings that will unleash your colleagues' creativity.

Neighborhoods to suit all your needs

Business centers

La Défense is the business district par excellence. Its towers are home to multinationals and forward-looking companies. Bright meeting rooms with views over Paris or industrial-style mini-amphitheaters give your teams the ideal setting to develop their creativity. And from the Arche de la Défense, you can see the Arc de Triomphe, the Concorde and the Louvre: all monuments near which you can also book a meeting room rental in Paris.

Paris intra-muros also offers plenty of places to think. The Place de la Bastille and the Marais district are trendy locations with a lively energy. The Batignolles district, meanwhile, is undergoing rapid metamorphosis. On the Left Bank, Saint Germain des Prés awakens memories of a literary Paris, and the Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand plunges us into the capital of the 21st century. A rental for atypical meetings in Paris is just a click away on our interface.

Paris train stations

While the Eiffel Tower is world-famous, the Montparnasse Tower is the tallest in Paris. It is home to many companies, but is most closely associated with the Gare Montparnasse. From this station, trains leave to connect the west of the country with France's largest city. The meeting rooms we offer for rent by the day or by the hour in Paris, and which are close to this site, will give you more freedom and concentration for efficient work in a meeting room that meets your expectations and needs.

Gare de Lyon and Gare d'Austerlitz: these two stations are located on either side of the Seine and serve the south of France. They are close to Bercy, BnF and the Jardin des Plantes. Their proximity to the river and the view it affords of the cathedral make them ideal locations for booking conference rooms in Paris. In just a few hours, your colleagues can be in a townhouse or loft just a stone's throw from the wonders of the capital, for a day's work in an exceptional setting.

Meeting rooms in Paris like you've never seen before!

A Paris meeting in the heart of an atypical loft

Say goodbye to drab, impersonal offices, and opt instead for an atypical space in Paris. Lofts have developed from Bastille to the Marais, via Butte aux Cailles and Pigalle. Architects, meanwhile, have drawn up plans for sites designed to favor calm and introspection. Booking a seminar room in Paris has never been easier: our geolocation interface will help you choose the space you need to help your company perform at its best, whatever the business event you want to organize and whatever district of Paris you've selected.

A rooftop meeting room in Paris

What better way to give free rein to your imagination than with an unobstructed view of Paris and the surrounding area? The Paris rooftops we've selected will turn your teams towards the future and offer your company new perspectives. If you're looking for an atypical meeting or seminar location in Paris, choose the rooftop and select from our OfficeRiders host offers.

Beautiful Parisian homes for your brainstorming sessions

Perhaps you're looking for a cocoon in which to incubate your ideas. Contrary to what you might think, Baron Haussmann's capital isn't just populated by apartment buildings. Hidden away in the maze of streets in the center of the city are little houses with gardens. You're sure to find the perfect place to rent a training room in Paris.

Historic Parisian locations to boost your creativity

Renting a meeting room in Paris is part of the history of your company, as well as that of each of the city's arrondissements. The Palais Soleil, for example, is a 450 m² palace built in 1906. Its high ceilings and gilded walls make it an exceptional venue for "extraordinary business meetings". Parisian galleries, showrooms and workshops complete a range of room rentals that build legends: those of Paris and those of your company.

Fully equipped meeting rooms in Paris

Does organizing and booking a meeting room in Paris seem complicated? With OfficeRiders, nothing could be easier than renting a workspace for a meeting, training session, event or seminar. In just a few clicks, you'll be able to select the meeting room of your choice according to your needs and personal criteria: location in Paris, number of participants (seated and standing), as well as the equipment available.

Whether you're looking for a ready-to-use workspace in the center of Paris or in a suburb, OfficeRiders' meeting rooms provide everything you need to get down to work in the best possible conditions:

  • Unlimited high-speed WiFi ;
  • Hot drinks;
  • Paperboard;
  • TV support ;
  • Whiteboard ;
  • Video projector...

All this can be achieved in an atypical, cocooned atmosphere, conducive to work, productivity and concentration. All you have to do is make a reservation, inform the participants, and go to the event, without having to carry all the equipment you need to work in good conditions.

Find a meeting room rental on OfficeRiders

Would you like to try your hand at renting a business meeting room for your next professional meeting? With OfficeRiders, you get real-time access to a selection of workspaces in Paris available on the dates of your choice. Booking your meeting room in Paris is simple. You'll be able to get a full quote on request, depending on the services required, simply by exchanging with the host via the site's chatbot. Finally, once you've confirmed your Paris meeting room reservation, all you have to do is pay online, by bank transfer or credit card. We'll then send you an invoice after you've placed your order.

Meeting room rental in Paris: a solution with multiple advantages

Renting meeting space in Paris isn't just useful for companies with limited space. This daily or hourly rental solution also offers numerous advantages.

Enhance your corporate image

Are you planning to welcome high-profile clients or colleagues to your premises? Rather than setting up your own offices, why not consider organizing a business meeting in a space of the highest standing? OfficeRiders' fully-equipped conference or meeting rooms offer you the opportunity to make a good impression, with comfortable, designer premises in a setting conducive to work, and installed in prestigious buildings in the capital.

Book a meeting room in a strategic location

Renting a large meeting room in Paris by the day can be advantageous for easy access for all participants. So, if partners or customers are coming from different parts of France, or even from another district or arrondissement of Paris, to take part in an event, it may be a good idea to offer them a meeting place close to a train station or airport.

Adapt the meeting room to your needs

What if, for once, it were up to meeting and work venues to adapt to your professional needs, rather than the other way round? Whether for a training course, a meeting, an event or coworking, for a small committee or 60 participants, find the perfect rooms to rent for your business events in Paris, with all the necessary equipment and materials already in place, or have the ideal coworking space, modular, flexible and temporary.

Change your working environment

Getting away from the 4 walls of your office is always a great way to boost productivity, creativity and team motivation. Renting a meeting room in Paris for an event, whatever the arrondissement, is a great way to get away from routine and rekindle your employees' creative spirit. At OfficeRiders, all styles of office space are available, offering a wide range of possibilities to break away from the daily routine, for a few hours, half a day, a full day or a few days.

Equip yourself with a complete meeting room offer

If you're in need of a larger meeting space or special equipment for a specific event, renting a seminar room in Paris can provide everything you need at no extra cost. Whether it's a remote meeting requiring videoconferencing equipment, or a meeting with a large number of collaborators requiring a lot of space, OfficeRiders welcomes you to an ideal location where all the business premises meet your expectations.

Save money with meeting room rentals in Paris

For a company, renting a meeting room in Paris is certainly more cost-effective than investing in expensive equipment or larger premises. Think of OfficeRiders to find workplaces to suit your business needs at the best price. It's also a turnkey solution that saves you the time and hassle of organizing business events, finding the right venues and the right equipment.

Take advantage of comprehensive services

Whether you're looking for a simple meeting room, or a large conference room, you'll often find comprehensive offers at a range of prices, so you don't have to think about a thing. From the hot beverage to offer your company's employees, to the equipment needed to work on site in good conditions, each meeting venue is thought out for you, and your host welcomes you in an ideal setting in the Paris arrondissement of your choice.