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Looking for a training room in Nantes? OfficeRiders is your partner of choice: we've selected a number of unique training facilities in Nantes! Use our interface to make your choice easily and efficiently. Take advantage of a day's rental in Nantes, and help your staff to improve their skills. The capital of Loire-Atlantique is the ideal place to learn and relax at the same time. Give your team a setting conducive to personal development and your company a chance to grow. We have compiled a list of atypical spaces tastefully decorated by our hosts. Rely on a professional when it comes to booking spaces for business activities. Discover humanized places to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Our platform gives you privileged access to a wide range of flexible reservations in Nantes!

A training room in Nantes in a humanized space

Our atypical and humanized spaces

An atypical space in Nantes

The city of Nantes has a number of atypical spaces that you can exploit. If you want to organize a training session for your staff, it's a good idea to book a unique location. Training courses are often held on company premises, but it's worthwhile changing the setting. That's why we offer you different spaces. The decor, designed by the host, is personal and totally different from the neutrality of an office. To train your employees, it's important to change the way they see things. By inviting them to an original location, you enable them to change their perspective.

A humanized setting for greater trust

Forget aseptic places that exude nothing. Instead, offer your teams a warm working and learning environment. OfficeRiders offers you a selection of lively, pleasantly decorated venues. The personality of each guest shines through in the places we offer. If your employees feel at home, they'll be much more receptive. That's our aim: to make you feel at home. The photos we present to you allow you to imagine the ambience of your future training course. All you have to do is choose the ideal location to suit your needs. If in doubt, we're here to help!

Book your training room in Nantes

Why choose an atypical space in Nantes?

Did you know that Nantes is the sixth most populous city in France? It is also at the center of the seventh largest metropolitan area. Quite simply, it's the main hub of the French Grand Ouest. That's why organizing a training course in Nantes makes so much sense. If your company is based in the region, it's particularly interesting. If not, or if some of your employees come from elsewhere, they will have easy access to the train or plane. The city offers a number of atypical, humanized locations. All you have to do is choose the area you'd like to visit and the type of accommodation you'd like.

Choose your atypical, humanized space

Selecting your training room is simple. Simply go to the OfficeRiders website and select "meeting". You can then indicate your preferred location (Nantes) and, if you wish, the number of participants. In the window that opens, you'll see an indication "entrust us with your search", allowing you to delegate your prospecting to us. If you don't wish to do so, simply click on "Search". To make your choice, simply scroll through the files or move around the map. The photos will give you an initial indication. For more details, read the fact sheet, which will give you plenty of hints.

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Discover our unique spaces in Nantes

What type of accommodation for your training room in Nantes?

Daily rental apartments in Nantes

Are you looking for a bright, accessible venue right in the center of Nantes? Discover the apartments available from our hosts. Find inspiration on the banks of the river Erde and enjoy the absolute peace and quiet! Our open-plan spaces are perfect for recharging your batteries. Would you like your staff to enjoy a panoramic view of the city? Choose an apartment on the top floor of a building. Take advantage of a terrace and soar to new heights! Or opt for an apartment facing the cathedral. Benefit from the work of a talented architect who will put you in the mood.

A house for rent by the day in Nantes

OfficeRiders and its hosts still offer you many unique and humanized places to stay. In particular, you can choose to book a meeting room in a house. This option lets you take advantage of a garden and large living spaces. Organize your next meeting in a house with character that can accommodate 8 to 16 people. You'll have the opportunity to discover the Saint-Félix district. Dreaming of the atmosphere of a tropical garden? We offer you a unique venue in a house on the banks of the Sèvre. But you can also enjoy a wooded villa or a vacation home in the city.

Flexible booking in Nantes

A training room in Nantes in real time

By selecting a file, you can access details about the chosen venue. Above all, you have access to the booking calendar, which shows you availability. Reservations are made online, with no obligation. You'll be put directly in touch with your host. For each date, you can select "day", "morning" or "afternoon". Of course, you can also select several dates for a longer stay. The rate is shown directly, so there are no misunderstandings. So you can browse and compare locations, rates and availability. Know where your reservations stand in real time!

Venue specifications

Every venue has its own particular ambience and features. If photos and location are the criteria that caught your attention, other features are specified. Browsing through the listing, you can discover essential services. These may include flipcharts, wifi or projection tools. We also indicate the space's capacity, whether tabletop, U-shaped or island. You'll learn more about the services offered by the host, as well as equipment and features. We'd also like to introduce you to some of our partners who can offer you a range of services. These may include catering, equipment solutions or a choice of activities.

Help your employees discover Nantes

Discovering the city and getting around

A city to discover

The locations we offer are in different parts of the city. During breaks, your staff can discover a city steeped in history. Time magazine even awarded Nantes the title of "best city in France in which to work " in 2004. Discover the Maison des Apothicaires, the Porte Saint-Pierre or the Château des Ducs de Bretagne. Take a stroll around Place Graslin, Place Royale or the Palais de la Bourse.

Perfect accessibility

The city is easily accessible via a number of transport routes. The city is on the Estuaires freeway, which links Belgium to Spain. It also benefits from a particularly convenient ring road. But Nantes is also equipped with an efficient streetcar network and numerous buses. The TGV high-speed train station connects Nantes with Paris, Marseille, Lille and Strasbourg. The Paris-Montparnasse-Nantes line is one of the busiest in the country. The city also benefits from bicycle paths and the Nantes Atlantic airport.

Make your training a success

Book a humanized location

OfficeRiders offers you the opportunity to book an unusual venue. We know the benefits of training teams in lively locations. Your usual workspace and impersonal locations don't put your employees at ease. If you want your training to be a success, it's best to opt for a humanized venue. That's what OfficeRiders is all about, and why we've created this website. We can offer you unusual places with a special atmosphere. Your employees will feel at home here, and will be more inclined to train effectively. Choose a day's rental that offers you comfort, relaxation and concentration!

Develop a corporate spirit

Training in a humanized setting is the perfect opportunity to bond your teams. If your employees work remotely and don't have the opportunity to meet up, they'll form special bonds. If they already know each other, they'll strengthen their bonds. But whatever the case, your corporate spirit will be strengthened and your team will be more efficient than ever. So don't hesitate any longer and book an atypical venue in Nantes for your next training session. OfficeRiders is at your side!