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The world of work is undergoing profound change. Gone are the meeting rooms and traditional, dematerialized workstations, and it's moving towards greater flexibility, nomadism, and a liberated style. With this in mind, OfficeRiders has created the first collaborative marketplace for hosting business activities in people's homes.

Meeting room rental: the shared workspace revolution

In major cities, it's a revolution: with the help of new technologies, OfficeRiders is reinventing unique and atypical under-used spaces for professionals.

With OfficeRiders, experience the workplace of tomorrow, thanks to a solution that benefits everyone and offers an unparalleled diversity of spaces: artists' studios, industrial lofts, boutique hotels, concept stores...

This solution makes atypical and unique spaces accessible to professionals for meetings, for example:

  • meetings ;
  • a company seminar ;
  • study days;
  • professional events ;
  • etc...

    The advantages of renting a meeting room with OfficeRiders

Getting away from the office is often favorable to creativity and allows you to have a room optimized for your meeting whatever the purpose. Host your executive committee meeting in a unique and convivial space, and discover a new way of working away from your daily professional routine.

With OfficeRiders, take advantage of thousands of revisited workplaces and rent a meeting room that perfectly matches your needs. In just a few clicks, access a large number of atypical and unique spaces, contact the host and book.

How do you go about renting the meeting room that's right for you?

The choice of a meeting room rental can sometimes prove tricky, and often has an impact on the quality of the team's work. That's why it's vital to carefully select a space that matches the stakes of your meeting. More and more companies are choosing to hold their meetings in atypical locations, moving away from the rectangular room with white walls and rolling chairs.

To optimize your search, several criteria are at your disposal :

  • Price per day: Indicate your price range for a day's rental.

  • Location: Use our interactive map to select your preferred neighborhood or geographical area.

  • Number of people: Quantify the number of people who will attend this meeting.

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  • Date: Enter the date(s) you are interested in.

  • Type of space: If you are looking for a specific location such as a loft, rooftop or art gallery, list the places you are interested in.

  • Equipment included: Select the equipment you'll need for your meeting.

Each of these variables is optional, but can help you refine the list of spaces that match your expectations. Then simply select the venue of your choice from the drop-down list or the interactive map, and proceed with the reservation request.

All these actions can be carried out via the OfficeRiders web interface, using a messaging system that lets you chat directly with your host, retrieve your quote, add extras and download your invoice.

Each location has its own file on which a multitude of information is available: description of the location, photos of the location, rates, available opening hours, equipment and services offered with the rental. The house rules and the value of the deposit are also available on this page, so that you can familiarize yourself with the host's rules.

You'll also find the location rating, which is the result of past riders' reviews. These reviews help guide visitors to the page on the quality of their experience and of the site itself. Each member has the opportunity to give their feedback on the site at the end of their ride.

Meeting room rental: which space for which type of meeting?

There are several types of meeting, and each one doesn't necessarily require the same kind of space. In fact, depending on the expected layout, the number of people, the length of the ride, the desired atmosphere or even the issues at stake, not all venues will be suitable. That's why it's so important to identify your material and spatial requirements for your meeting room rental, and find the ideal venue from our range of unique, atypical spaces!

At OfficeRiders, we see four main types of meeting: seminars, conferences, training courses and team meetings. Let's take a closer look at the definitions of these different terms.

A seminar is a meeting that brings together all the employees of a company in an unusual working atmosphere, with a view to reviewing results, defining new objectives or congratulating the team on the company's good results.

A conference is a speech given by one or more people to an assembly with the aim of informing it about an important subject or answering questions.

Training involves teaching a group of people the skills and knowledge they need to perform their new day-to-day duties.

A team meeting is an opportunity to address one or more problems as a group, with the aim of reaching a decision on the targeted issue.

Each of these types of meeting requires different facilities. A seminar requires a large meeting room to be able to address everyone, as well as several rooms or cubicles to be able to isolate groups, whereas for a training session or meeting, a single space is sufficient. Each of the venues proposed on OfficeRiders.com has a description and photos showing the capacity of the proposed space and the different arrangements that can be envisaged to host your meeting.

Discover a new way of working

Year after year, more and more organizations choose to use meeting rooms to develop their creativity and break away from routine. Working in a welcoming space that's a welcome change from the daily grind can be the key to boosting results and taking a step back from your company's activities.

For your team building, presentation or team seminar, don't stop at a conventional meeting room. Choose an inspiring space for your company, in keeping with the challenges and responsibilities of your event.

How to equip your meeting room rental?

When you're looking for a meeting room, it's often crucial that it's properly equipped. This is all the more true when your choice is for a venue transformed into a workspace. In most cases, guests are provided with standard office equipment (flipchart, video projector...) and network equipment (Wi-Fi connection, ethernet cables...). All available equipment is displayed on the host accommodation's listing directly on the OfficeRiders.com website.

If your meeting space doesn't have the equipment you need, the OfficeRiders interface offers you a list of equipment to rent for the duration of your meeting. This solution means you'll find a warm, fully-equipped space when you arrive, without having to transport your own equipment.

Using the messaging system, you can also chat with the host to ask about their space or the presence of particular equipment.

The provision of certain equipment sometimes incurs rental charges. Information about this equipment can be found in the "services" section of the site.

Create a convivial and adapted space: catering for your meeting

Do you need a meal for your team lunch? A cocktail to celebrate your growth? A breakfast to get your event off on the right foot?

Add catering to your space rental from our extensive partner catalog. Specify your needs, and we'll suggest a selection of Extra for each.

Directly from the OfficeRiders interface, benefit from dozens of offers for your meals, cocktails, breakfasts and drinks. The selection process is intuitive and fast, while offering the most relevant partners for your meeting room rental. This solution also saves you time in organizing your event, as rental and delivery are managed by OfficeRiders, who will distribute the information to the various players involved in your event.

Thanks to our optimization algorithm, you'll be presented with the lowest-cost offer that meets your needs. Based on criteria of quality, cost and positioning, this selection represents just one example of the offers available. It's up to you to change or adjust it to suit your needs.