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Renting a conference room: how to anticipate and succeed in captivating your audience? When a company holds a conference, it always does so with a very specific objective: inform its partners, instruct its employees, engage in debate to progress in research and development, promote a new product, make participants want to work together and facilitate collaboration, etc. Whatever the goal, a minimum budget is requested, time is spent on the organization and, logically, good returns on investment are expected. The key to a successful conference is its ability to captivate the audience, to keep them interested and even to make them proactive during the event. From the design of the space to the content of the training, including the decoration and layout of the venue, all the details will have a decisive impact on the final results.

Who attends the conference: the key question Of course, all the maneuvers carried out in order to interest the participants and leave an indelible trace of the experience in their brains depend directly on the characteristics of this audience. It is important to identify it before choosing the room rental and preparing the content that will be presented on the day. ## Offer everyone a minimum of living space Before even studying the audience from a qualitative point of view, we begin by analyzing it in a very succinct and quantitative way : how many people are expected to attend the event ? According to this essential criterion, we will select a room that is more or less spacious, we will provide enough comfortable rooms to settle in and food / drinks for breaks. ## Age, socio-professional category, status: different expectations From young people coming for training to experienced managers who want to improve or update their knowledge, needs and requirements vary. When looking for a conference room to rent, it is important to keep in mind the dominant socio-professional category, the average age and the background of the participants. The more homogeneous the group, the more it will be possible to make bold choices. Naturally, if you want to generate a surprise effect, you will not act in the same way with 25-35 year olds as with 40-55 year olds! ## Give a coherent image of the organizer Against all expectations, the choice of the space in which the conference takes place does not depend solely on the criteria specific to the audience. Indeed, the identity of the organizer (brand, company) also deserves to be put in perspective with the nature of the place. Very concretely, the layout, decoration, architecture and arrangement of the areas set the tone. When you want to give an innovative image to your organization, you should not be satisfied with a classic room without personality, without character and without originality! ## The multiplicity of equipment and their adaptability, essential issues for a successful conference Whether it takes place over only a few hours or over several successive days, a conference will inevitably rely on several media. Even in the presence of an excellent speaker, there is always a need for visual data to complete the speech, to illustrate what is being said or to facilitate processes such as understanding or memorization.

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In a conference, it is often assumed that all the audience will arrive with approximately the same level of knowledge. For the sake of consistency, well-organized events do target people with similar skill sets, so that some people don't get bored and others don't understand anything at all. However, there may be some more technical terms that some people don't understand. In this case, instead of spending time explaining them, you can simply continue your speech, and display the definition on a slide show. This is one possible use, but there are many others: showing statistics, reading a video or pages on the web, etc. More modern, the interactive whiteboard can also be a real plus, allowing a more dynamic approach to the content presented on the screen. To sum up, before renting a conference room, you should make sure that all the equipment you may need is available, the ideal being to use a wide variety of materials so as not to bore the participants.

At a time when issues such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are becoming more and more important, we cannot afford to have a conference during which the participants feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when comparing the different places available for rent, we start by looking at the quality of the furniture, and we keep our standards high. Plastic chairs will not be enough if the event is going to last: you will need more ergonomic seats, in order to move easily or to rest your elbows and back, among other things. At the same time, it becomes necessary to anticipate what equipment will be brought by the participants: will they just come with a pen and paper to take notes or will they need their computer? Depending on the circumstances, the tables will obviously have to offer enough space to settle in, and they will have to be flexible in order to keep a good position throughout the day.

Flexibility is a key issue Many feel that traditional conference offerings lack flexibility. They are content with classic furniture and, even if comfort and ergonomics are important, they do not really open the door to more audacious arrangements. However, at a time when professionals are quickly bored of a systematically similar training or meeting context, it becomes opportune to surprise them by having the possibility of transforming the conference room into a debate space, for example. If traditional premises do not always offer this freedom, the more atypical versions, which can be found on Office Riders, can sometimes allow it, as they are not initially dedicated to conferences, and can be arranged according to the needs of each person!

Ideal for creating a social bond but also for resting the minds and making them more efficient, break times are crucial in any conference. In an atypical location, they will also allow you to discover green spaces, to walk around a room decorated with works of art or simply to take a breath of fresh air on a balcony with a nice view of the city. The importance of these small pleasures is underestimated, as they are perfect for replenishing energy and enthusiasm. In addition, when selecting the location of the conference, care should be taken to ensure that the location facilitates on-site eating, if participants are required to attend in the morning and afternoon. Ideally, it is suggested that the meal be taken care of and shared in a pleasant room. However, it is also possible to set up in a lively area and have lunch in a nearby restaurant.

The art of organizing a conference is based on a particular skill: knowing how to make the right choices among all the options that will delight the audience, while succeeding in keeping to a predetermined budget. To meet this challenge, it is of course necessary to draw up a complete set of specifications before making any plans, as this type of event requires, above all, a maximum of anticipation.

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To guarantee the success of a conference, we can rely on three essential arguments: - The speakers (popularity, credibility) - The subjects evoked - The location On this last element, it is quite possible to convince more people by proposing an original place, easy to access, which arouses curiosity and gives sufficient motivation to move. When the event takes place in an unusual setting, even if the themes remain classic, the target group will be more interested, because they will associate the meeting with something unusual and unexpected, and will want to know more. Betting on an atypical place does not necessarily cost more, especially when you go through collaborative platforms like Office Riders, creating the link between organizers and people who are looking to use places they own. ## These little extras to boost a conference In a place of art, a chic Parisian apartment or at the top of a tall building with an exceptional panorama, there is already every chance to make potential listeners want to come to the conference. But in order for it to really make an impression and fulfill specific objectives (motivating teams, making people remember as much information as possible, giving a good representation of your company, etc.), a few small attentions can change everything. For example, during the coffee break, a musical background (with sounds chosen according to the identity of the organizer and the target) can surprise in a good way. In the same way, the simple fact of proposing a "welcome breakfast" will put everyone in a good mood and facilitate the building of confidence. You can also think of offering goodies to the participants, without forgetting that all these initiatives must remain within the initial budget!