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Choosing the right seminar venue to optimize ROI and get the best out of participants

Whether you want to stimulate your teams, make them more united to obtain more fruitful collaborations or train your employees, the seminar is always a decisive moment, which must leave a mark on people's minds to reveal its full effectiveness. For their internal meetings, nearly 6 out of 10 companies are already in the habit of getting out of the office, in order to benefit from the advantages of another setting, to encourage creativity and to avoid staying in their comfort zone. When organizing a seminar, it is more important than ever to select a venue that is adapted to the needs, but also capable of surprising the audience, putting them at ease and giving them all the keys to be as receptive and productive as possible. Before choosing this space, several elements deserve to be taken into account.

Identify the stakes of the seminar to reserve an adapted place.

In concrete terms, you will not choose the same type of space if you want to train your teams, consolidate them or improve the image of your brand, for example. Thus, before even starting to look at the existing offers in terms of rooms and places intended for the seminars, it is essential to work out its specifications according to the targeted goals.

The company's context: sobriety or reward?

The health of the company will influence the choice of the place for a seminar. In fact, if the situation is delicate and if we are looking to refocus employees following a communication crisis, a bad buzz or bad numbers, we should rather focus on simplicity. But be careful not to confuse simplicity with austerity. Of course, honesty is essential, to show your teams the reality as it is. However, it is also important to use this event to motivate the troops, so that they believe once again in the potential of the company in which they work. The key, in such a configuration, lies in the choice of a happy medium between sobriety and a stimulating environment. Conversely, a seminar can take place in more positive circumstances. The company is doing well, it is progressing and the aim is to increase innovation in order to grow even more. Here, to reward salespeople who sell particularly well or researchers who have proven their skills, it is more likely that there will be room for a festive, or at least exciting, setting. In any case, one should never go to an extreme, too luxurious or too punitive choice. But the space should reflect the context, and it is important to think about this carefully.

Equipos y servicios para profesionales

Hot drinks
Projection et support / TV

Incentives: mobility and fluidity, two necessities

In the context of incentive events, to stimulate teams, the seminar will ideally be organized in a multipurpose complex, in which physical and cultural activities can be carried out, but also in more formal moments, in meetings. The provision of outdoor spaces can be a real plus, to allow all participants to get some fresh air between two sessions - and why not try other team-building activities such as fruit and vegetable picking, golf or team sports.

Participants: know their profile, needs and expectations

The seminar must always be enjoyable for the participants, whatever the objective and whatever the context. Of course, the choice of location is different if you want to address managers, employees, clients, suppliers or partners. It is also sometimes necessary to deal with a heterogeneous public, which often requires making more neutral choices in order to avoid making certain categories of people uncomfortable. Age, gender, socio-professional category and status must be taken into account. The more homogeneous and restricted the group, the more it becomes possible to make bold choices, perfectly coherent with one's expectations.

Getting the best ROI for your seminar

A seminar costs a company money, but they all know that these expenses are worthwhile when they are the result of careful consideration. This type of event also requires time for organization - time that is not really spent on the core business. Of course, you have to aim for a real profitability on the event: that it allows you to launch a product and stimulate sales, that it galvanizes employees so that they gain in creativity or productivity, that it instructs to help teams progress or that it welds links for a better future collaboration.

Adapt the choice of venue to the number of participants

The larger the venue, the more expensive it will be to rent. Of course, everyone should have enough space to feel comfortable, and attention should also be paid to the flexibility of the facilities, when you want to organize several different activities on site. However, one must absolutely avoid falling into the trap of "too much ": do not select a too luxurious setting that would be out of place in the context of the company, or even bet on a space that is much too large and that would not be fully used. The first risk, losing money, is not the only one: you can also choose the wrong setting and, as a result, organize an event without obtaining the expected results.

Budget in advance and think about all the details

In order not to exceed a certain envelope in the organization of the corporate seminar, the best advice applies for all leaders who engage in the practice : Establish a precise budget in advance, include all the needs and make sure not to overspend. In order to reach this stage of anticipation, you must have already answered all the questions detailed above, whether it be the objectives of the seminar, the number of participants or the activities to be planned. In addition to these broad outlines, we also start to list all the necessary equipment, the quantity of meals to be taken on site, the price of any goodies that we plan to create for the occasion and the travel expenses, if applicable.

What are the advantages of using atypical seminar rooms?

Many companies offer the rental of spaces specially dedicated to seminars and seem to have thought of everything for the comfort of the participants. But against all odds, it may be appropriate to lose interest from time to time in these offers that are very present on the market, in order to go for lesser known practices. Indeed, by choosing a room or a place of atypical seminar, one clearly multiplies tenfold its chances to mark the spirits and to make profitable its event.

The need to go beyond one's own walls

More than ever, leaving one's own premises allows to engage the event on a more neutral ground. This benefits the members of the company, who appreciate discovering a new space (even more so if it is atypical). But it will also appeal to potential external participants (suppliers, clients, partners), who can only congratulate an organizer capable of going off the beaten track to bring people together and facilitate communication.

Work on imagination and well-being in an unusual space

It is possible to rent personal spaces for business events through OfficeRiders. For example, why not bring your teams together in a charming Parisian apartment in a sought-after neighborhood, on a floor high enough to take full advantage of natural light? In a pleasant place where you feel "at home", it is easier to develop relationships, but also easier to let your imagination run wild.

Take stock of the necessary services, and the "extras" that can be provided

Make a difference In order to leave nothing to chance when choosing the space that will host a seminar, you must obviously identify all your needs beforehand. As previously mentioned, this allows you to anticipate your budget. But this planning is still required, in parallel, to ensure that everyone has access to what they need and gets full satisfaction from the event

Precise specifications for technical needs

A simple missing computer or a faulty connection can prevent the organization of part of the seminar and seriously jeopardize its profitability. This is why, in the specifications, we foresee absolutely all the equipment we will need, whether it is the number of tables and chairs, cables and connectors, projectors, screens, office supplies and even elements to take a break in the room (coffee machine, water fountain, small cookies). The specifications also include the event dates, to ensure that the venue is made available without any difficulties.

Don't forget the little extras that can change everything

Many little touches will fully satisfy the seminar participants, whatever the purpose of the event. For example, a break room is essential if the seminar is to last a minimum amount of time. Care must be taken to ensure that the furniture on site is comfortable and adapted to the needs of the participants. In a more playful and "fun" perspective, one can also think of a billiard table, a foosball table or works of art that decorate the space. All these elements allow one to completely take one's mind off the work conditions, and to let one's imagination or competitive spirit blossom, for example. The location of the seminar venue, finally, will be decisive. If it is possible to rent an atypical area almost anywhere, each company is free to select a space close to its offices for easier access for employees, a meeting point in the middle of Paris to better accommodate people who come from far away and use public transportation, or a much more remote area, with the objective of a total change of scenery.