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Whether for meetings, events or production, OfficeRiders offers an innovative solution in tune with today's challenges. Surfing on new technologies and the collaborative economy, OfficeRiders offers professionals the opportunity to reinvent under-utilized spaces in their own homes, into unique and atypical workspaces. In this way, OfficeRiders responds to the profound changes taking place in the function of physical space: professional and private spheres are coming together to give rise to a new lifestyle and way of working. Work in the 21st century no longer rhymes with toil, but with happiness: the well-being of professionals is becoming a major concern, as there is no longer any doubt that it is intimately linked to their performance. Today, we can even speak of an "art of working".

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Start-ups and companies are not hesitating to put in place numerous means to respond to this trend. These include the working atmosphere (after-work, in-house events, team-building), human relations and relationships between colleagues, missions and levels of responsibility, and... the workspace. Space, if it's atypical and unique, is synonymous with quality of life. There's no longer any question of the professional adapting to conventional meeting rooms: goodbye to the room with white walls and chairs on castors. Goodbye sterile meeting rooms. On the contrary, meeting rooms are undergoing a metamorphosis, to enhance the well-being of company staff. A contemporary meeting room is first and foremost a convivial space that encourages human relations and interaction between employees. They encourage creativity and stimulate the mind by taking into account numerous criteria that influence quality of life. Natural light plays an important role in providing visual comfort while working. Likewise, it's essential to create an environment that respects employees' privacy by allowing them to isolate themselves. Furniture will help create a more aesthetically pleasing setting. Indeed, these places reflect a strong trend: the French are increasingly demanding, more and more passionate about decoration, design and architecture, whether in their own homes or in public places. Finally, health is often taken into account in these spaces: more and more players are proposing to plant spaces to breathe better, eliminate bacteria naturally, etc....

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Beyond its employees, opting for more modern, innovative and atypical working practices also helps attract young talent, who place happiness at work as a prime criterion in choosing a job: it comes in a close second to the interest of the post's missions. Workplaces in large companies and start-ups are becoming the stuff of dreams: they're becoming strategic and a competitive advantage. And so we see the atypical being exported from meeting rooms and workrooms to transform rest rooms, lunch rooms and other corporate spaces. At Google, giant mushrooms bloom in the corridors and swings take their place in the refectories. But it's not always easy for a company to adapt its premises to all these criteria: nor to what extent can they respond to employees' need for change? Transforming space isn't enough: you need to know how to renew it, just as you need to know how to stimulate professionals and renew creative energy. This is why we're seeing the emergence of atypical and evolving workspaces outside company walls, as in the case of third places. Once again, at the crossroads between the professional and private spheres, third places normally represent places that are distinct from the home and the workplace. Such is the case of the co-working cafés that are springing up all over France: they represent a fast-growing alternative, offering a change of atmosphere and distance. What's more, they're social nests where you can fine-tune your network, meet new people and exchange ideas.

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In some major cities, such as Paris, they are a key strategic issue. As Charli Chaplin once said: "Space is good for the soul: it broadens the horizon and airs the mind". It's no longer just a workspace, but a living space. Some start-ups are going one step further to meet the twin challenges of flexibility and happiness in the workplace. They have understood that, with dematerialization, the world of work is adopting a liberated, more flexible, more mobile style. Such is the case with OfficeRiders: by enabling professionals from all walks of life to travel to third places, as well as to people's homes, OfficeRiders humanizes the workspace while responding to the need for innovation and novelty. The worker is an inspired nomad! OfficeRiders pushes the boundaries of the unique, revealing an impressive number of "off-the-beaten-track" places in which we'd never have imagined working: improbable and "customized" workplaces, rehabilitated industrial or commercial premises, metamorphosed into living spaces. These are spaces that allow us to think differently, to propose new activities to stimulate the imagination. A day of coworking in an industrial loft, a product launch on a barge, brainstorming in a Haussmann apartment, or training in an art gallery, boutique hotel or concept store? OfficeRiders offers a list of increasingly unique and atypical spaces so that everyone can find their ideal workplace, anywhere in France. And when it's not a question of well-being at work, but rather of standing out from the competition, atypical venues also become an ideal solution. One might immediately think of events: what could be more original than launching a new furniture collection... directly in a home setting? But investing in atypical locations and going into people's homes also makes it possible to appeal to a B2C target. The showroom, for example, moves away from the traditional concept of a simple, neutral exhibition space. The big brands create the illusion by making their showrooms look like personally furnished interiors. Customers feel "at home" and more relaxed. On the other hand, photo shoots are also taking place in more original locations: white backgrounds are no longer the stuff of dreams, and models are blending into a more cosy universe.

If home-based or third-party venues don't always host the right equipment, OfficeRiders takes seriously its role of supporting professionals in their needs. Whether it's a projector, a flipchart or even writing utensils, the platform offers extras in the form of equipment for hire or purchase, to ensure optimal working conditions. Hosts can also offer to make equipment available: thanks to a chat system, exchanges between hosts and riders are fast and fluid. Likewise, thanks to the diversity of our offer, you'll be able to find spaces that adapt to the layout you want: plenary, amphitheater, U-shaped or with a more informal layout. The space sheets present a number of criteria highlighted by guests, such as access to wifi, a kitchen, a terrace... Atypical is not synonymous with frivolous: it must be able to rhyme with efficiency. Thanks to locations specifically selected for their professionalism, OfficeRiders offers a quality service. Thanks to new technology, this offer is easily accessible. What's more, based on a collaborative model, OfficeRiders offers the most competitive rates on the market. On the one hand, hosts can benefit from a complementary income; on the other, companies and start-ups gain access to an advantageous rate. For freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs, it's also an answer to the worries they may encounter in their daily lives: procrastination, loneliness, lack of motivation or boundaries between home and office. In addition, this new trend of using atypical places for professional purposes is a response to real estate issues: why leave thousands of spaces empty during the day, when they could be used for temporary rental? The idea is to recycle under-utilized spaces and reinvent their uses, as part of an ecological and social approach! While working from home and in third places is present in major cities (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Marseille, Montpellier), it will also inject dynamism into small towns, which often also have their share of atypical places such as farms, châteaux or estates! These are also places that can be used for larger-scale events. Opting for the temporary rental of an atypical and exceptional venue for your meetings and other professional events is therefore an innovative solution in line with the current objectives of professional structures: the entire OfficeRiders team will be delighted to help you in your search if required, and to put together a selection that meets your criteria!