Work. Differently.

Find unique and atypical destinations for all your professional projects: meetings, photo shoots, interviews, product presentations, trainings, cooking or yoga classes.


Book. Easily.

Contact our hosts directly without intermediaries thanks to a fluid and digitalized experience: use the chat and get an instant quote, updated automatically.


Ride. Serenely.

Focus on what’s essential: your work. We make this possible thanks to: secure payment, trusted hosts, direct access to a multitude of professional services, and a dedicated team.

The smart option

Louer votre maison

Collaborative and more affordable

By using already existing empty spaces during the day, or in the evening, benefit from a cheaper booking on average than traditional alternatives.

Flexible and adapted to your needs

Change the setting according to your projects: lofts, barges, third places, Haussmann-style apartments, castles... each use has its own space and atmosphere, with the possibility of booking for a day, half-day or evening.

Serving creativity and well-being

Work, shoot, present, brainstorm, realize your photo shoots in dreamlike and otherwise inaccessible decors. Choose from thousands of personal and original spaces.

With optional complementary services

Benefit from services provided directly by the hosts or by our hand-picked professional partners. Breakfast, team lunch, team building activities... the work experience will be just like at the office... except better!

Louer votre maison

Votre réservation : les étapes

The 5 key steps to complete a booking on OfficeRiders.com

Find the ideal space

Fill in your search criteria and identify suitable spaces for your project.

Initiate your reservation requests

Send a request specifying your project for the host, through the chatbot of each space of interest. Discuss live with the host via the chat window, add services as needed. Consult your quote created automatically, updated instantly, and accessible at any time.

Get host pre-approval

Once your requests have been made, they are submitted to your hosts for pre-approval. For bookings to be successful, discuss with the hosts, possibly make a visit and readjust the quote. On some spaces, pre-approvals might even be instantaneous!

Confirm and pay

After obtaining approval, take note of the cancellation policies and internal rules specific to each host before validating your quote electronically. Choose your payment method: credit card or bank transfer, and pay to confirm the booking. You will then receive your host's contact details and access information. Until the day of the booking, you have the possibility to add complementary services offered directly by the host or our partners. The quotation will be automatically modified accordingly.

Enjoy the Ride

We provide you with all the information you need the day before the booking to make sure your experience goes smoothly until d-day.

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