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Paris, the City of Light, fascinates with its great monuments and its history. As for its cultural heritage, it has been recognized as the capital of fashion, the arts and gastronomy. If it is also famous for its festivals and congresses of international scope, its economic appeal is not to be outdone, as it offers many opportunities for growth to companies. To strengthen your brand image and impress your clients, make a difference by organising your next corporate event in a unique location in the capital. Thanks to OfficeRiders you have access to a vast choice of seminar rooms in Paris that are both atypical and prestigious.

Why choose Paris for your event?

Paris, capital of luxury and good living

Paris is the megalopolis where the world's greatest economic and cultural events take place, such as the aeronautics show or Fashion Week. On the other hand, it is also a hectic and very modern city that offers a very pleasant living environment to its inhabitants. The latter like to walk in its green spaces to recharge their batteries and to entertain themselves, they have the embarrassment of the choice among its multiple leisure parks. Paris is also equipped with all the conveniences to facilitate their daily life: transport is well organized, proximity of shops and administrative offices, etc. Finally, it would be unheard of to talk about this city without mentioning its major tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe which attract millions of visitors every year. In short, preparing your seminar in the capital means giving it a prestigious dimension that will certainly impress your guests. It is also the opportunity to discover many interesting places and to do many activities. By searching for your conference room in Paris with OfficeRiders, you will find a magnificent and atypical space, located not far from its great monuments.

Well-organized room rentals in Paris

The presence of several service providers in the capital greatly facilitates the organisation of your seminar, training or incentive. In terms of logistics, it is possible to reach Paris by bus, train or plane, and its airports receive flights from all over the world. At your destination, you can rent a minibus if you are travelling in a group and if you are a small group, you can rent a car, a taxi or order a VTC. Those who don't want to go through the heavy Parisian traffic can take a taxi or use a VTC. As for accommodation, you can book rooms in the many hotels located a few meters from your seminar room in Paris. Concierge companies are also present and are ready to help you if you are afraid of missing something or if you fear that something unexpected will happen during your seminar. Finally, there is plenty of entertainment to do in the capital. Apart from visiting the tourist sites not far from your room rental in Paris , an evening excursion on the Seine is a must. This walk is so exotic and will allow you to discover the city illuminated by the water.

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Successful seminars with a Paris training room rental with OfficeRiders

Traditional seminar rooms in Paris usually consist of a simple line of tables and chairs. They are certainly functional, but they are often too impersonal. In a warm and bright place, you will feel at home. Whether you have a small meeting or more than 50 people, it is possible to rent a training room in Paris in an unusual location. With OfficeRiders, you can book a magnificent conference room in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. You can even prepare your event on a barge if you wish. Of course, the atypical spaces in Paris include a table around which you will conduct your discussions. Just like the classic conference rooms, they also have efficient audiovisual equipment, are covered by Wi-Fi and have full office equipment. The presence of a kitchenette in your meeting room rental in Paris will be a small plus, as you can organize culinary workshops or heat up the dishes you have ordered from a caterer.

Make your films and shootings in original locations in Paris

As a production company, you are planning to shoot some sequences in inspiring locations in the Capital. Whether it's for a film, a report or a shooting, OfficeRiders gives you the opportunity to find an atypical house or loft that meets your requirements, at an attractive price. In addition, by scrolling through the offers, you will discover room rentals that meet your criteria: the presence of a library or a grand piano, a huge glass roof facing the Champs-Élysées for example, or a terrace with a panoramic view of La Défense. In general, the shooting locations in Paris are spacious enough to allow your teams to install their equipment. They are also already well furnished and decorated, but you will be able to make some adjustments to take advantage of the light or their potential. If you have to conduct an interview, set up in a place with a lounge where you can conduct your interviews comfortably and casually.

OfficeRiders helps you find your showrooms in Paris

Invest in an attractive location for your showroom

Your company wants to sell its products in Paris, but before opening your store there, you prefer to test the market first by creating a temporary showroom. Moreover, it is also wise to open a shop in Paris to take advantage of the great tourist crowds. You will make yourself better known to the public and increase your sales. Moreover, by setting up in a prestigious location, you will automatically position yourself at the top of the range. Trust OfficeRiders to find original and well-located spaces where you can effectively display your merchandise. As for the layout, don't hesitate to put your sign on the façade and to dress the windows as you wish. Finally, many premises have a conference room in Paris, which is practical for communicating with the press and for organizing your receptions.

Coworkers, work in a luxurious setting with OfficeRiders

You are a freelancer and in the space of a few hours you have to receive a client to talk about a serious project. For many reasons, you don't want to welcome him at your place or in a café. The best option is to rent an office in a coworking space in Paris. To change from the classic sites where there is only a work table and two chairs, why not invite him in an atypical space in Paris? You will show him that you like to do things differently, and in a big way! You will find the best meeting room rental in Paris by specifying your budget and choosing the number of participants. In each description, you will discover the characteristics of each apartment: presence of a car park, proximity of shops or a park where you can stretch your legs.