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Toulouse is the capital of the Occitanie region and home to the Toulouse metropolis. Today, it is the 4th most populous commune in France. If you appreciate the architecture of the South of France, you won't be disappointed by the city known as the "pink city" because of its terracotta bricks. You can reach Sète via the Canal du Midi. It is home to a number of remarkable monuments, including the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, Europe's largest Romanesque building. OfficeRiders offers a Toulouse city guide to help you organize your meetings, events or productions. Our platform offers apartments, lofts, workshops and galleries. These unique spaces are available by the day, offering you perfect flexibility.

The pink city and its atypical, humanized spaces

Flexible booking in Toulouse in a unique venue

OfficeRiders lists a multitude of unique venues in which you can organize your business events. We know that it's essential to spend some quality time away from the office. That's why we offer you humanized spaces provided by hand-picked hosts. Our platform allows you to book accommodation with complete flexibility. There are several formulas to choose from, allowing you to book a morning's study, an afternoon or a full day. You'll know at a glance whether your location is available or not. So you can organize your project, even at the last minute.

OfficeRiders offers daily rentals in Toulouse

One of the special features of our site is the possibility of renting by the day. To organize a meeting, seminar or film shoot, you don't always need a long-term rental. We only select venues that you can visit on a one-off basis. Whether you're organizing a showroom, a reception or a photo shoot, you'll find the perfect location. All you have to do is choose your neighborhood and take a look at the venues available nearby. In the Toulouse Centre area, you can visit the Pont Saint-Michel, the Canal du Midi or the Capitole. But you can also organize a meeting in Toulouse Rive gauche, near Croix-de-Pierre or Saint-Cyprien.

OfficeRiders offers you unique spaces in Toulouse

  • How to book a unique space in Toulouse?

Would you like to join the administrative districts of Toulouse Nord? Are you planning to move to a location near Barrière de Paris, Sept-Deniers or Borderouge? Just type "Toulouse Barrière de Paris" in the search bar, and a number of different listings will appear on the screen. You can then go straight to the map, which you can zoom in and out on. You'll immediately see the spaces available in the vicinity; simply click on the card for further information. Want to reserve a space on the outskirts of town? Zoom out for a wider view!

  • Choose your unique space in Toulouse

We've got all kinds of exceptional venues to help you create a one-of-a-kind event. Choose a charming house with strong character or an exceptionally well-located apartment. Choose a duplex in the city center or a luxury apartment in the historic center. Toulouse is a bright, warm and welcoming city. Organizing a meeting in this city is a unique opportunity to discover it. Create a unifying event that will mobilize your employees and spend an unforgettable moment in this magnificent metropolis.

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## One-day rentals in Toulouse

Your meeting room in Toulouse

  • A Toulouse meeting room to match your image

Looking to book a meeting room in Toulouse? OfficeRiders can help you make the most of your chances. It couldn't be simpler: just select "meeting" in the search window. We'll automatically suggest suitable venues for your seminar, presentation or training. Indicate the area you'd like to reach in Toulouse and enter the number of participants for the event. Among the choices available, you'll discover a superb barge nestled in the heart of the city, or a magnificent family home that can accommodate up to 60 people.

  • Make the most of your unique space in Toulouse

By renting a space through our application, you can select a location that's just right for you. At a glance, you'll see how many people it can accommodate, as well as the services provided. Rates will be displayed according to the type of service: morning, afternoon or full day. Services offered by the host, as well as facilities and features, are listed on the card. You'll also have the opportunity to discover partners who can offer you advantageous rates thanks to our platform. Whether it's catering, equipment, services or various activities: the choice is wide.

Book a conference room in Toulouse

A conference room in Toulouse for an exceptional event

In the same way, you can select a perfectly designed conference room to accommodate your guests. On the main search window, click on event: rooms dedicated to conferences, receptions and showrooms will be selected.

Enjoy a day's rental in Toulouse for your conference

When you organize a conference in Toulouse, you benefit from an exceptional setting. The city is located not far from the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. Its mild oceanic climate provides 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Host your audience in an original venue to suit your taste. Conference rooms are often aseptic, but OfficeRiders can help you find warm and inviting venues. We can provide you with a multitude of humanized spaces to accommodate a wide audience.

The specialist in atypical, humanized spaces

Your atypical space in Toulouse by OfficeRiders

  • Book an atypical space in Toulouse

Toulouse is a pleasant city dotted with parks and natural spaces. History shines through from the Jardin des Plantes to the Canal de Brienne and the Jardin Raymond VI. It would be a shame to book a place without soul in such a rich city. OfficeRiders can help you book the ideal place in the pink city. Our platform will put you in touch with numerous hosts. Each of them has personalized their space, allowing you to enjoy a unique place. The multitude of proposals will enable you to select the perfect venue for your event. Thanks to the map and information sheets, you'll quickly find out if your chosen venue is close to a bus, streetcar or cab station.

  • Features of your atypical space in Toulouse

The city's highly-developed transport network is a real asset. Our fact sheets not only tell you how close you are to transport hubs, but also provide a wealth of other information. At a glance, you'll know the surface area and capacity of the location. But you can also discover its features in terms of equipment and services on offer. For each apartment, house or loft, we have selected partners who can offer you attractive rates. Toulouse is a large and dynamic city, so there's no shortage of opportunities.

The advantage of flexible booking in Toulouse

A city to discover

Culture has an essential place in Toulouse, and the Théâtre du Capitole hosts the greatest ballets and operas. Discover the Centre Culturel des Mazades, which includes two theaters, an exhibition hall and workshop rooms. Enjoy each of the city's neighborhoods: they all have their own special features. The Pont des Demoiselles area is residential and quiet. The downtown area is lively and gives you the opportunity to stroll through the shops. The Saint-Cyprien district is rich in culture and hosts numerous events. And as soon as you get a little further away, in particular towards the various suburbs, you'll benefit from wide-open spaces. The pink city is ideal for business events. It's easily accessible by train or plane from Paris, Lyon or Marseille.

OfficeRiders offers you exceptional venues

We've done our best to provide you with some amazing venues, and our hosts in Toulouse provide some fantastic spaces. We've fallen under the spell of their living spaces, and know you'll find what you're looking for in this selection. So, discover the South-West and take advantage of its gastronomic riches. Take a lunch break at one of the region's culinary specialists. It's also one of the city's assets! Come and discover this exceptional city for your next business event.