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With the help of its participative marketplace, OfficeRiders revolutionizes access to spaces for professional use. For one day, change of air and appropriate an atypical space to carry out your professional activity. This practice applies as well to "classic" office activities as to events. For a few months now, OfficeRiders has been receiving, through its marketplace, all types of wrinkles: meetings, seminars, press conferences, but also and more technically showrooms and reservations for Fashion Week.

This unavoidable Parisian event takes a special place in the season: a fashion show, showroom, press conference, media ... During these days, everyone thinks, breathes and lives, fashion. However, due to this Fashion Week's growing importance, more and more showrooms and fashion shows are taking place, thus requiring more venues... This is where OfficeRiders comes in by proposing a florilège of atypical and varied spaces that can host your event for Fashion Week.

Find a studio for Fashion Week

Fashion Week is an international event that takes place every year in several cities around the globe. Each week is associated with a city and presents a particular aspect of fashion. The Big Four includes the Haute Couture weeks of New York, London, Milan, and finally Paris. There are up to 6 different weeks per city. They are divided into 2 collections: spring-summer and fall-winter; for each, there are weeks dedicated to Haute Couture (January and July), menswear (January and June), and ready-to-wear (March and September). These weeks contain dozens or even hundreds of fashion shows or showrooms and therefore require more and more spaces and places.

One thing leading to another, this event has become more and more prestigious and larger in scale. From this observation, smaller brands integrate themselves to this event by realizing their own showrooms and fashion shows on their own scale. However, it is sometimes complicated to find a space to host your Fashion Week event without breaking the bank as this week is so prestigious, and the demand is growing! The places required for showrooms or fashion shows are indeed quite particular and often reserved for this kind of event. That's the challenge, to find a place corresponding to your event and your brand without having to spend your entire budget.

Contrary to what one may think, this question affects everyone, from the small independent designer wishing to show his few productions in a small showroom to the big fashion houses hosting thousands of pieces. And the challenge is the same for everyone, find the best place for their showroom at a reasonable price.

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Rent an atypical space for your exhibitions with OfficeRiders

When you want to present your collection during Fashion Week, this requires a whole logistics, sometimes extremely complex. Indeed, there are many different actors to gather and welcome in the same place during this event. With this in mind, OfficeRiders helps you find spaces that correspond to your needs for this pivotal period. This is an essential step for the success of your showroom, fashion show, exhibition... during this fashion week. Thanks to its web interface, OfficeRiders gives you access to a wide range of spaces. Find, in a few steps, a place that can host your activity during Fashion Week.

  • Go to the website
  • In the first section, enter the location you are looking for and choose the "Event" category. Click on the "View Spaces" button.
  • An interactive map will appear, showing a selection of events in the desired area. Not all spaces that meet your criteria are displayed on this map (only 20 of them). Browse the map or filter by criteria to refine your search. This map is associated with the list of places on the interactive map.
  • Filter your search. Thanks to a large number of variables, refine your search according to the criteria of the place: cost/day, the capacity of reception, date, type of space (Apartment, House, Loft, Castle, Boat, Gallery, Restaurant, Third place... ), or the equipment. You can also use the map to filter places according to their geographical location and thus obtain a position variable
  • Select a place from the results of your search
  • Access a detailed sheet of the place, presenting it in more depth, the rules, etc.
  • If the space suits you, select the desired reservation dates and click on the "reservation request" button. A request will then be sent to the host and will initiate a dialogue page with him. You can then exchange additional information about your request. He will then be able to validate or not your request.
  • In case of agreement, you will have to pay your transaction directly on the web platform and go to the desired day.

If you want more assistance in your search, you can call OfficeRiders to guide you in your search. Using the number provided, get in touch with a team of professionals ready to help you. From 9 am to 6 pm, do not hesitate to contact them and they will be happy to help you in your search.

Customize the space for your reception

This platform gives you access to many extremely diversified spaces but guarantees a quality level of service. Also, many other services that can accompany your space are available on the web interface. You are free to add what you need to perfect your Fashion Week activities. There are several extras: catering, activities, and finally equipment and services.

Catering services are extremely numerous and diverse. Services range from a simple breakfast for your team to prestigious buffets designed to enhance your event and impress your guests. Dozens of partners put their meals at your disposal for your event; it is up to you to select those who will perfect your reception and impress your guests. The prices offered are extremely reasonable and result from a qualitative selection process between OfficeRiders and the partners present on the platform.

The activities proposed on the site are mainly intended to accompany seminars or meetings. However, some of them are likely to blend perfectly into your parade. For example, a masseur's arrival to rest your models before their passage on the stage can be a real plus for your event.

The equipment and services available are, for them, of the utility's order. Add to your rental a flip chart, a video projector, and much more. All these extras can be added to your privatization space. You can add and remove them as you wish. When you are satisfied with your extras selection, you need to get the custom quote and pay accordingly directly on the web interface.