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Looking for an authentic space in Strasbourg? Strasbourg is ideally located. It's close to Paris, Germany and Belgium. It's also one of the 3 European capitals, along with Brussels and Luxembourg. It's the perfect location for your various business activities. OfficeRiders specializes in booking unique spaces for meetings, events and productions. We invite you to discover the advantages of the capital of Alsace. We can help you organize a seminar, conference or film shoot. Strasbourg is best known as the capital of the historic Alsace region. It is also the prefecture of Bas-Rhin and the Grand Est region. Discover this city, home to the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. Come and meet the hosts, who offer you unique, humanized accommodation.

Rent an authentic space in Strasbourg

Discover unique spaces in Strasbourg

The benefits of an atypical, humanized space

An atypical, humanized space has the advantage of offering your employees a unique atmosphere. Is your company located in eastern France or elsewhere in the country? Would you like to organize an event away from your premises? Then it's best to opt for an original, personalized venue. Your teams will be more relaxed and more likely to interact than in a venue without character. That's why we offer flexible rentals in atypical locations. Every space we offer has been designed by a detail-oriented host. We are attentive to the ambiance of each location we make available to you.

Book an authentic space in Strasbourg

The key word here is "authenticity ". What sets us apart is that we provide venues with a little extra soul. And Strasbourg is full of such spaces. We've listed a whole host of them for you. All you have to do is choose a neighborhood, a type of space and trust your intuition. Come and discover the city and be inspired not only by it, but also by a unique venue that's just like you. Your professional event will be sublimated by a warm, work-friendly environment. Combine business with pleasure and book a venue with character.

Opt for flexible booking in Strasbourg

The advantages of flexible booking in Strasbourg

A flexible reservation in Strasbourg lets you decide at the last minute. It also allows you to change your mind and reorganize. It gives you the means to select specific dates. We can even offer you half-day, morning or afternoon rentals. Our platform is easy to use and offers you numerous possibilities. You have the opportunity to rent several locations over a given period, should the need arise. We put you in direct contact with the hosts, so you can talk freely. Strasbourg is a diverse city, and each neighborhood has its own charm. Come and discover it!

Daily rentals in Strasbourg

Among the flexible rental options available, the most popular is undoubtedly the daily rental. This is possible with all the venues available to you, and is a great success. Whether you're organizing a meeting or a conference, day rentals are particularly practical, giving you time to set up your equipment before moving on to the event itself. Whether for a showroom, a film shoot or a seminar, consider this option. Treat yourself to a day's rental in Strasbourg and be free!

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Your authentic space in Strasbourg

Book a unique space in Strasbourg

A meeting room in Strasbourg

The hosts we have selected in Strasbourg can provide you with spaces for your meetings. In the search window, you'll see that the "meeting" tab includes seminars, events and training courses. The city offers a wide range of atypical spaces in apartments and houses. We'll even show you some converted farmhouses. Scroll down and choose according to photos and capacity. If you want to refine your search, you can also filter certain data, such as the type of formula or atmosphere. You can also select the desired floor, accessibility or environment.

A conference room in Strasbourg

If you'd like to organize a conference in Strasbourg, select the events icon. The venues listed will be those suitable for conferences, receptions and showrooms. OfficeRiders offers you a number of atypical venues in which to address your audience. Our platform makes it easy to organize events such as conferences. Choose the right venue to accommodate the desired number of people. The city of Strasbourg can attract an audience from many different backgrounds. You'll be able to attract people from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg.

How to choose your day rental in Strasbourg?

Our platform offers you authentic spaces in Strasbourg

Thanks to OfficeRiders, it's easy to find an authentic space in Strasbourg. Simply log on to our interface and indicate your preferences. Enter your destination and, if you wish, the number of participants in your business event. You'll be able to rent a meeting room in Strasbourg in just a few minutes. Various filters allow you to refine your preferences. Each selected venue has the advantage of having been designed by a meticulous host. Choose the facilities that suit you and the area you'd like to stay in. Whether you're looking to organize a film shoot or rent a conference room in Strasbourg, we're here to help.

Photos speak volumes

The many photos you'll see will help you make your choice. A photo has the advantage of conveying the atmosphere that emanates from a certain location. You certainly have an idea of what you're looking for, and certain images will resonate with your project. In Strasbourg, it's possible to rent very different spaces. Opt for a workspace in a farmhouse, or for a cosy, light-filled space. Take a look at the photos and make up your own mind. To complete your opinion, read the fact sheet carefully and find out more about the facilities.

A meeting room in Strasbourg for your employees

Let your employees enjoy a day's rental in Strasbourg

Book a venue for a day

Each venue can be booked for a different duration. We have made flexibility a major asset of our platform. Each space can be borrowed for a full day, but also for half a day. So you can choose to reserve a space for a morning or an afternoon. Of course, you can also rent your workspace for several days at a time. The capacity of each location is indicated on the data sheets, and availability is noted in real time. Give your employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries by working away from their usual premises.

Working away from the office is beneficial

In a company, you're often working alongside the same people in a constant world. Meeting in a third location has the advantage of offering new perspectives. Employees are more relaxed and perform better, and managers benefit from new perspectives. It's also an opportunity to meet new people, collaborators whom we rarely meet. All it takes is one meeting for the relationship to change between 2 employees who usually rub shoulders over the phone. Whether you're from the Strasbourg area or from another city, a change of working environment will be beneficial.

A fully equipped meeting room in Strasbourg

Make your choice based on equipment

When planning a business event, it's essential to have the right equipment. In addition to the accommodation's capacity and location, there are a number of other features to consider. Some hosts give you access to a catering area; others provide a coffee machine or refrigerator. But it may also be interesting to know whether the building is equipped with wifi or fiber. Finally, some venues provide screens, flipcharts, paper or pens.

OfficeRiders enables you to benefit from partnerships

When you view a venue's listing, you'll discover some of the partnerships available. In some cases, these may involve catering. In other words, we'll show you addresses where you can take advantage of discounts. But we also show you companies that can provide you with services or equipment. Last but not least, you can take advantage of leisure activities to make the most of your breaks. We have selected a number of particularly efficient partners in Strasbourg!