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By assuming the role of the first collaborative marketplace, OfficeRiders is playing the game of "transforming private properties into workspaces" for professionals for a day. In this way, certain practices previously reserved for an elite become accessible to the greatest number. This popularization notably affects access to places that can accommodate activities in the very closed sectors of production and fashion. One of the small revolutions of this marketplace is the possibility to have access to dozens of places allowing to receive the shooting of film and production. Thousands of hosts make their spaces available for your professional activities. Loft, house, artist's studio, rooftop, duplex... Find the space you need for your shooting with OfficeRiders. Will you let yourself be tempted by this new production experience?

Shooting a film in a house

When you are looking to produce your film, and your budget is limited, you need to identify the best options too get the best results at the best cost. However, one of the biggest areas of expense is renting the space. Specialized production spaces are often expensive and do not necessarily meet your shoot's needs: volume, light, atmosphere, layout... This solution is not for everyone, especially for productions with small budgets. Because of this, more and more productions are choosing to use less expensive locations, such as private homes.

This practice has certain advantages beyond the fact that it is less expensive than professional production locations. Renting a house for filming offers new perspectives and possibilities for both the owner of the place and the production team. First of all, evolving in a living environment daily will give your set a real natural look. Indeed, the set will not have been thought for the film but is used daily by a family who lives there. This will give your film an authentic feel and make your life easier. Secondly, the fact that you are shooting in a home offers you an infinite variety of film locations. If we take the city of Paris as an example, whether you need a rooftop, a swimming pool, a garden, or a shed, you can be sure that it exists as the locations are so diverse. Thirdly, shooting at a private home will create a win-win atmosphere between the production team and the owner. Indeed, this solution is a boon for both parties. First of all, for the production team, the cost is reduced, and the atmosphere is more friendly, while for the host, it allows him to earn a substantial amount of money and make his rent profitable. This symbiotic climate favors exchanges and excellent understanding between the two parties.

On the other hand, having a film shoot in your home is a real pride for the owner. To have your property as the main location for a film, especially when it is successful, is a great enhancement for your space.

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Find the perfect space with OfficeRiders

Renting a house for your shoot has its advantages, but you still need to find a location that meets your shoot's expectations. If your shoot requires a particular setting, it will take you an inordinate amount of time to find a location, and this will undoubtedly be the result of countless visits and dozens of hours of research: very time-consuming and discouraging...

From this observation, OfficeRiders took the initiative to create an interface allowing to find in a few minutes a list of place answering your criteria and likely to accommodate your shooting in the inhabitant. The recipe is simple: a collection of atypical spaces at your disposal for the time of your shooting at a meager cost. Each of the proposed spaces has been tested and approved to ensure a certain level of quality of the place. In most cases, the locations are presented with the help of pictures taken by professionals to present you with the different volumes and aspects of the place.

To reserve a space, a few simple steps are enough, follow the guide: Go to *OfficeRiders.com. * Enter the location you are looking for and choose "Production" in the "What" section to indicate your type of reservation * A new interface will open. It is an interactive map showing the locations that match your criteria. You have the possibility to refine your search with sorting functions. It affects the price, the number of people, the date, the type of space (house, loft, rooftop ...) or the equipment. * Consult the different spaces, their costs, their locations and soak up the volumes with the help of photographs * Select a suitable location and contact the host via the OfficeRiders web interface * Proceed to the reservation and payment directly via the chat

The OfficeRiders interface allows you to perform all the steps, from searching for a location to finalizing the reservation. Examine the spaces, chat with the host, edit the quotes and invoices, proceed with the payment, etc. The chatbot allows you to simplify the host's information during your reservation by asking you simple questions such as the number of people on the site or the period in which you want the place.

Equip your shooting location

Shooting in a house or a rented space has, as we have seen, many advantages. However, we must recognize that some aspects can sometimes complicate the organization. This is particularly the case for the equipment necessary for the good realization of your production. Since it is an "amateur" space, you have to get all the elements you will need on-site, and this requires more organization than in a production studio.

You have several options for outfitting your space. The first and most obvious method is to bring your equipment with you on the production. If you are unable to bring everything with you, there are other options. First of all, you can ask the host what equipment they have and if they know of any local stores that can provide the equipment you need. Keep in mind that the host is your first contact on-site and that he may be able to help you with all the logistical questions concerning his place.

In addition to these possibilities, OfficeRiders also provides equipment and food services for your ride. Thanks to a wide range of partners, OfficeRiders can offer you a wide range of services to support you during your shoot. How about a cocktail party to congratulate the crew after a successful shoot? We can provide you with spotlights to change the atmosphere of the dining room. To do this, nothing could be easier. On your reservation space, go to the "Extras" section. All you have to do is select the option(s) you wish to add to your rental. Our partners will then be informed of your request and will get back to you if they can meet your request. All these operations take place on your reservation space and can be consulted and modified at any time. You can also access the quotes and invoices directly from this same space and proceed to payment once both parts have been validated.