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Solutions to make my home more profitable

Seasonal rentals

A veritable Eldorado for property owners, short-term furnished rental for tourists has become an effective solution for complementing your salary or, in the case of a real estate investment, making your apartment or house profitable. The idea is to put your walls to work. Indeed, a number of seasonal rental sites such as Airbnb, Homeway or have been on the rise for some years now. Simple to set up, seasonal rentals are a source of additional income that guarantees you a high return on your real estate assets.If you love your region and know its peaceful, magical and atypical corners:this type of rental is a real human adventure that allows you to exchange, share and show off your region.
Although this type of rental offers numerous advantages for owners, there's no secret to explosive profitability and success in recouping your rent, it requires much more availability and investment than classical long-term rental. The management of seasonal rentals (cleaning, check-in/check-out, linen) and the restrictions to which owners are subject, such as the limit on the number of overnight stays in certain cities (120 nights/year), can be a deterrent to choosing this type of rental.

Corporate rentals

In a perpetual quest for competitiveness and productivity, it's time to reinvent working methods. Indeed, many companies are organizing meetings in atypical, unique spaces, outside the office to enable teams to change their work habits and set this moment apart from their daily routine. As part of this approach, OfficeRiders gives you the opportunity to increase your income by renting out all or part of your home to a public of professionals looking for a space to work during the day. No more wasted space! Whether you're at work or away for the weekend, you can rent out your property by the day, half-day or for a few hours to make the most of your time away. What's in it for you? As well as being able to supplement nights booked on seasonal rental platforms, renting your property by the day to professionals has the advantage of higher break-even points, as you can earn 2 to 3 times the price of a night, while also having the opportunity to meet and share with new people, and even create a new network.

Rental concierge services

Although very advantageous, seasonal rental and daytime rental require a personal and logistical investment of varying degrees. Between pre-booking discussions, preparing the property and welcoming travellers, owners and/or tenants may be short of time and not necessarily on the spot to ensure the minimum required and thus set up the best possible conditions. To alleviate these constraints, many rental concierge services such as (SweetIn, Clac des doigts, Lucky Homes) offer total management of your property to optimize your rental income and free you from administrative and logistical tasks. From the management of your ads to housekeeping, these conciergeries offer a la carte services of varying levels of quality to ensure that your tenants are delighted, and that travelers and professionals alike have a successful experience. So using a conciergerie locative may seem like the useful grail of automating your short-term rental. On the other hand, the traveler experience is a powerful weapon in the short-term rental business. As an owner, you're more likely to be able to pshare anecdotes about your accommodation and the area around it, which makes the experience unique. Using a rental concierge service can therefore limit your control over this aspect. What's more, you have to pay for the service, and your break-even point becomes lower.

Renting storage space

Many homes have cellars, garages and closets that have been empty for months or even years. But you can make the most of it! As part of a collaborative economy approach, storage between private individuals, or co-stockage, is now proving its worth in the city for homeowners. The idea? Make the most of this unoccupied space by enabling private individuals to profit from an affordable service for storing boxes, furniture or a car, a solution that is up to 60% cheaper than a professional! There's no doubt that co-storage allows homeowners to benefit from a comfortable additional income, while expanding the scope of the collaborative economy. On the other hand, some storage spaces may be in a condition that is not conducive to the proper preservation of the tenant's belongings (damp cellar, dust), and may not have a satisfactory level of security. As a result, this can be a deterrent to renting storage space from a private owner. So don't hesitate to do what's necessary in terms of security and restoration to reassure any private individuals who might be interested in renting your co-storage space.

What are the criteria for offering your home to companies?

Minimum requirements to welcome professionals

OfficeRiders focuses on an offer of "atypical " and/or "home-like " locations. If the main room is larger than 25m2, good news: this criterion is a good starting point to make your property interesting for professionals. This type of rental will enable you to make your accommodation available during the day to meet the needs of different business activities:

  • Meetings (training, brainstorming, seminars, board meetings...)
  • Filming and photo shoots (interviews, films and advertising...)
  • Events (press events, team-building, product launches, business dinners...)
  • Co-working (sharing space with several workers)

To make your home more suitable for meetings, you need to be able to seat at least 4 to 6 people around a table. The more seats you have, the more it increases the value of your space (among other criteria of location, design, practicality and comfort).

Optimal photos

When creating your ad, you need to add at least 6 photos: using your smartphone isn't enough to get the shots you need for an optimal ad. There's no substitute for the expertise of a professional photographer: a space with professional photos increases the number of bookings it receives by a factor of 4. In particular, this helpsteam members project themselves into the space. Call on your network or use the OfficeRiders service to sublimate your ad

Location and access

OfficeRiders offers a wide range of spaces throughout France to meet the different needs and expectations of professionals. The profitability of aprofessional rental is based on the same rules as those forseasonal rental: every project can see the light of day in a suitable geographical location. From a remote seminar in a green setting to a product launch in the heart of a major city, there's something for everyone! For this reason, it's imperative to include access information (subway, bus, streetcar, nearby train stations, parking lots, etc.) on your OfficeRiders ad.**Also, don't forget to indicate how to get to your property: if it's on the 6th floor, the presence of an elevator could be decisive for the professionals who choose your property.

Of course, as an owner, it's easier to decide whether or not to make your property available. On the other hand, it is possible for a tenant to make the property available during the day, provided the owner's agreement has been obtained in advance. Also, as an individual, the property must be your principal residence. In addition, co-ownership regulations must not prevent daytime rental. If day-rental to professionals is not limited to the 120-night-per-year rule, it must be declared to the government.

Each room has its own interest

The living room, the main room

The living room is the most used and the most interesting, since it's often the largest and therefore ideal for hosting different types of professional activities: meetings, press events or product launches. This room, fitted out by you, makes it unique, and that's what companies are looking for!

The kitchen

The kitchen can be a decisive criterion for certain types of booking. If you have a spacious and functional kitchen, kitchen workshops can be organized for team-building. This room can also be used to make your event unique by having a chef come to your home, or can simply be used for storage if caterers are delivered during the day. In addition, kitchens are very much in demand for advertising, film or photo shoots.

The bathroom

Mainly sought after by production agencies, the bathroom is an important asset to highlight in your ad. It's a fact that renting a private home or apartment costs less than building a set or shooting in a studio, and reflects reality all the more. That's why the layout and decoration of your apartment or house can be a great help in shooting a new product or organizing a photoshoot.


Wondering whether it's a good idea to provide your own rooms? Well, they can be in demand for shootings or product launches. In fact, if the room is pretty, designer, atypical or has a unique character, it can be totally requested by professionals. Rest assured, you retain full control over the rooms you decide to open up to companies.

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Equipos y servicios para profesionales

Hot drinks
Projection et support / TV

Garden, adjoining areas or garage

An apartment or house with an outdoor space: a terrace, an unusual garden (or not) is a real plus that can change a company's experience. Being able to enjoy an outdoor space can enable a team to boost their creativity and disconnect for a break during a meeting. Outdoor spaces can also be highly appreciated for holding events, especially in summer, or for film shoots, especially in big cities where gardens are in short supply! As far as your garage is concerned, you'd be surprised how many requests there are for crime films, which need a "faded" atmosphere, especially in big cities. So don't hesitate to mention them when creating your ad, and add their photos, as they will undoubtedly be much appreciated and are areal deciding factor when choosing a space.

How to optimize your apartment or house for corporate use?

The uniqueness of your space

Whether you're an interior design enthusiast, a decorating fan or it's simply important for you to feel at home, your home becomes unique thanks to its unique layout (yours). Companies are looking for spaces that allow them to escape from conventional offices, and each space is likely to constitute a different universe. Following this approach, it may be worth considering investing in designer furniture and decorations (lighting, plants and functional furniture...) to boost the attractiveness of your space. The circle is virtuous because the more companies you can welcome, the more you can furnish your home with taste and enjoy it every day!

The possibilities offered by your space

OfficeRiders lets you offer your space during the day forvarious business activities. When you create your listing, you're free to choose the categories of business use that suit you (meeting, event, production and coworking). Of course, the more open you are to receiving a wide range of projects, the more bookings you'll receive. Beyond your choice of venue, maximizing your capacity and equipment are definite assets for optimizing your venue's booking potential. To this end, you can invest in additional furniture (folding chairs, extendable tables...) as well as in inexpensive equipment that can make your space more conducive to the reception of professional activities (HDMI cable, video projector, flipchart...). Don't hesitate to solicit our team, who will be happy to help you create your ad and get personalized advice.

The right price

The price you pay for space plays a vital role in your chances of capturing demand. You are totally free to set the price you want for each use category. At this stage, we advise you to look at similar spaces located in the same geographical area with the same "standing" in order to define a coherent price range. This range will guide you in varying the price according to the category of use. For example, the event category may justify a higher price as more exchanges may be necessary to best prepare for D-day , also, there will be more traffic and generally, more people present on site. You can also count on the OfficeRiders host team to help you choose your price. Tip: by starting with a low price, you'll increase your number of bookings as well as your reviews, and you'll make a place for yourself in the order of spaces visible on the site by potential customers.

A welcoming host profile

Not to be underestimated: your host profile and the quality of your exchanges are the keys to guiding professionals in their choice of your space and maximizing reservation requests. Visible from the first page, your profile photo is a reassuring element and is key to increasing your number of requests. With a detailed, attractive profile and ad, you show professionals that you're a person committed to respecting OfficeRiders values, through the story behind your accommodation and your motivation for receiving professionals. In this way, you make your profile unmissable.

4.5 Preparing for the big day: ensuring a successful experience

It goes without saying that anticipating your bookings will avoid any unpleasant surprises and disappointments for the customer. To this end, the customer must arrive on D-day in a space that reflects the aspects highlighted in your ad. It's a good idea to put yourself in the customer's shoes, to make sure that their experience of working in your space is a pleasant one, without any hiccups. Don't forget, among other things, to set up and ensure the presence of the necessary equipment to make sure you meet the expectations of the professionals who will be visiting your space..

An up-to-date availability calendar!

The principle behind OfficeRiders is simple: you only make your property available when it's available. This approach is all the more relevant when you combine the holiday rental platforms and the provision of your accommodation to professionals, as updating your calendar is essential if you want your ad to be well referenced, as it is the first filter used when searching for space on the platform. To do this, you can use themanual calendar accessible from your ad space or use an automatic synchronized calendar.
Just as it's important to update your ad, regularly updating your space availability will help you avoid disappointing customers.

Proactive, clear and benevolent communication

At OfficeRiders, you can chat directly with customers on the site. As soon as a professional expresses an interest in your space, a discussion window is created. This is an important time to get to know your customer, their project and their expectations, because good communication is the promise of asuccessful experience for professionals. Equally important, responsiveness is paramount when a customer expresses an interest in your home. The more responsive you are, the more your space will be promoted among the various listings available on the site. This not only gives better visibility, but also allows customers to make their choice more quickly. Note that at the initiation of the reservation request, certain details may be subject to change. Being flexible and listening is essential to renewing the customer experience within your space.

Offering additional services: a solution to boost revenues

In order to maximize the number of your reservations and, above all, increase the average shopping basket for professionals, you should know that you can offer companies additional services. These require varying degrees of investment and organization, but are a way of maximizing your earnings.

5.1 Meeting essentials

The "must-haves" are the equipment and services that a professional would need in conventional premises, and those that go hand in hand with corporate meetings or presentation days. What are they? In terms of equipment, it's a good idea to offer companies a paperboard, a projection screen and a chromecast. In terms of other services, the provision of water, hot or cold drinks will enhance the value of your space and can really make the difference in the minds of professionals. These are monetizable services that you can simply add to your space in the "services and packages" category, by defining a price per service, or by including them directly (at no additional cost) in the reservation price.

Additional services that make all the difference

Companies can add catering services (breakfast, breaks, meal trays, cocktail receptions, etc.), equipment and services (flipcharts, stationery kits, video projectors, staff) or team-building activities to their workspace reservation, thanks to the OfficeRiders partner ecosystem . Why not propose them yourself? If you're feeling like a chef, or if you're in contact with a caterer or baker you like close to home, don't hesitate to offer a lunch or dinner formula. A satisfied customer is a returning customer. However, if this is not possible due to lack of time, proposing a gourmet break can be a simpler alternative, with an assortment of small cakes and hot drinks. You can also monetize your talents and offer accessible team-building activities (olfactory, cooking classes, music, etc.), or your work equipment (flipchart paper, stationery kit, etc.).

Integrate these services into packages

You have the option of adding formulas to your listing. A formula is a turnkey package that bundles certainadditional services and equipment into a reservation offer that can be chosen quickly by customers. Benefits: more visibility on the platform, more booking requests and increased profitability (over 30% of our riders book with formula). You can offer several formulas, themselves grouping together a variety of additional services, such as the "study morning " formula, for example, which includes: breakfast, flipchart, projection & support/TV, cold drinks, hot drinks, or the "cocktail dînatoire ", including cold drinks, alcohol, hot drinks, cocktail dînatoire.

Promote your business

Do you have a side business related to corporate events? You can offer it on our platform, only when booking in your accommodation, or offer it to other online spaces. Some of our hosts offer teambuilding activities, tastings or even sports classes. To promote them on our site, talk to your OfficeRiders contact, or send an e-mail to [email protected] .