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You may not know it, but your home, living room, or empty space during the day is a unique and atypical setting sought after by professionals for their meetings, training, brainstorming sessions, product presentations, filming or photo shoots. By punctually making your under-utilized space available to these companies during the day, you can earn up to the equivalent of your rent!
Offer your space on Officeriders and launch yourself into an activity that is more profitable and less restrictive than seasonal rental: on eligible spaces, the gain over a day represents 2 to 3 times that generated by an overnight stay!

« The least restrictive and most profitable opportunity. »

BFM Immo
Meeting at Marie's house
Training day at Guillaume's
Saint Gobain
Meeting at Dorothée's house
Meeting at Julien's house
Meeting at Florian
Press conference at Guillaume's


Less restrictive than seasonal rental

Make your space available when you are not using it! Less cleaning costs, more bed linen and towels to manage, this alternative to overnight rentals presents fewer difficulties and just as many benefits. What's more, this activity can be carried out 365 days a year!

Higher average gain on each reservation

Businesses have higher average budgets than individuals on vacation: ensure up to 3x higher profitability than traditional overnight accommodation.

Verified business customers

Exit the risk of an apartment returned after a drunken evening, our clients are verified professionals looking for space for their professional activity during the day. Our team of account managers have privileged relationships with companies and follow their requests. You also have access to client profiles with evaluations provided by members of the community. Receive with peace of mind.

You set the conditions of reception

You set your prices, your house rules, the amount of your deposit and you discuss directly with the end customer via a chat on the site. No unpleasant surprises, you manage your ad and your requests from start to finish. You can also easily update your availabilities manually through the site calendar or automatically by synchronizing your digital agenda.

A complete accompaniment

A team dedicated to the hosts will accompany you whatever the problem you encounter. It provides you with all the tools and advice you need to create your ad, optimize it, manage your reservations and create a 5* customer experience on the day.

Benefit from a network of partners and an active and professionalizing community

You benefit from free access to our webinars and host events as well as privileges with our partners decorating and furnishing, equipment, legal assistance, hosts academy ...
One leaves in the morning by leaving the keys and one returns in the evening by finding the place in the same state! Between two, we earned money and we often learned something. It's a win-win situation. »
Tu Sang et Matthieu
Host since 2017

No fees as long as you don't generate revenue

The publication of your space is free and without obligation, OfficeRiders applies a service charge on your confirmed reservations, up to 5 to 10%HT, the lowest rate on the market.

Gains guaranteed and paid within 72 working hours

No risk of non-payment or extended payment terms. Customers pay through our secure platform and we guarantee the payment of your winnings within 3 working days after the professionals leave. We take care of the administrative management and invoicing.

Rent the free spirit - OfficeRiders Host Guarantee by Allianz

In addition to the deposit you set, your space is guaranteed by Allianz up to 1 million euros in case of damage. Our team takes care of everything.
The before and after ride are exquisite to observe! Working in spaces that have nothing to do with traditional offices really increases their well-being! »
Host since 2017
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