Location of filming sites in Bordeaux

Which area to rent filming space in Bordeaux?

Filming locations in Bordeaux downtown

Are you shooting a film, a commercial or a documentary and are you looking for a location in Bordeaux? Look in the city center and in the golden triangle area. They are located between the Allées de Tourny, the Cours de l'Intendance and the Cours Georges Clémenceau. It is the occasion to be next to several monuments such as the Place Tourny, the National Opera of Bordeaux and the Place Gambetta. Or even the Place des Grands-Hommes. This bright apartment of 140m² will be able to accommodate your technical team and your actors in the heart of the city.

The building dating from the XVIIIᵉ century is listed and benefits from a double living room, a dining room and a kitchen. You can walk along rue Sainte Catherine and the quays of the Garonne. The TGV station is six minutes away by tram: you can come from far away! A location in the city centre allows you to soak up the atmosphere of Bordeaux. Inspiration will come naturally and the artists who accompany you will feel it. The tram and bus lines will allow you to easily reach the other districts.

Other areas for a day rental in Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux is divided into eight districts. There is the city center of course, but also: Bordeaux Maritime; Chartrons - Grand Parc - Jardin Public; Saint-Augustin - Tauzin - Alphonse Dupeux; Nansouty - Saint-Genès; Bordeaux Sud; La Bastide; * Caudéran.

And each of these areas offers a selection of atypical spaces for a day rental in Bordeaux. This typical apartment has a ceiling height of 4.5 m. Its mouldings and its stone walls will seduce you. The main room is 70 m² and overlooks the quays of Bordeaux. You can shoot stunning interior scenes in a baroque or contemporary setting. This is the kind of interior that lends itself to different atmospheres, as long as they are elegant. The parquet floor and the fireplace can accompany family scenes, romances or meetings. It is located between Bordeaux Maritime and Chartrons - Grand Parc - Jardin Public, two pleasant areas. Do not hesitate to widen your search on OfficRiders to see the possibilities offered by the other districts. Each area has its own atmosphere.

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What kind of shooting location in Bordeaux?

A loft for your production in Bordeaux

Choosing to shoot your production in Bordeaux is a wise choice. The city is expanding and its project called Euratlantique is energizing. This project is intended to make Bordeaux an essential city in Europe. This is why modernity is part of the city's future. This can be felt in the infrastructure, but also in the housing. The city is home to lofts and their airy spaces are the place of modernity par excellence. We offer you this type of space which lends itself particularly well to filming.

Take a look at this modern 90m² loft. Designed by an architect, it is located on the ground floor, which is an advantage for transporting technical equipment. You have access to a small outdoor courtyard, which can be used for additional scenes. The apartment has two bedrooms, a beautiful bathroom, a spacious living room and a dining room. The mix of industrial and rustic atmosphere makes it a place to imagine. The area is particularly quiet, so you won't be bored, even with the windows open. Finally, a parking card will be given to you on arrival. It's an additional asset!

Renting a shooting space in Bordeaux: atypical spaces

The advantage of a city like Bordeaux is that you have the choice. Finding filming locations in Bordeaux is not complicated. The problem is to sort out the proposals. And if you're not looking for a classic apartment, you can easily find a more atypical location. For example, this 600m² mansion located in the center of the city. It has a swimming pool and several interior terraces. Furnished in a modern spirit that transforms the Haussmannian style of moldings and parquet. A film location in Bordeaux, ideal for your productions!

There is no doubt that the decor of this exceptional residence will leave its mark on the film. The swimming pool will give you the opportunity to shoot additional shots or other scenes. The terraces will allow you to propose different shots. Apart from the private mansions, you can also rent a "échoppe bordelaise". This type of house is typical of Bordeaux and its surroundings. But you can also rent a villa, an architect's house or a meeting room. You just have to look at the different files to choose the ideal place. And if you want to shoot a video clip, you can even rent a mansion with a Steinway piano!

What if you organized a shooting in Bordeaux?

Shooting in Bordeaux : the light in the spotlight

Perhaps you are not going to Bordeaux to shoot a film, but to organize a shooting. And in this case, finding a suitable location is child's play. This architect-designed house will seduce you with its luminosity brought by its 6 m high bay windows overlooking the garden. The living room is 65m ² and combines the different spaces. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are gathered in the same place.

The 35m² terrace faces west and the garden has a summer lounge. You will be able to organize indoor and outdoor photo sessions. Other places welcome you and offer spaces suitable for photography. A spacious apartment or a modern loft will offer you different shooting possibilities. Our spaces are of high standing and the top of the range is particularly suitable for photo sessions. All you have to do is to determine the type of atmosphere you are looking for and to book. Whether it's for a day or a week, the availability of offers is displayed in real time.

Flexible booking in Bordeaux

A flexible booking in Bordeaux allows you to consider several locations. If you want to organize different shoots in different locations, it is possible. You can consider working in this typical shop which includes a living room with a fireplace and a glass roof. You can also choose to photograph your models in a mansion the next day, and in a loft the day after. Bordeaux is very well served thanks to its bus and tram lines.

The OfficeRiders interface is ergonomic and allows you to modulate your reservations day after day according to availability. This approach allows you to consider the city as a playground. Each district will bring you something and so will the different places available. The Saint Jean train station is an asset that should not be overlooked. If your models come from Paris by TGV, they can reach Bordeaux in two hours. If they come by train from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine or Occitanie regions, the Saint Jean station will also be their arrival point. Buses and trams leave from there and can take you to the different places proposed