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Bordeaux Bastide : an ideal area for your professional events

The district of Bordeaux Bastide occupies a prominent place within the capital of Gironde. Long neglected, it has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Today, a trendy and green place, it attracts professionals looking to book a room in Bordeaux. Are you looking for a seminar room in Bordeaux? Or simply a one-day reservation in Bordeaux for your training sessions or product launches? The flexible booking offer in Bordeaux available on will meet your expectations!

Good reasons to work in Bordeaux Bastide

The charm of a trendy district in full mutation

Once industrial and popular, the Bastide district - east of Bordeaux on the right bank of the Garonne - began a spectacular metamorphosis in the early 1990s. What used to be a small town with two small ports and a shipyard has become an ultra trendy district offering from its banks a breathtaking view of the facades of the 18th century buildings on the left bank. Quiet, soothing, a bit boho, hipster trend, the district of La Bastide is now a very fashionable place.

The district owes its renaissance to the numerous schools of trade recently built. To the luxury residential buildings and those with a tertiary vocation which have grown like mushrooms. Major institutions have already taken up residence in the Bastide. For example, the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers (ESSCA), the IUT de Bordeaux and many others. On the business side, all sectors are represented. From companies specialising in virtual reality, communication or real estate to architecture, agri-food, renewable energies, biodiversity, events, etc.

Are you looking for a day booking in Bordeaux La Bastide? You are making an excellent choice! The area provides an ideal setting for working. Both by its urban environment, which mixes housing and shops, and by its many green spaces.

An economic dynamism that makes the right bank proud

In Bordeaux la Bastide, most of the buildings have been transformed into ultra-modern offices. Bright, equipped with all the necessary facilities ... They are ideal for organizing a meeting in Bordeaux la Bastide. You can also organize a training course, an event, a seminar or a showroom rental in Bordeaux. Coworking spaces in open-space or partitioned spaces have also developed. Everyone can now take advantage of flexible reservations in Bordeaux and carry out a professional activity in complete peace of mind.

A number of office buildings have also sprung up opposite the Botanical Gardens. Near the bus and tram stops, on the Quai de Brazza side. And of course also around the Place Stalingrad.

The evolution of the district is far from over with the ZAC "cœur de Bastide" and that of "Bastide Niel". Between Avenue Thiers and Quai de Queyries, they are both part of the right bank neighbourhood renewal project. They aim to accommodate new housing. An eco-district but also new facilities, services and activities with a meeting room in Bordeaux la Bastide. All this in an exceptional setting on the banks of the Garonne.

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Choose Bordeaux-Bastide to organize your meetings and corporate events

Easy access

For a day trip to Bordeaux, the Bastide district benefits from excellent transport links. You will find various means of transport, particularly from the nearby Saint-Jean train station:

Line A of the tramway runs in the Bastide area from 5am to midnight on weekdays. And until 1 am on Friday evening and weekends. During the day, the frequency is a passage every 3 minutes. Work to extend the line, which will begin in 2021, plans to extend this route as far as the Mérignac airport.

The TBM (Transports Bordeaux Métropole) network serves the Bastide with several stops on Avenue Thiers, the main artery of the district. Bordeaux Métropole has set up a self-service bicycle loan service. Available 24/7 for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.

Near the Saint-Jean train station, directly accessible in 10 minutes by tram or bus, the Bastide district benefits from an exceptional service offered by the largest train station in New Aquitaine. The Bordeaux Saint-Jean station welcomes nearly 260 trains daily. The LGV (High Speed Line) now makes it possible to connect Paris to Bordeaux in only 2 hours. This line has made the city of Bordeaux particularly attractive. And especially the district of La Bastide.

A shuttle bus (every 8/10 minutes) also connects the airport of Mérignac to the Saint-Jean train station.

The exceptional accessibility of Bordeaux-Bastide makes it an ideal place to rent a seminar room in Bordeaux or a showroom in Bordeaux and welcome participants from all over France.

A lively district near the centre of Bordeaux

At La Bastide, the word conviviality takes on its full meaning. In the evenings, people on training courses, seminars or training sessions lasting several days will find plenty to do. Around the Place Stalingrad or on the banks of the Garonne, restaurants and dance halls have been set up, offering a varied programme. Also note the presence of the Mégarama cinema and its many restaurants. Participants in all your company events or training courses can therefore easily have lunch or dinner without having to leave their seminar room in Bordeaux or their training room in La Bastide. In Place Stalingrad and in the adjacent streets, there is no shortage of places to have lunch on the go and, weather permitting, your participants can enjoy lunch on the terrace with a view of the majestic Pont de Pierre.

There is also a growing number of hotels in the area, most of which are located near the tramway stops, around Place Stalingrad and the Botanical Gardens.

For those who would like to get away from their training environment in the evening, all they have to do from the Bastide is to take the Pont de Pierre to cross the Garonne and reach Bordeaux's hyper centre. They will have the pleasure of strolling along the famous rue Sainte-Catherine, voted the most commercial street in Europe. The old Bordeaux is full of lively bars and restaurants in the picturesque Saint-Pierre district.

What atypical Bordeaux space can be found at La Bastide?

Although renovated, this district has kept its soul and the imprint of its history, intimately linked to that of the capital of Gironde, to which it was attached in the 19th century. In this area, which has harmoniously blended greenery and ultra-functional buildings, you can still find old buildings with splendid apartments for rent, modern lofts with stone walls, luxurious private mansions or spacious and bright architect's houses offering views of terraces and gardens.

La Bastide, an ideal area for your search for locations in Bordeaux

This atypical place, which gives pride of place to street art, is particularly sought after for the organization of various and varied events. Huge hangars with street-art covered facades are as many atypical places to make clips, short films and other shootings.