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Are you a small or medium-sized business looking for an exceptional location to hold your corporate event and manage your teams? Are you a large group looking for a conference venue in a privileged environment? Whatever the case, a host of unique destinations await you in Bordeaux, a city with many cosmopolitan districts. The Bordeaux region offers a dynamic atmosphere at all times. You'll regularly come into contact with a particularly diverse architectural typology. So take the plunge and discover your next meeting room rental in Bordeaux.

Why hold a corporate event in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is one of France's most densely populated cities. It boasts some unmissable assets for organizing a corporate seminar. In 2018, the city was one of the top 10 most densely populated, with over 257,000 inhabitants. But the city's main asset is undoubtedly its geographical location. It's close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish border, yet only a few hours from Paris thanks to its fast transport links. The unmistakable charm of the historic city center, combined with the major assets of the surrounding countryside, make a meeting room in Bordeaux an ideal solution for staff to recharge their batteries.

You'll also appreciate the cosmopolitan character of the city's main districts, some of which are benefiting from an active redevelopment policy. The Bassins à Flots district to the north of Bordeaux comes to mind. Here, you're sure to find a humanized meeting room. Bordeaux is a unique destination for corporate events. The region offers a wide range of shooting and seminar possibilities, in a setting that is both historic and resolutely contemporary. What's more, the local climate is uniquely Aquitaine oceanic. This means that temperature variations are relatively stable throughout the year. If you want to be sure of good weather and moderate rainfall when booking a day trip to Bordeaux, the city is an ideal destination.

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Why book a meeting room in Bordeaux?

As we've seen, Bordeaux's appeal lies in the great diversity of its zones. For example, a visit to the historic Bacalan area, along the quay of the same name, is a must. It was precisely in this area, towards the end of the 19th century, that the largest merchant ships docked. In a popular, bustling atmosphere. If you're looking for a unique microcosm in the immediate Bordeaux area, Bacalan and the Bassins à Flots are the place to be.

Neighborhoods full of atypical meeting rooms

Here you'll find a village-like neighborhood of stalls, young artists and entrepreneurs. You're sure to find an unusual meeting room here. Giving Bacalan and the Bassins à Flots district their particular appeal, the price per square meter is estimated at 3,236 euros in the district, making it the most affordable place to live in the city of Bordeaux. The maritime district also boasts a number of attractive urban and residential projects. To the west, for example, there's a recent urbanization program that has seen the emergence of a number of new buildings. Some of them offer personal services.

At nearly 30%, the district's urbanization rate is considered to be the highest in the city. Among the facilities currently being developed are the submarine base. It has been converted into a cultural space, as has the marina. If you're looking for a flexible rental in Bordeaux, in a district that's undergoing a major facelift, this is the destination to choose. Finally, it's worth noting that the Bordeaux conurbation has gained in attractiveness thanks to the LGV line. Opened in 2017, it takes just 2 hours to reach Paris. The tramway, too, takes you from Bacalan to downtown Bordeaux in around thirty minutes. All the more reason to organize your meeting in Bordeaux.

What atypical meeting rooms can you find in Bordeaux?

If you're looking for an unusual meeting room in Bordeaux, you're spoilt for choice. If your main criterion is brightness and space to welcome your colleagues, choose a typical Bordeaux apartment near the quays. The quayside area offers a wide range of stylish apartments, usually with exposed stone walls, moldings and high ceilings.

If you're looking for a loft for a flexible rental in Bordeaux, a bright and cosy loft will appeal to you. Just 10 minutes from the Pont d'Aquitaine, for example, you'll find a loft with high ceilings and a glass roof. It's the ideal location for a photo shoot or filming session, or to take advantage of the benefits of a day booking in Bordeaux. If you're thinking of inviting several of your colleagues, you'll need to consider parking options in the vicinity.

Prestigious meeting rooms in Bordeaux

As you can see, there's no shortage of prestigious rental possibilities in the immediate Bordeaux area. You'll have the opportunity to discover even more places dedicated to your business events, close to atypical or charming locations, depending on whether you're looking for a moment of relaxation or concentration.

And if the immediate Bordeaux area appeals to you, you should know that there are many other parts of the conurbation that can host your corporate event.