Rental of atypical spaces for a meeting in Bordeaux

Atypical space in Bordeaux: find the ideal space for your meetings

Choose an atypical space in Bordeaux: the city is attractive!

Bordeaux is a key location in south-west France. It is also a city easily accessible from the capital. Close to the sea, often sunny, the city welcomes you and your teams. If you are looking for an atypical space in Bordeaux to organize a meeting, OfficeRiders can propose you different places. Are you a start-up, a scale-up, an SME or a large group? Why not treat yourself to this 600m² mansion in the heart of the city? Enjoy its swimming pool, its interior terraces and its magnificent meeting room. The Haussmann-style mouldings blend with a modern atmosphere. Here is a place where your employees will give their best.

This private hotel is accessible by tram thanks to the B line. It will allow you to visit the city centre: the Place de la Bourse, the Saint Bruno church, the Place du Palais. Don't forget to take a walk on rue Sainte Catherine to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Bordeaux. It is the historic city that blends with the regional metropolis between culture, commerce, tourism and administration.

Unique area Bordeaux: the golden triangle

The golden triangle is delimited by the Allées de Tourny, the Cours de l'Intendance and the Cours Georges Clémenceau. Each vertex of this triangle hosts a monument: the Place Tourny, the National Opera of Bordeaux and the Place Gambetta. This is where the famous Place des Grands-Hommes is located. If you want to visit the heart of Bordeaux, this is a must. Your employees will enjoy strolling around at lunchtime or in the evening in this historic Bordeaux.

There is no shortage of space in this area and all you have to do is choose the right place. OfficeRiders can certainly find the right place for you. For example, you could choose this Golden Triangle apartment located in a Haussmannian building. The 140m² apartment has a meeting room, a kitchen and an entrance. Its balcony goes around the apartment. The district is served by several bus and tram lines, you can easily reach the Saint Jean train station. To relax your teams, between two meetings why not do team building at the Mériadeck skating rink? There is no shortage of activities here, restaurants abound and the atmosphere is exquisite. Your employees will remember that they have discovered the heart of Bordeaux, but also its soul.

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The advantages of a flexible rental in Bordeaux

Bordeaux and the Euratlantique: enjoy an atypical and humanized space

Bordeaux is just over two hours by TGV from Paris. For the inhabitants of southwest France, it is a familiar destination, a reassuring hub. But the city has more ambitions. It is aiming for Europe. To project itself into the future, the city of Bordeaux has embarked on a major project: the Euratlantique. The city intends to become an essential European pole in the years to come. Developments are abounding, transport is being modernised and the whole city is working on it. Euratlantique is an opportunity to enjoy a creative and enthusiastic dynamic.

If you are looking for a flexible rental in Bordeaux, try this bright loft, a sign of the city's modernity. Enjoy its 190 m², its high ceiling, its glass roof and its footbridge. Located ten minutes from the Aquitaine bridge, it has a large private car park. Your teams will be able to park easily and will enjoy a modern and comfortable place. This atypical and humanized space will put your teams in the best dispositions.

Saint Jean station: booking for the day in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is inseparable from the Gare Saint Jean, the place that connects it to the other cities in France. The area is pleasant and many sites welcome you. For a seminar or a meeting, rent this eco-responsible coworking space located a stone's throw from the station. You were looking for a day booking in Bordeaux? Here it is: a modern and bright meeting room close to the station. You can also rent this room by the hour or by the half-day. It can accommodate up to 40 people and you will have a whiteboard, television, sound system, etc. at your disposal.

From the station, you can visit all the districts of Bordeaux: Bordeaux maritime; Chartrons - Grand Parc - Jardin Public; Centre-ville; Saint Augustin - Tauzin - Alphonse Dupeux; Nansouty - Saint Genès; Bordeaux Sud; La Bastide; Caudéran. \

This nerve centre invites you to discover the monuments of the city. Moreover, it would be a shame to stay in Bordeaux and miss the Cité du Vin. Oenology and Bordeaux are like brother and sister!

What atypical space in Bordeaux?

A unique space in Bordeaux

Are you looking for an atypical and humanized space? Is music part of your professional universe? This private mansion is a unique space in Bordeaux and offers you the use of its Steinway grand piano. Its lounges are sumptuous, the XVIIIᵉ century mansion has been decorated in a XIXᵉ style. And its accessibility is affirmed: the A and C tram lines are just a stone's throw away. Mix the modernity of the city with the classicism of this timeless place.

A word of caution: this piano is not a toy. Its use is reserved for artists after an official request! However, you should know that it is possible to bring a pianist and an opera artist for a memorable private concert. The meal service is not left out, it is possible to ask for the services of a caterer. Private concert, exceptional meal: you are here in the top of the range. This place is clearly unique.

Day rental in Bordeaux: get a change of scene!

Would you like to organise a seminar in Bordeaux to give your employees a change of scene? If so, we have the ideal venue. A day's rental in Bordeaux is an opportunity to enjoy a sense of travel. In the Cauderan district, enjoy 2,200 m² of oak trees. It is a wooden construction ideal for filming movies, short films or video clips. The main house is a 75m² loft with a mezzanine. On the first floor, a projector allows you to broadcast images. The main house is surrounded by two Thai pavilions of 33 m². And you benefit from the passageways and a rooftop to admire the magnificent garden. Between glass, metal and nature, the water of the swimming pool awaits your collaborators for a moment of relaxation. It is quite incredible to be in the centre of a big city and to feel in the countryside.

Your teams will remember this unique day or this short stay in Bordeaux. The city awaits you and its atypical spaces offer you a dream choice