Meeting, seminar and conference room rental in downtown Bordeaux

Downtown Bordeaux : organize your professional events

If there is one place in Bordeaux where great history meets modernity, it is the city centre. The jewels of heritage on the one hand. The business sector on the other. The Bordeaux city centre invites you to take part in today's dynamic world, while enjoying the riches of the past. In this majestic yet hectic world, nature has its place. The Garonne River weaves its way between the quays, parks and gardens spread their foliage in the sun. Here and there, you will find atypical spaces that will make each of your meetings in Bordeaux centre an event out of the ordinary. You will also find showrooms. As well as fully equipped rooms for your meetings, trainings and conferences and filming locations in Bordeaux.

Why organize a corporate event in downtown Bordeaux

Locating your meeting in the city centre of Bordeaux means making the choice of comfort. Both from the point of view of the organization of the meeting and the reception of the participants. Public transport, bars, restaurants, everything is within easy reach in the heart of the Bordeaux urban area!

Practical advantages

There's no need to hire a caterer for the lunch break or snack you plan to offer your colleagues, partners or employees. Unless you prefer to have your meals directly at the filming location in Bordeaux, book a table in one of the many establishments in the city centre. You'll only have to cross the street to sit on a terrace with trees or on the quayside and enjoy the best local dishes in Bordeaux!

A question of logistics

Organising a meeting in the centre of Bordeaux also means you don't have to worry about logistics. Indeed, with three tram lines and a vast network of buses serving the centre, participants will have no difficulty in getting around. It will only take ten to twenty minutes to get to the city centre from the Saint-Jean station by tram. And less than an hour from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport. If they have a car, all you have to do is choose a seminar room in Bordeaux with parking.

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What are the advantages of taking a course in downtown Bordeaux?p

Between cultural attractions and flexible solutions to accommodate the participants of your training course or company seminar, the advantages of a flexible booking Bordeaux are not lacking!

Visit the city centre of Bordeaux

In the centre of Bordeaux, there are many tourist attractions. There is plenty to keep your participants entertained! Especially if you opt for a Bordeaux flexible booking over several days. A stroll through the Lerme market between midday and midnight. A visit to the Musée d'Aquitaine or the Musée des Beaux-Arts once the session is over. Or a show at the Grand Théâtre in the evening. All of these are within walking distance of each other for all those attending your meeting near the Hôtel de Ville or the Bordeaux Cathedral. They will appreciate the chance to discover Bordeaux's city centre with just a lift or a gate to go through!

Working in a quiet, custom-made space

The proximity of busy streets is good. But combined with well soundproofed workspaces that offer all the necessary tranquillity, it's even better! This ideal mix between a dynamic urban exterior and an interior conducive to concentration, a seminar room in Bordeaux is able to provide it. For a training course or a two or three day filming session, you can also rent a space that also serves as accommodation. For example, you can choose a large house with a reception room and bedrooms, which will offer maximum comfort to your guests. Or for an old shop in Bordeaux with a garden and swimming pool. Where they can enjoy the mild climate of the south-west.

What space to reserve for a meeting or training in downtown Bordeaux?

Are you looking for a loft? An apartment? Or an atypical space in Bordeaux to organize a day of study or a working afternoon? The right choice depends on your requirements in terms of space, atmosphere and environment, but also equipment and furniture. Many options are available for your day booking in Bordeaux city centre!

Atypical spaces in Bordeaux centre

Are you looking for an atypical space in Bordeaux to make your company meeting a unique event? Why not plan a cocktail party from the top of a rooftop! From up there, your guests will admire a breathtaking panorama of the city's rooftops. For a prestigious event, such as the launch or presentation of a luxury product or a work of art, choose the refinement of a private hotel in the centre of Bordeaux. Finally, give a historical background to your work sessions! By organizing them in an authentic Bordeaux shop. A single-storey house built in stone, according to an architectural tradition dating back to the 15th century. In winter, you can gather your professional partners around a fire. In summer, you can enjoy your meetings in the brightness of the glass roof, which opens onto a green garden.

Meeting, training and conference rooms and showroom rental Bordeaux centre

From the intimate atmosphere of a meeting room for six people, to the co-working spaces set up in the centre of Bordeaux, to the daily booking of a conference room in the centre of Bordeaux: you will have no difficulty in finding the appropriate premises for your event. For a training day or a conference, choose an apartment that is large enough to accommodate all the participants. Allow about 3 square metres per person. Make sure that your day booking in Bordeaux includes all the equipment you need. It is best to opt for a fully equipped meeting room in Bordeaux Chartrons. Including wifi, video conferencing system and large screen, not to mention the distribution of water bottles.

If you are looking for a showroom rental in Bordeaux, the ideal is to rent a loft with large openings to the outside; the view on the quays of the Garonne or on the famous Place de la Comédie is a real plus. Above all, orient your choice of day rental in Bordeaux towards a designer interior. Uncluttered enough to showcase your creations but also refined enough to set the tone for your collection.