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Are you looking for a space for a working day or weekend in the Bordeaux Caudéran district? Whether you're an entrepreneur or a professional looking for an atypical space, the Caudéran district will offer you many solutions in terms of shooting locations in Bordeaux. Formerly an independent commune, the Caudéran district is now firmly established as the chic suburb of the Bordeaux metropolitan area. In fact, it's nicknamed "Bordeaux's Neuilly". Caudéran offers visitors immediate access to Bordeaux's hyper-center. Yet the district has managed to preserve its village atmosphere. If you're looking for both authenticity and modernity, find your seminar room in Bordeaux Caudéran on OfficeRiders!

Why hold a meeting in Bordeaux Caudéran?

The Bordeaux Caudéran district is known for its timeless charm. Old-fashioned shops stand side by side with an architecture of opulent mansions and multi-family dwellings. The area is punctuated by extensive green spaces. These include the famous Parc Bordelais, considered the largest green space in the Bordeaux Caudéran district. The district's population is mainly made up of families and young, dynamic executives. In short, if you're looking for a destination with character in south-west France. Whether you're planning a conference or a prestigious showroom, this area of Bordeaux is the place for you.

The Bordeaux Caudéran district is made up of 6 "mini-neighborhoods", home to some 45,000 people. Reserving an atypical space in Bordeaux here is like reserving a small city within a city. But you'll have no trouble getting to your day reservation in Bordeaux Caudéran. The district is served by numerous public transport lines. In particular, tramway line D links Eysines and Bordeaux. And don't forget! A new Bus à Haut Niveau de Service (BHNS) line is due to link Bordeaux's Gare Saint-Jean with Saint-Aubin de Médoc.

If you're thinking of booking a day trip to Bordeaux, just a few kilometers from the city center, the Caudéran district is ideal. Just 2.7 km away, this part of the city offers access to some superb properties. All can be reached by bus on lines 1 or 16. Go ahead and book your day trip to Bordeaux Caudéran now.

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What's the point of going to work in this neighborhood?

First of all, Bordeaux is one of France's largest urban areas. This makes it an essential strategic point for conquering new markets. For professionals looking to expand their business, or for those wishing to discover a prestigious metropolitan area for a productive getaway. In terms of attractiveness alone, renting an atypical space in Bordeaux will enable you to benefit from a privileged location. Close to the Bay of Arcachon and just a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean. With a flexible Bordeaux reservation, you'll also benefit from a breathtaking location. Just a short distance from the world-renowned Bordeaux wine estates. It's estimated that nearly 4 billion euros worth of Bordeaux wines are sold every year. Both in France and around the world!

It's not for nothing that Bordeaux has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also voted the most attractive city of the year in 2017 by Lonely Planet.

In terms of mobility alone, Bordeaux is certainly one of the best served agglomerations. Including from the capital. In fact, organizing a flexible booking in Bordeaux will enable you to escape just 2 hours by TGV from the capital. Are you travelling by car? Don't hesitate to make use of the many P+R park-and-ride facilities. They allow you to leave your vehicle all day long. In this way, you'll be able to take advantage of a return trip on the TBM network, by streetcar or by bus. The TBM ticket is also valid for use of the river shuttle services. This runs every 5 minutes during rush hour.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the special climate of this region of France. Indeed, when you rent a showroom in Bordeaux, you'll experience the joys of sunshine. Nearly 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, and a pleasantly mild climate whatever the season!

What atypical spaces can you find in Bordeaux?

The city of Bordeaux (and the Caudéran district in particular) is home to a multitude of workspaces. From prestigious lounges overlooking the quays to bright meeting rooms with free parking nearby. You'll have plenty of time to choose the right seminar room in Bordeaux for your business events. If you're looking for an unusual space in Bordeaux to take advantage of the best the city has to offer, you'll find it on OfficeRiders. For example, with this charming villa in the heart of a totally different environment. With a day reservation like this in Bordeaux, you'll enjoy a large 2,200 m2 plot planted with trees. Ideal for shooting. With this type of shooting location in Bordeaux, you'll benefit from a complex made up of several buildings. Two small pavilions with a total surface area of 33 m2 complement the main central house.

Do you like the idea of having a large space close to downtown Bordeaux? For the needs of your teamwork sessions, get closer to unique spaces on OfficeRiders. For example, this large contemporary villa just 4 km from the center and easily accessible by bus 500 m away. For your showroom rental needs in Bordeaux, you'll have access to the comfort of a large 52 m2 dining room. A 50 m2 terrace, equipped with a bioclimatic pergola, completes this property. Your seminar in Bordeaux Caudéran will find its full potential here. Thanks to a host of technical tools and accessories, including a large-screen TV with USB connection, and fiber-optic Wi-Fi. Don't wait another second! Start your search now for a bright, cosy and accessible space in the immediate vicinity of the historic heart of Bordeaux.