Rent a training room in Bordeaux

Training room rental in Bordeaux: everything you need to know

The rise of flexible booking offers in Bordeaux

Ideally located between the Landes forest and the Gironde estuary, the capital of New Aquitaine has everything it takes to attract businesses. Skillfully blending a rich historical heritage with an ambitious urban policy, Bordeaux is one of the up-and-coming metropolises. The city has more than 250,000 inhabitants and the urban area encompasses more than 1.2 million people. A real breeding ground for students and researchers, and home to a cutting-edge industry, the prefecture of Gironde is experiencing a real craze among professionals. It is therefore not surprising that the rental of training space in Bordeaux is booming! From La Bastide to Caudéran, not forgetting Bordeaux-Maritime, the city is full of tourist attractions as well as modern infrastructures. Don't miss this superb meeting room a stone's throw from the Place de la Bourse. Or this luxury apartment overlooking the quays of the Garonne...

Why rent a training space in Bordeaux ?

Corporate events are one of the economic drivers of the city, which hosts more than 3,000 professional meetings each year. The daily rental offer in Bordeaux is developing in parallel with the major international hosting centres. Indeed, more and more start-ups and SMEs want to reinvent their training sessions. Offer your teams an atypical, yet practical working environment. This is what OfficeRiders allows you to do.

A house with a patio in the historic Chartrons district can be the setting for a different kind of training day. Apt to motivate your employees and boost teamwork. At lunchtime, take advantage of this exceptional location to discover the Place des Quinconces or the Port de la Lune. You prefer a resolutely urban atmosphere? Rent a workspace in Caudéran, in the heart of the skyscrapers of the administrative city. Finally, if you are interested in architecture, the Saint-Michel basilica in South Bordeaux is one of the city's must-see monuments.

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Training space rental in Bordeaux, a winning bet

Developed and efficient infrastructures

The prefecture of Gironde has made the most of its location and historical heritage. The rehabilitation of the docks, the development of the Garonne River quays and the creation of the Bordeaux Seaport have all contributed to the city's urban development. The city is also home to a large number of universities and grandes écoles, which creates a particular dynamic. Science, political studies, arts and crafts, architecture and engineering courses are among the courses offered.

As a student city, Bordeaux had to provide itself with a large number of training rooms. But also to develop a dense and efficient public transport network. The challenge was met with 4 tramway lines. 85 bus lines. Not to mention 200 kilometres of cycle paths and a wide range of self-service bicycles. As for national transport, the Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station puts the city only two hours from Paris by TGV. As for the Bordeaux-Mérignac international airport, it offers connections with most major French and European cities. As well as with Morocco and Tunisia.

Business tourism, an essential part of the economy for Bordeaux Metropole

The capital of Gironde relies as much on its natural environment as on its quality urban facilities to attract businesses. For the rental of training space in Bordeaux, innovate by setting up in an architect's house in the city centre ( Or a splendid residence on the right bank ! In both cases, you will have comfortable facilities adapted to the organization of productive and pleasant work sessions. But above all, you can take advantage of a varied range of restaurants worthy of the region's culinary reputation! As for the Bordeaux hotel stock, it has benefited from a renovation that greatly facilitates the reception of participants in conferences and other seminars. All these efforts combined have led Bordeaux to be ranked 4ᵉ in the ICCA national ranking in 2018. Proof of the interest of companies for the Gironde city.

Flexible booking in Bordeaux: quality atypical sites

Why choose a daily rental in Bordeaux?

The supply of work spaces is concentrated around the city center. This allows you to have access to all amenities and to benefit from a substantial transport network. By booking a training room near the Bordeaux-Saint-Jean train station, you can easily bring in employees from all over France for a day. But if you want a more pronounced change of scenery, without abandoning the functional and comfortable aspect, the city's surroundings also contain some real gems. Many properties offer a day's rental in Bordeaux in the heart of the vineyards, sometimes even with a swimming pool. The perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure and to strengthen the company spirit within your teams! Another possibility offered by the city: organise a visit on the theme of architecture. Let your employees discover the Place de la Bourse. The Porte Cailhau. Or the Grand Théâtre, between two half-days of training...

The attractions of a training room in Bordeaux

As we have said, the city has a lot to offer when it comes to organizing training sessions in original spaces. Accessibility, architecture, successful urban planning projects and the development of natural areas are some of the qualities that Bordeaux has to offer. But the city of Gascony also knows how to take advantage of its history, its culture and its heritage. Thus, you can place your training days in Bordeaux under the sign of gastronomy, integrate a discovery of oenology or stroll on the Stone Bridge, one of the most photographed monuments of the city. City of Art and History, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2007, Bordeaux is becoming a top destination for companies looking for different work spaces. OfficeRiders is here to help you find your training room in Bordeaux