Meeting, seminar and conference room rental in South Bordeaux

Why organize a meeting in South Bordeaux?

Atypical space in South Bordeaux: the ideal location

Are you the manager of a start-up, a scale-up, an SME, or in charge of organizing events for a large group? OfficeRiders offers you a unique solution to book a room in Bordeaux, and more specifically in the Bordeaux South area. Bordeaux is only 2 hours and 20 minutes from Paris and is also a hub of southwest France. If your teams are located in this region, it is a city not to be missed. If your company is located in the Paris region, Bordeaux is easily accessible thanks to the TGV. This will allow you to work and meet while enjoying the sea and the sun. To strengthen your management dynamics and bring your teams together, rent a meeting room in Bordeaux South. So take advantage of our offer of atypical spaces in Bordeaux!

Reservation for a day in Bordeaux: an exceptional wine region

When you visit Bordeaux, you immediately think of the vineyards of the Bordeaux region. Chateau Margaux, Chateau d'Yquem, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Petrus... These names make Bordeaux and France famous all over the world. Organizing a team building or a seminar in Bordeaux is the perfect opportunity to discover the region. Discover the neighbouring chateaux or the city of wine. In fact, the latter is the highlight of Bordeaux wine tourism! With more than one and a half million visitors since 2016, the wine city will seduce your employees and will know how to unite talents around a common value. Take advantage of Bordeaux's gastronomy and take your employees to lunch at Chapon Fin or La Brasserie Bordelaise. A business lunch allows you to strengthen ties and to approach professional issues from a new angle. So why not rent a meeting room in South Bordeaux and combine business with pleasure?

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Working in the South Bordeaux area: the advantages

Filming locations in Bordeaux: take advantage of the Euratlantique

Located between the train station and the Garonne, Bordeaux Sud benefits from new infrastructures. The Simone Veil bridge, the development of the Cardinal Donnet square or the pedestrianisation of the Capucins square... The ancient city and the modern city rub shoulders in an incomparable charm. Together, they make this district a unique place. But above all, South Bordeaux is impacted by the redevelopment of the Bordeaux Saint-Jean station into a global project called Bordeaux-Euratlantique.

This project aims to make the city a major metropolis in 21st century Europe. Western Europe benefits from an incomparable city whose infrastructures are up to the challenges of tomorrow. If you are looking for a film location in Bordeaux, this area is ideal. Whether you are shooting a feature film set in Bordeaux, a short film or a video clip, you are sure to find the location of your dreams. And if it's an indoor shoot, our atypical spaces will offer you the ideal setting.

A well-served area for showroom rental in Bordeaux Sud

Thanks to its proximity to the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station, Bordeaux Sud is an easily accessible district. Whether you come from the Paris region or the south-west of France, it only takes a few minutes to get from the station to your temporary workplace. The B and C tram lines also cross the district. Showroom rental in Bordeaux Sud benefits from modern and efficient transport infrastructures. Make a daily reservation in Bordeaux Sud and be sure to be able to move around easily.

It is also possible to rent bicycles during your stay and take advantage of the many bicycle paths. And if you are more of a black sedan type, taxi and VTC services are available throughout the city. A showroom in South Bordeaux will allow you to exhibit your products to a varied and enthusiastic clientele. You can share your know-how with the whole of south-west France. By choosing the ideal location, professional visitors can easily reach your showroom. This is the opportunity to showcase your products and communicate directly with an attentive clientele. To organize a showroom in Bordeaux, OfficeRiders is your partner and your best support: we certainly have the right place for you.

Find an atypical space in South Bordeaux

Coworking spaces in South Bordeaux

Freelancers work in different ways. Some work from home, but others prefer to travel and are constantly looking for places that allow them to fulfill their assignments, no matter where they are. This is what coworking is all about. Making a day reservation in Bordeaux for coworking is now extremely simple. Coworking is developing all over the territory and Bordeaux Sud is no exception to the trend.

You can find atypical places to work alone or in team. The calm, the proximity of the station, the atmosphere of the district are all advantages that make Bordeaux Sud the ideal choice. Thanks to OfficeRiders, it is possible to make a reservation for the day in Bordeaux Sud: if you are passing through and need to sit down with your computer to answer your orders or communicate with your clients, connect to our site. We will suggest a multitude of places, like this wonderful Bordeaux shop with garden and swimming pool. Why not take a refreshing break during your lunch break? To be effective, you also need to be able to relax!

A seminar room in South Bordeaux

If you want to organise a conference, a training course, a training session or a meeting in South Bordeaux, our aim is to help you. Finding a meeting room in Bordeaux near the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station is easy with OfficeRiders. Simply enter the location and choose the type of space you want to rent and its purpose: meeting, event, production or coworking. Benefit from a flexible booking in Bordeaux.

A bright 50 m2 meeting room, equipped with modern furniture and designed to be privatized by the hour or the whole day is waiting for you. It can accommodate 40 people for a reception or seminar: equipped with a whiteboard, a paperboard, a television and a sound system. It is the perfect place to organize a meeting in Bordeaux. Renting a meeting room in Bordeaux South is made easy with our search engine and flexible booking system in Bordeaux. At OfficeRiders we believe that choice is essential: choice of city, choice of area, but also choice of venue, the one that will offer the best setting for a pleasant and efficient working day.