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The approach to work has changed. Whether you're a coach looking to hire a training room in Lyon, or a company director looking to organize a seminar or other professional event, you'll find a venue in Lyon's 5th arrondissement that's just right for the occasion. Surprise your collaborators, trainees, customers or employees by inviting them to an atypical Lyon venue they'll remember forever. Enhance your company's image with the Lyon venue rentals you'll find on OfficeRiders.

Your Lyon shooting locations in a historic area

The 5th arrondissement is the historic birthplace of Lyon. It was on the Fourvière hill that Lugdunum was founded some 2,000 years ago. The Romans settled here to found the capital of Gaul. As a result, the 5th arrondissement enjoys a strong identity, largely due to its rich and fascinating history. The old heart of the district boasts a succession of medieval buildings, facades, churches and inner courtyards, not to mention the famous traboules (typical Vieux Lyon passageways) that serve as reminders of its fabulous history. This unique setting is perfect for filming historical scenes for cinema or television in Lyon. The 5th arrondissement has often been a favorite location for the 7th art, as was the case in the film "Les Lyonnais" (2011), a superb fresco dedicated to Lyon's criminal underworld, in which many scenes were shot in the Saint-Jean district. Another example is L'Horloger de Saint-Paul (1974), shot entirely in Lyon, and particularly in the Saint-Paul district. The list goes on and on, showing that the 5th district remains a prime location for filming in Lyon.

While the 5th arrondissement attracts filmmakers and directors, it also attracts visitors for its wealth of monuments and sights. These include the famous ancient Roman theater, the Basilique de Fourvière, the Acqueduc du Gier and the traboules. After a day spent in a Lyon seminar room or Lyon conference room, your employees or trainees will be delighted to relax by taking a stroll through these emblematic historic sites. Lyon being the birthplace of Guignol, it would be a shame to miss the Gadagne complex, a magnificent Renaissance building that houses both the Lyon History Museum and the World Puppet Museum. Don't hesitate to suggest a few local sights they're sure to appreciate! It's perfectly possible to reconcile professional obligations and cultural pleasures during a business meeting in one of our training room rentals in Lyon, in a seminar room or any other meeting room rental in Lyon or conference room Lyon.

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The 5th arrondissement: an ideal location for room rental in Lyon

Located on the right bank of the Saône, Lyon's 5th arrondissement encompasses the Fourvière hill and the historic district of Vieux-Lyon. It lies at the crossroads of the Presqu'île and the communes of western Lyon, forming with the 9th arrondissement the western part of the Rhône capital. The 5th arrondissement combines lively historic districts with more residential areas, such as Vieux-Lyon, Fourvière, Saint-Jean, Saint-Georges, Saint-Just, Saint-Irénée, Point du Jour and Champvert, to name but a few. The 5th arrondissement has no shortage of atypical Lyon spaces to rent for as long as you like. The area is ideal for coworking in a loft with an artist's studio in the heart of the traboules, or for organizing a coaching session or meeting in one of the many meeting room rentals in Lyon offered by OfficeRiders. For example, the Saint-Georges district is one of the busiest in the Lyon metropolitan area in terms of business services, so you'll find plenty of places available to organize a seminar, conference or other corporate event. You'll have no trouble finding a meeting room rental in this district or anywhere else in the 5th arrondissement.

The 5th arrondissement also boasts a wide choice of hotels, bars and restaurants for the comfort of your staff. When it comes to gastronomy, Lyon's reputation for excellence is well established. The 5th arrondissement has no shortage of Bouchons, the typical restaurants of old Lyon where you can enjoy traditional dishes in a convivial atmosphere. The 5th is also extremely accessible. The easiest way to get to the Fourvière district is to take funicular 2. Bus lines 45, 90, C21 and metro line D also provide excellent service to the 5th arrondissement.

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Whether you're looking for a meeting room in Lyon, a training room rental in Lyon, an atypical space for a professional activity or a room large enough to organize a seminar, an open day, a company cocktail party or a conference, you're sure to find your meeting room, seminar room in Lyon or other location suited to your needs on OffficeRiders. The same goes for your filming space in the historic 5th arrondissement.

Lyon's fifth arrondissement has no shortage of atypical spaces for rent, ranging in size from a dozen to over a hundred participants. For example, you'll find this spacious apartment in the Saint-Georges district, or this vast space ideal for a conference at the Fort de Vaise, a former military fort. Surprise your collaborators by inviting them to exceptional venues such as this restored workshop in Old Lyon, with a beautiful outdoor space that would be perfect as a coworking or team-building space, or this completely renovated old house in one of Lyon's oldest cobbled streets.

With OfficeRiders, you can now organize your business events quickly and easily by booking a suitable venue. It's up to you to choose from our range of available venues in the Lyon 5th district.