Rent a meeting room in Lyon 6th district

Reserve atypical spaces for your professional activities.

Why choose a room rental in Lyon 6?

Lyon, the ideal destination for organizing events

For the organization of your professional events, the city of Lyon offers a wide variety of flexible, high-quality and atypical locations. An ideal solution for hosting your training sessions, conferences, workshops or artistic productions. Lyon is a dynamic city, with a flourishing economy and a pleasant and inspiring environment. It is a destination with many assets.

The city of Lyon is home to thousands of companies and attracts many investors. It is a leader in the field of research and development. Its educational and academic structures are enviable. A true economic cradle that arouses admiration and stimulates ambition. The result is an urban environment with a wealth of well-located, well-equipped rental facilities with outstanding aesthetic qualities. Between history and modernity, prestige and simplicity, comfort and space, you will find the best conference rooms in Lyon!

The city is divided into 9 districts, each with its own particular advantages. The 6th arrondissement of Lyon, between culture, commerce and housing, includes some very upmarket, historic or modern districts that are particularly dynamic in terms of economy. From Interpol to the countless small service companies, from the Convention Centre to the Halles de Lyon, Lyon 6 has a distinct and harmonious atmosphere.

Lyon is also an optimal city in terms of travel and accessibility. This is a major advantage for the participants in your events. Airports, TGV stations and other public transport facilities make it easy and shorten travel times. Countless facilities, such as a wide range of accommodation and catering, are further good reasons to choose to rent meeting rooms in Lyon.

For what activities should I rent a meeting room in Lyon?

Lyon's meeting rooms are ideal for a wide range of professional activities. As a source of motivation, change of scenery and emulation, flexible rentals allow you to get out of the box and offer exceptional moments to your employees, clients or guests.

The 6th arrondissement is full of possibilities for renting seminar rooms in Lyon. An atypical and aesthetic setting, favouring concentration but also inspiration, guarantees the success of conferences focused on learning and exchange. The quality of professional training also benefits from the advantages of renting a room in Lyon. Spacious, comfortable, quiet, green and bright venues will increase your participants' motivation and satisfaction. The halls in Lyon can also be used as filming locations for artistic productions or advertisements. Atypical spaces in Lyon are ideal for organizing team-building, company parties or meetings with clients.

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Choose the 6th district to rent meeting rooms in Lyon

The assets of the 6th district of Lyon for your events

The sixth arrondissement of Lyon is located in the north-east of the city. It has an elegant and chic atmosphere, with its wide avenues, superb squares, private mansions and ancient architecture. Of Lyon's 9 arrondissements, it is the most economically successful. Shops and houses are located here in a harmonious synergy.

District number 6 includes the vast Parc de la Tête d'Or, a precious space of greenery and calm in an energetic city. It is also bordered by the Rhône River to the west. All these assets make it a prestigious, welcoming and pleasant environment. An optimal setting to bring your employees or partners thanks to the rental of a training room in Lyon.

Two metro lines, a tramway line and numerous bus routes will take your audience through the pleasant districts of Lyon's 6th arrondissement. This makes it easy to get to the seminar rooms in Lyon and to visit the surrounding area.

A conference room in Lyon 6: which districts?

Lyon 6 is divided into several districts: Les Brotteaux, La Cité Internationale, Vitton-Thiers, Bellecombe, Foch and Masséna. The heart of the economy of this district is based on the many small shops and service companies that liven up the avenues. The atmosphere of the traditional districts is inspired by both architectural elegance and commercial energy. These are worlds that combine aesthetics and dynamism, like the conference rooms in Lyon 6.

On the fringes of the traditional districts, the Cité Internationale project, built on the site of the former Lyon Trade Fair, is a must-see for event organizers. Composed of the Congress Centre, office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants, museums, a cinema, a casino and housing, the Cité Internationale is an ideal place for renting a training room or a film location in Lyon. Modern, equipped and comfortable facilities will welcome your employees, who will also benefit from numerous leisure activities during their free time.

OfficeRiders, your partner in room rental in Lyon

Our room rental offer in the 6th district

OfficeRiders is your trusted partner in the selection of quality premises for all your professional events in Lyon. Our offer is complete and varied, whether you are looking to rent conference rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms, filming locations or atypical spaces for friendly meetings. You will find in our catalogue the place that makes you dream.

We are at your disposal to choose, with you, the meeting rooms in Lyon 6th district that best suit your needs. Volume, location, equipment, style, comfort, we take into account all the factors that could influence your selection. Surf our website to find the ideal meeting room in a few minutes and make an immediate reservation.

OfficeRiders offers you conference rooms in Lyon Brotteaux, filming locations in Lyon Foch or seminar rooms in Lyon Cité Internationale. Take advantage of atypical spaces in Lyon 6th district, with rooftop terraces, breathtaking views or charming inner courtyards.

The advantages of flexible rentals in Lyon 6

When you rent flex space through OfficeRiders, you get the opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary. Whether your event is for employees, clients or partners, they will be grateful to you for hosting them in a pleasant space, in a stimulating atmosphere and in a dynamic city. Your participants will be more motivated and your training or workshop will be remembered.

Flexible rentals allow you to organise business meetings, fun events, workshops, coworking sessions or artistic or promotional productions. Choose from OfficeRiders' selection of spacious and light-filled loft spaces, prestigious mansions or old industrial workshops for a special event.