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Room rental in Lyon

Planning to organize a conference? Why not turn to the city of Lyon, which offers many advantages in terms of infrastructure, accessibility and charm. Lyon has a pleasant atmosphere, teeming with possibilities. Yet it retains all the advantages of a city on a human scale. It's easy to get around and find your way around. Its geographical position and public transport infrastructure make it a true European crossroads for business travel. No wonder Lyon is one of France's top cities for business tourism.

Lyon's development is also taking on an international dimension, thanks to the diversity of its plenary rental infrastructure, which attracts foreign companies. The city's tourist and leisure attractions are also conducive to the organization of events in Lyon. Seminars and conferences can be accompanied by cultural visits or original activities that appeal to participants and contribute to their motivation.

In terms of amenities, the countless accommodation options available guarantee your staff and guests a comfortable stay close to your conference facilities in Lyon. The diversity of conference room rentals in Lyon ensures that you'll find the ideal venue for all your needs.

Conference room rentals in Lyon

Lyon is not only a convenient and accessible city, it's also a world and a community rich in history, culture and art. In other words, it's the perfect place to create an atmosphere conducive to the organization of quality conferences. The academic dimension of this city, home to a university whose excellence is widely recognized, inspires reflection, learning and ambition. A pioneer in Research & Development, Lyon also boasts a first-rate entrepreneurial and intellectual dynamism. This melting pot of knowledge, initiatives and exchanges provides the ideal backdrop for welcoming your participants and inviting them to immerse themselves fully in your conferences.

Lyon is home to thousands of companies and is attracting substantial international investment. Its various business districts are constantly expanding, each with its own particular qualities. If you want to be where the heart of Lyon's economy beats, opt for Part-Dieu, which is also a highly accessible location thanks to its TGV stations and proximity to the airport. In a more alternative posture, Vaise offers atypical space rentals in Lyon. Confluence and Gerland are easily accessible business districts offering a wide variety of conference room rentals and associated services.

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Our training room rental services in Lyon

OfficeRiders is THE specialist in conference space rental in Lyon. Our knowledge of the opportunities offered by the city of Lyon, combined with our expertise in the rental needs of companies, guarantees you optimum service. Our wide and varied range of plenary rentals ensures that you'll find the venue that's ideally suited to your conference requirements. The diversity of our offer means you can choose from a wide range of volumes, specific atmospheres, neighbourhoods and accessibility requirements.

When you choose OfficeRiders, you enter into a partnership that will facilitate the logistics and organization of your events. Our pre-selection of venue rentals will save you a substantial amount of time. We offer you only top-quality facilities, from which you can make an informed choice thanks to our complete and transparent description.

OfficeRiders offers you a quick and easy reservation system. You can check availability directly and complete your booking in just a few clicks. A benefit that greatly facilitates the practical organization of your conferences. For optimum ease of navigation, our web interface is user-friendly, ergonomic and highly intuitive.

OfficeRiders is also an expert at your service to advise you in your search for conference rooms in Lyon. We listen and analyze your needs to propose the ideal infrastructure for your project. Whether you're looking for luxury and elegance, simplicity and space, or calm and greenery, you'll find what you're looking for at OfficeRiders.

Our seminar rooms in Lyon

At OfficeRiders, we've selected a number of exceptional seminar rooms in Lyon. We offer a variety of possibilities to meet every need. Depending on the characteristics of your project, several criteria will enable you to make an informed choice: number of participants, proximity to public transport, accommodation options, services available, setting, atmosphere...

You'll find top-of-the-range locations to enhance the prestige of your organization or to support the launch of a luxury product. Green destinations will give your teams a change of scenery and encourage collaboration that's out of the ordinary. Greater capacity for reflection, learning, concentration and imagination emerge from calm and serene working environments. Some of our locations offer exceptional views for inspiring perspectives. Modern, practical venues include all the facilities a conference organizer could dream of. Nearby parking lots, computer and presentation equipment, a high-performance WIFI network, comfortable and practical furniture for all, ... You can also opt for characterful locations with historic charm that will take your participants into an elegant and prestigious atmosphere.

Flexible rentals and atypical spaces in Lyon

All the advantages of flexible rentals

Lyon offers a vast and diverse range of flexible rental options. Designed for all types of companies, from SMEs to multinationals, these à la carte rental formulas offer appreciable flexibility for the organization of a wide range of events. These conference spaces can be rented for a few hours, a day or several days, depending on your needs.

A flexible rental in Lyon is an opportunity to offer your participants or staff a change of scenery. A change of scenery allows you to tackle professional issues and projects from a different angle and with a different mindset. Your audience will be delighted to take part in an activity that's out of the ordinary.

Flexible rentals are also extremely practical, as they can be adapted to your specific needs. When you hire OfficeRiders, you benefit from a tailor-made service and a rental space that's made just for you.

The strengths of atypical spaces

Holding a conference in an atypical space in Lyon guarantees an unforgettable event. The originality of the venue or the activities on offer will leave a very positive impression on your participants. It's an opportunity to organize unique activities that only atypical venues allow. It's a great way to enhance your brand image and motivate your staff through a fun and entertaining approach. OfficeRiders offers you exceptional locations, such as a luxurious house with swimming pool, apartments with peaceful terraces full of greenery, rooftops with exceptional views and ambience, and lofts in buildings with character.