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Are you looking for a meeting room in Strasbourg to organize a seminar, a conference or a simple business meeting? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, we present the different options available to you to find the perfect space for your needs and budget.

Why rent a meeting room in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is a dynamic and attractive city offering many opportunities for businesses. As the seat of the European Parliament, it enjoys an excellent reputation and a highly stimulating business environment. Renting a meeting room in Strasbourg means ..:

Enjoy a prestigious and inspiring setting for your events An ideal geographical location, close to Germany and major transport links (TGV, freeways, international airport). A wide range of venues to suit all types of events, from small meetings to major conventions Enhance your brand image in the eyes of your customers, partners and employees meeting room in Strasbourg

What criteria should I take into account when choosing the right meeting room rental in Strasbourg?

To be sure you're making the right choice, it's important to precisely define your meeting room rental needs in Strasbourg. Here are a few essential criteria to consider:

Size of space

It's essential to estimate the number of participants at your event, in order to choose a large enough meeting room. You should also check whether the space can be adapted to your needs.

Comfort and equipment available

Make sure the meeting room has all the equipment you need for your event to run smoothly (video projector, flipchart, microphones, Internet connection, etc.). The comfort of participants is also important: air conditioning, ergonomic seating and a break area can make all the difference.


The geographical location of the meeting room in Strasbourg is a crucial criterion. It's best to choose a venue that's easily accessible by public transport, or with parking nearby, to make it easier for your guests to get around.


Finally, don't forget to take into account the cost of renting the meeting room, as well as any additional fees for ancillary services (catering, staff, etc.). Compare offers to find the one that best suits your budget.

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The different types of meeting rooms for hire in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg, you'll find a great variety of spaces to suit your meeting room rental needs. Here are just a few examples of places to hold your business events:

Atypical venues

If you want to surprise your guests and get away from the traditional meeting room setting, opt for an atypical venue such as a loft, a boat or a museum. These original spaces will bring a touch of originality to your event and leave a lasting impression.

Spaces "just like home

Have you ever thought of getting together in a private home for your next team meeting? A lovely family home, an architect-designed apartment or a completely renovated loft... Reconnect and boost your creativity in spaces where you'll feel right at home!

How do I book a meeting room in Strasbourg?

Once you've identified your needs and selected the meeting rooms you're interested in, all that's left to do is book. Here are a few tips to help you succeed at this crucial stage:

Contact the owners

Find out about the availability, rates and house rules of the various meeting rooms in Strasbourg. Don't hesitate to make several reservation requests, especially if your date is close, in order to secure your booking!

Visit our meeting rooms

Don't hesitate to visit the meeting rooms before confirming your booking, to make sure they meet your expectations. This will also enable you to meet the Hosts and ask any questions you may have about the facilities, services included in the booking, etc.

Read the Host's house rules carefully.

Before booking your meeting room in Strasbourg, take the time to carefully read your Host's house rules. In particular, check cancellation policy, insurance and liability in the event of damage.

Book in advance

The best meeting rooms in Strasbourg are quickly snapped up, especially during peak periods like May and June. To make sure you get the room of your dreams, remember to book at least one month in advance.

In conclusion, renting a meeting room in Strasbourg is a real asset for organizing memorable business events. Take the time to define your needs. Compare offers and follow our advice to ensure the success of your team day!