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As the modern regional capital and home to three of Europe's institutions, Strasbourg is a popular destination for training courses. Easy to reach, the Alsatian city boasts an exceptional setting, famous gastronomy and tourist attractions not to be missed. To combine business with pleasure, book your training room in Strasbourg with OfficeRiders now.

Strasbourg: an ideal city for training courses

The city's economic attractions

Strasbourg is a key economic location. It owes this privileged status to its strategic geographic location, its well-developed infrastructure and its entrepreneurial dynamism. As a result, there are many reasons to choose a day rental in Strasbourg to organize a training session.

First and foremost, the Alsatian capital is strategically located on the border between France and Germany. German promiscuity places Strasbourg in a pool position for Franco-German trade. During a training course, participants will have ample opportunity to make interesting business contacts.

As a leading European center, Strasbourg is also home to a number of important institutions. These include the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe. This is why the city attracts so many international companies and organizations.

Strasbourg is also home to a large number of universities and research centers. The city is proud of its ranking as a major research and innovation hub. It is home to the University of Strasbourg and INSERM, for example... Strasbourg is also home to a number of major industrial companies. The city shines in the automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace and biotechnology sectors. This diversification of economic sectors plays a major role in Alsace's economic stability.

As you can see, booking a training room in Strasbourg offers a number of advantages. Indeed, a city with a strong economy ensures more opportunities for internships and jobs in various sectors. Your trainees in Strasbourg will also have access to renowned companies and professionals in different fields. They'll be able to expand their network of contacts.

Easy access to a flexible reservation in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is located at the heart of Europe, within easy reach of major cities such as Paris, Lyon, Zurich, Frankfurt... This proximity facilitates exchanges and business travel. From Paris, the Alsace capital can be reached directly by TGV in 1 hour 50 minutes. Strasbourg station, just a stone's throw from the city center, is one of the most important in eastern France. It is served not only by a direct TGV line from Paris, but also by numerous corail and TER trains. This means that participants from the Grand Est region have easy access to any training facility in Strasbourg.

There is also an international airport in Entzheim, to the west of Strasbourg. A shuttle bus takes you 5 times an hour in just 8 minutes to the train station in the city center.

Participants staying at a day rental in Strasbourg can easily get there from the city center. An ultra-modern streetcar network is at their disposal. Three streetcar lines, A, C and D, leave from the station and criss-cross the city. Two high-speed bus lines (BHNS) and two classic bus lines (2 and 10) also leave from the station.

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Discover Strasbourg during a training course

Famous for its unique culture, medieval architecture, picturesque canals and gastronomic delights, Alsace's capital is a "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" (City of Art and History). Offer your participants some sightseeing and culinary escapades they'll remember for a long time to come.

Succumb to Strasbourg's charm during a training course

Strasbourg is also a city rich in culture and tourist attractions. It's a great way to combine the pleasant with the useful, and to round off a day's training. In this respect, a visit to the picturesque Petite-France district, a promise of a journey back in time, is a must. After the course, a stroll through the 16th-century half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and canals is a must. It's the perfect place to relax, take photos and immerse yourself in the city's past. A trip on a bateau-mouche through the canals will give you a whole new perspective on the city.

Lovers of fine architecture will also appreciate admiring Strasbourg's famous cathedral. Climb to the top of the tower of this Gothic architectural gem and admire a breathtaking panorama. Other sites are also well worth a visit. Such is the case of the Palais Rohan, an 18th-century edifice housing 3 fascinating museums. Your participants will certainly be delighted by a visit to the European Parliament, which helps them better understand the history of the European Union.

A day trip to Strasbourg can also include an exploration of the Wine Route. In this case, plan an overnight stay and take advantage of the wide range of quality local hotels. This unforgettable excursion for wine lovers takes in vineyards and villages of indefinable charm.

Finally, a visit to a Strasbourg training center in December means a stopover at the Christmas markets. In a festive atmosphere, your colleagues will stroll among mini-chalets brimming with artisanal products, and feast on delicious gourmet specialities on the spot.

A taste of Alsatian gastronomy

To come to Strasbourg for training and not discover the culinary art of Alsace is almost unimaginable! Alsatian cuisine is made up of hearty dishes, the most famous of which is sauerkraut. Rich in flavors and traditions, the Alsace region reveals itself through other equally famous specialties. These include tarte flambée and quiche lorraine, very popular in Alsace, all washed down with famous Alsatian wines. Strasbourg boasts a wide choice of restaurants serving delicious local dishes. These convivial places, with their emphasis on local dishes and traditional recipes, will appeal to the most discerning gourmet. They add a touch of conviviality to a business meeting that all participants appreciate.

Rent a unique space in Strasbourg

Your flexible booking in Strasbourg in just a few clicks

There's nothing better than an authentic space in Strasbourg to organize a training session. By choosing an atypical and humanized space on OfficeRiders, you'll pleasantly surprise your colleagues and ensure the success of your event. As a workspace rental specialist, OfficeRiders offers you a selection of flexible reservations in Strasbourg tailored exactly to your needs.

The number of participants for your training event will guide your choice. At OfficeRiders you'll find a rich and varied selection of unique workspaces in Strasbourg. All are provided by our partner hosts. Do you prefer an intimate training room in Strasbourg, or would you prefer a large room to accommodate more than 30 people? A modern, spacious apartment, a cosy house or a lovely veranda are ideal for small-scale training. Would you like to rent an atypical, humanized space off the beaten track? How about a workspace in a farmhouse? A charming house with beamed ceilings and a swimming pool would also be the perfect place to work.

Don't hesitate to ask our teams to help you with your inquiry. Our professionals will guide you in the choice of an authentic space in Strasbourg to suit your needs. Our experience helps us to quickly define the atmosphere you want for your training. As a result, we can suggest the right venue for you.

Our personalized support to organize your training in Strasbourg

Once you've selected and booked your authentic space in Strasbourg, you need to think about everything you'll need for your event. Organizing a training event requires a sufficient number of seats, but that's not all. The trainer will certainly be making use of materials such as writing supports, video equipment, projectors and so on. Indeed, more and more training courses rely on visual aids to aid memorization. For this reason, OfficeRiders is always ready to listen to your needs. At the same time, we can take care of your employees' snacks and lunch breaks. Thanks to our extensive network of catering partners, we can suggest a local professional who will be delighted to treat your participants.

Finding a training room in Strasbourg has never been easier. Located at the gateway to Germany, this city in the Grand Est region of France boasts a number of assets. To ensure the complete success of your event, don't hesitate to call on OfficeRiders for professional support. Functional, comfortable, atypical and fully-equipped spaces await you in Strasbourg, as in all the major cities of France.