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Authentic 18th/19th century manor house with contemporary renovation. Comfortable, harmonious volumes, countryside, absolute calm. A place to live and create, to meditate, alone or in a group. Artists from a variety of backgrounds, yoga groups, musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, photographers and sound designers seeking inspiration and rest. Workshops for eco-responsible companies, coworkers, students - in large studios, or small spaces to isolate or regroup.

Built in the 17th century, altered in the 18th and modified in the 19th, this 17th-century manor house is a harmonious blend of several eras. Large volumes, staircases and landings, large rooms, small study rooms and a succession of 5 large south-facing reception rooms, offer numerous perspectives. The house was home to an orphanage in the early 20th century, run by nuns who left their mark. It's a very photogenic house, with an abundance of natural light thanks to the many large windows. One part of the house has been preserved in its original state, with weathered walls and woodwork, while another has been restored to its former glory, sometimes with more contemporary color schemes. The "hébergeages" (the name given to large 19th-century farm buildings in the Haute Marne region) are currently being refurbished into large studios: 100 square meters on the ground floor, opening onto the fields; 200 square meters with 10-meter ceilings and a revolving mezzanine; an 80-square-meter studio with a second floor, oven, small spaces... Ideal for film shoots, set construction or in-state use. A kitchen is available for meal preparation. 12 bedrooms and two dormitories provide comfortable accommodation for work crews. The exterior features a courtyard, vegetable garden, orchard, pond, lush vegetation and beautiful trees.

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