Eco-construction au coeur d'un projet collectif

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The space

Every third place is unique. This is how one might describe Baraka:

A place for invention and cooperation around transition: coworking space, conferences, citizen cafes, urban agriculture learning space (garden squares), read-alouds, book swaps, talk groups, listening groups, etc. Baraka is by principle open to ideas, contributions and cross-fertilization.

A cooperative enterprise. Strategic decisions are made collectively on the principle of one man one vote, and a minimum of 60% of any profits are reinvested in the company.

A homemade restaurant, 100% organic and local.

Objective reached at the beginning of 2021, we propose a kitchen 100%...

A seminar room, a space to rent for companies with the possibility of restoration and short animations around the transition.

An exemplary building: structure, floor-ceilings and walls made of wood, mostly of local origin, natural insulation materials (straw from the Pas-de-Calais and cellulose wadding), natural coatings (sand, earth, lime), green roofing, greening of the facade, petrochemical-free paints and floors. Thanks to its insulation and its heat recovery system in the ambient air, its heating needs are very reduced. The heating is mainly solar calories and yours.

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Loft calme et lumineux avec babyfootMaison de maître du 19ème siècleMaison pleine de cachetGrand séjour loft sur grand patio.Loft la gareCafé atypiqueMonastère des ClarissesGrand séjour loft vitré plain sud sur grand patio.