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The city of Nantes is becoming an increasingly popular location for film-makers. In addition to its dynamism and ideal location near the ocean, it boasts a wealth of architectural treasures. Focus on the advantages of finding a location in Nantes.

Filming locations in Nantes: a host of opportunities

Amazing architectural diversity

Some film shoots require specific atmospheres: urban, historical, religious... For many projects, these different atmospheres even need to be brought together in a single project. The appeal of a city like Nantes lies in its diversity. With its rich architectural heritage, it's easy to find suitable locations for the camera. For a historical drama, the surroundings of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne will do wonders. For a complete immersion in other times, head for the medieval Bouffay district, near the cathedral. This religious monument, like the Basilica of Saint-Nicolas and the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port, is highly cinematic. The industrial heritage of Nantes is not to be outdone, and provides a number of highly atmospheric settings. Among these is the splendid Manufacture des Tabacs. And to create a cooler, more urban atmosphere, head for the business districts. You're sure to find the right location in Nantes!

Make the most of the Nantes area for your film shoots

Nantes offers a wide range of shooting locations, and this palette is further enriched by the possibilities offered by the surrounding area. For a creative project or documentary requiring a forest environment, why not head for the Gâvre forest, just a stone's throw from the city? The Brière marshes are an excellent alternative for capturing a peaceful yet surprising climate. Of course, the banks of the Loire are a magnificent backdrop for photos. The unmissable Guérande salt marshes bring poetry and serenity to film. The romance and charm of the island of Noirmoutier, meanwhile, has long convinced many videographers. And to create the perfect harbor atmosphere, the famous Saint-Nazaire shipyards make all the difference. Choosing a location in Nantes maximizes the possibilities, both inside and outside the city.

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Find atypical spaces in Nantes for your shoot

Atypical indoor spaces in Nantes

Nantes abounds in superb outdoor spaces for shooting, but also in sumptuous interiors. Particularly when it comes to finding that rare pearl: a special, well-located and functional space. In this respect, the city has no shortage of resources. If you're looking for a bright, acidic, ultra-modern shooting location, an open-plan pop art space will certainly do the trick. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a cold, cramped location to shoot a scene. In this case, a room with an "industrial" feel will do the trick. There's nothing like an apartment with a panoramic terrace for unobstructed views of the city of Nantes. And to combine practicality and aesthetics? A sober, chic apartment with surprising colors, just a stone's throw from the train station, is just what you're looking for. Among the many atypical spaces in Nantes, you should find what you're looking for.

Authentic, humanized spaces

The authenticity of a location lends a great deal of warmth to a shoot and to the results on screen. Whether it's to achieve a natural, friendly look in the image... or to put people at ease in a documentary. The city of Nantes is no slouch when it comes to authentic, humanized locations. To give a solemn tone to a scene, you'll undoubtedly be seduced by a space within a desecrated chapel. If the aim is to create a family atmosphere within a beautiful space, opt for a pretty house with a tropical garden. In the same natural, everyday spirit, a beautiful town house offers every advantage. Need a colorful place? Consider the possibilities offered by a home with fancy colors. And if you want to combine authentic interiors with the city's historic charm, look no further than a chic architect-designed apartment. Your next film location in Nantes is just around the corner!

Enjoy flexible booking for your next film location in Nantes

Daily rentals in Nantes: for short shoots

It can be interesting for a film crew to take advantage of a daily rental in Nantes. Once your unique space in Nantes has been determined, the question of time arises. For the shooting of a short scene in particular, there's no need to reserve a location for weeks on end. There are many advantages to renting by the day. Financial savings, time optimization... Often, shoots that get bogged down and cost more and more money are the result of poor organization. By renting by the day, you can calibrate your requirements and optimize tasks to meet deadlines. A winning formula, especially for short formats. Typically, the shooting of a video clip or an interview can be completed within the day. And when unforeseen circumstances arise, a one-day rental in Nantes always offers the possibility of extending the reservation, barring unavailability.

Flexible reservations in Nantes for all types of shoots

In contrast to short formats or scenes that can be shot quickly, some shoots are more time-consuming. It's not always easy to determine a precise shooting time based on the complexity of the scene. And of course, technical problems (equipment breakdowns...), human problems (sick actors...) or logistical problems are legion on a set. Sometimes, the finalization of a scene is simply hampered by the weather. In this case, shooting is delayed until the right natural light is available. These and many other concerns justify the need for flexible reservations. When you choose a unique location in Nantes, you need to be sure that you'll be able to complete your shoot whatever happens. That's the whole point of a flexible booking in Nantes: to benefit from a permissiveness that will guarantee a finalized and successful shoot.

Practical advantages of a film location in Nantes

Unique spaces in Nantes: an ideal location

When filming in the city, two things are essential. You need to be able to bring the crew in easily, and you need to be able to get around the city easily. Nantes offers both. Access to the City of the Dukes of Brittany from the capital takes less than two hours by TGV. By plane, this time is reduced to one hour. Once you're here, the city's extensive transport network makes getting around easier. Numerous bus routes and tramway lines make it easy to get around anywhere in Nantes. River shuttles complete the infrastructure. The city's public transport system is one of the best in France. They bear witness to the dynamism of a city that is increasingly welcoming to professionals of all kinds, including the audiovisual world. It's worth noting that the city center is not ideal by car if you're coming from out of town. However, a large number of cabs are available.

Discover Nantes' social life

For relaxing with the whole crew, during or after filming, the city of Nantes has plenty to offer. In the city's brasseries and restaurants, you'll be spoilt for choice. Challans duck, Nantes bacon, Nantes cake for gourmets, Nantes curé for cheese lovers... For evening entertainment after an intense day of filming, a show at the Théâtre Graslin or a concert at the Auditorium are well worth the detour. On a more contemplative note, the Musée d'Arts, the Musée Jules Verne and the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle will satisfy the most curious. As for bars, there's no shortage of opportunities to meet up over a glass of Muscadet. And for those who appreciate a little solitude after work, the city's many libraries and media libraries are on hand. All this social and cultural hustle and bustle revolves around Nantes' heritage pillars: the cathedral, the château and the Passage Pommeray.

Incomparable urban dynamism, cultural richness, practical infrastructure and flexible rentals are Nantes' assets for a video project. An authentic, humanized space in Nantes guarantees unique atmospheres for your shoots and welcome practical flexibility.