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Need to organize a film shoot or photo shoot in Marseille? Office Rider has a range of original, elegant and natural properties that can be used as shooting locations, whether unusual or classic, depending on your requirements and the ambience you're looking for. You'll have no trouble finding a unique space in Marseille!

Marseille, an ideal shooting location

A city suited to all types of filming and photo shoots

Marseille is a city known for its dynamism and cultural richness. That's why it attracts so many film and TV professionals looking for unique and atypical locations for their projects. Whether you're a major film production company, a small independent production company or a photographer, finding and booking a shooting location in Marseille can only be a good idea.

Why choose Marseille for your shoot?

Its natural beauty

Situated between sea and mountains, Marseille is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean coast. This superb city, emblematic of the South of France, offers picturesque landscapes and magnificent sea views. The city itself boasts almost 700 hectares of parks and gardens, providing the ideal graphic backdrop for your photos. Around the city of Marseille, the calanques are an incredible shooting location of breathtaking beauty.

Its pleasant climate

Going into production in Marseille means benefiting from the mild Mediterranean climate. In summer, it's hot, dry and the blue sky stretches as far as the eye can see. In winter, wherever you're shooting in Marseille, it's mild enough to shoot outdoors. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the city has ideal weather, pleasant for you and your crews. But it's also perfect for shooting on location all year round, in natural light.

History and cultural heritage

Marseille is one of France's oldest cities, with a rich and diverse history dating back several millennia. The city abounds not only in historic monuments, but also in museums, art galleries and other cultural attractions that can inspire or enrich your scenarios. Don't hesitate to visit the Old Port, La Canebière, Notre-Dame de la Garde (the "good mother"), Corniche Kennedy or the MuCEM.

Its cosmopolitan feel

As one of France's largest cities, Marseille boasts a varied and cosmopolitan population. As such, it boasts great cultural diversity, which can be seen in contrasting ways in different neighborhoods. Take a stroll through the city's streets to soak up its unique atmosphere and bring a different perspective to your shots. Divided into arrondissements, Marseille has no fewer than 111 neighborhoods! Emblematic of Marseilles life, Le Panier, for example, is a perfect example of Provencal culture.

Getting around and staying in Marseille is easy!

Marseille is easily accessible from the rest of France and abroad. What's more, it offers a wide range of local travel options, which is a real plus. The city has excellent transport links, with several stations, including Marseille-Saint-Charles and Marseille-Blancarde, offering regional, national and international connections. It is also accessible by road, thanks to several main and secondary freeways. Locally, you can use the metro, tramway, bus network, cab or even rent a bike. Marseille also offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all types of traveler, including luxury hotels, accommodation equipped for telecommuting, budget hotels, and apartment and villa rentals. Resolutely open to the rest of the world, Marseille is a welcoming city offering a full range of services and accommodation solutions for its visitors.

Filming location: find unique spaces in Marseille

Rich in diversity and culture, Marseille offers a multitude of options for filming locations. Whether you're looking for an urban setting, a sea view, or a natural environment, there are many possibilities to suit your needs. By exploring Marseille's neighborhoods, you can find unique and atypical spaces for your shoot. The city's historic streets, such as the Vieux-Port and the Panier district, are popular locations for film shoots because of their singular architecture and charm. Another famous location for shooting in Marseille is the Joliette district, which has undergone major transformations in recent years. Today, La Joliette is a dynamic, modern district, with restored historic buildings and redeveloped public spaces. The warehouses of the port of Marseille are also interesting shooting locations for productions looking for industrial and urban spaces.

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A unique space in Marseille: film near the city's landmarks

Our day rentals in Marseille are ideally located. Many are close to the sites that have shaped its beauty for decades, if not centuries. Fort Saint-Nicolas, right in the heart of the city, is a prime location for a shoot in Marseille. It offers a majestic, historic setting that has already served as a backdrop for a number of productions.

The Vieux-Port, the emblematic setting of Pagnol's trilogy, is also a charming location for a shoot in Marseille. Its picturesque, authentic setting is ideal for events linked to the nautical world or the sea. OfficeRiders offers a range of flexible reservation properties in Marseille, right in the heart of these neighborhoods, for your indoor film shoots.

Find an unusual film location in Marseille: rent original spaces!

If you're looking for an unusual location for a film shoot, consider our daily rentals in Marseille! The OfficeRiders catalog is packed with unique spaces available for flexible rental for one or more days: ideal for film, series or commercial shoots, or photo shoots. From a restaurant in the Joliette district to an art gallery in an apartment, from a former printing works in Marseille to a superb sailboat, the choice is yours!

Daily rentals in Marseille are an attractive option for productions needing a unique space for a short shoot. More modular than traditional rentals, they offer flexibility in terms of schedule, budget and availability.

Production in Marseille: why book a location with a pro?

Both large film production companies and small independent productions have specific needs when it comes to filming locations. To meet these needs perfectly, it's a good idea to call on professionals in the field of location rentals for events of exceptional scope. To find and book filming locations to suit your needs and vision, please consult the properties available in our catalog.

On our website, you can use search filters to pinpoint the location that perfectly meets your expectations. Set the location, in this case Marseille, determine your maximum budget per day, choose a type of property, and all that's left to do is launch the search! And if you'd like to shoot in a specific area of Marseille, you can also view the various properties available directly on a map of the city.

Once you've found a location in Marseille that meets all the criteria that are important to you, you can book it online on the dates that suit you best. Our platform is ideal for finding a flexible booking in Marseille, holding it and managing it with ease.

In short, the city of Marseille and the surrounding area are ideal for unique photo opportunities. With its mild, sunny climate, Marseille's many shooting locations are sure to meet your expectations. And for indoor, rooftop or terrace shoots, think of the many properties available for booking at OfficeRiders!