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As the first collaborative marketplace, OfficeRiders has to offer innovative spaces for all types of activities. In its constant search for versatility, the Airbnb of workspaces is now launching into the rental of atypical spaces for professional events. Thousands of hosts now open their doors to companies for receptions, seminars, and other showrooms. Lofts, workshops, glass roofs, architect's houses, a wide range of diverse and varied spaces* are reinvented to host your corporate events. Will you let yourself be tempted by the OfficeRiders experience?

Organizing your corporate event

When organizing a corporate event, no matter how big or small, it is crucial to identify the necessary elements to make it happen. These elements depend on three major variables: the type of event, the number of participants, and the desired activities. With this in mind, making a list of your needs in terms of size and equipment should help you identify the elements that are essential to the success of your event. However, the term "corporate event" can mean anything and everything; it is a broad term and includes many possibilities. To clarify this denomination, let's linger on the different types of events.

A Workshop is a workshop organized by a company on a particular theme. A workshop's objectives are often to evaluate the progress of a project and decide on new objectives by gathering a certain number of people around an idea, a concept, or a problem. A Showroom is, by definition, a place of exhibition. It is intended to showcase a brand's products with a view to their presentation or sale. The presentation places have, in most cases, an aesthetic arrangement to emphasize the products of the manufacturer as well as possible. There are also events called brand launch or product launch; these events correspond to the launch of a product or a brand by a company to market it. This gathering brings together several actors, obviously the company, but also the media and potential customers. Some companies organize from time to time company cocktail parties; this consists of inviting a certain number of employees around a cocktail in a welcoming place. This type of event can have many variations and the possibility of adding catering or adding activities, speeches or other... The types of events presented above are only a few of the infinite possibilities for the organization of your corporate events (afterworks, press release, press conference, corporate dinner, etc.)

Equipos y servicios para profesionales

Hot drinks
Projection et support / TV

Rent a space with OfficeRiders

Thanks to OfficeRiders, find in a few clicks the ideal place for your corporate event. Thousands of atypical and singular places available for rent by numerous hosts. Have your event hosted by a local and benefit from the quality of service offered by OfficeRiders.

Go to the OfficeRiders.com website, indicate the geographical area you wish to hold your event and choose the "Event" type. Click on "View Spaces." A selection of spaces will then be presented to you via two tools: a map and a list. The map shows a brief overview of the venue's location and rental price, while the list shows pictures and more detailed information about the venue. Clicking on the map will directly refer to the list item corresponding to that location and rental price. If you want to know more information about the space, click on it, a detailed sheet will open. This sheet gathers a large amount of data allowing you to know more about the place to guide you in your selection. You will find various data: the *availability of the space: a calendar indicating the dates when the space is available to welcome you its *price per day: the cost of the rental for one day reviews* of past riders: notes and feedback from companies that have already rented the space the *capacity: the maximum number of people space can accommodate a light *description of the venue: description of the host giving you an additional point of view on the venue Facilities and services*: list of facilities and services available in the space (wi-fi, coffee machine, overhead projector...) The *Internal rules : a set of rules defined for the good progress of the ride The *caution. The *cancellation policy.

To reserve the space, enter in contact directly via the site with the host; you will access an instant messaging interface, which will allow you to discuss with the host, download your quotes and invoices or proceed to payment.

Add a caterer or a cocktail to your event

It is not uncommon to organize a corporate event that you have to provide lunch, a cocktail, or a catering day for your works council. These arrangements are often very expensive and it is sometimes necessary to solicit 4 or 5 actors simultaneously to obtain what you want. To simplify this process, we have created a platform to simplify and optimize the costs and actors of the catering of your event.

Through a long list of partners, your benefit from a wide variety of catering solutions for your event. Indicate your needs on the OfficeRiders web platform between 9 different categories. Our algorithm will process your request and offer you an optimized solution for your event; you can, however, modify the offer or change the partner if this solution does not suit you and thus access our broad range of catering partners. Once the request is made, you can readjust your request at any time, add or remove meals as you see fit. In case of both parties' validation (you and our partner), a personalized estimate will be edited and can be paid directly on the site.

Animate your corporate event

Once you have an ideal location for your event, we put the elements to animate it. The desired animations vary and depend on the audience as well as the type of event. Indeed, for a showroom, for example, you only need presentation elements and possibly spotlights, while for a workshop, you will probably need one or more activities to stimulate your creativity. Allow yourself to make your event memorable thanks to a collection of activities tested and approved by dozens of professionals.

OfficeRiders offers "extras" in addition to your space rental, from equipment to activities. Enjoy a yoga session, invite a chef for a cooking class, organize a painting class, and many other options available on the platform to animate your corporate event. To do so, nothing could be simpler; once you have selected your space, add an extra and choose the "Activities" section, which will give you access to a range of services available at the date and place of your reservation, the costs, and description of activities are also described. Make your request, and the provider will answer you as soon as possible.