Trust & safety

Rent and relax

Trust is key.
Verified profiles
Riders and hosts verify their identities by confirming their personal information and linking their social media accounts.
Qualified guests.
Learn more about your riders or hosts via detailed profiles, consolidated information, and reviews.
Messaging system
Use the instant messaging system to learn more about hosts and riders!

Zero risk.

A fully secure experience.

Secure payment.
Customers pay via the secure OfficeRiders platform when they book space. Hosts receive their payment through OfficeRiders 72 hours after the client checks in.
Nothing to be afraid of

In addition to the deposit, the amount of which is set by the host, the OfficeRiders Host Guarantee provides hosts with total protection in the rare event that the rider causes any damage to the insured property.

Assurance Allianz
Clear rules
Hosts get to set their own cancellation policies and set their own internal rules, which they can amend depending on the intended usage.
We are there to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Discuss with our friendly team whenever you need them. They won't bite and they're there for you at all times!