Abbaye millénaire rénovée

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The space

  • Presentation of the place : A thousand-year-old heritage site entirely rehabilitated, full of history and mystery, with a paved courtyard overhung by passageways and a frescoed room.

  • History of the place : The abbey of Annecy-le-Vieux belonged to the clergy. Date and context of construction of the place unknown. The site is at least of the year 800 attests Mr Pierre PACCARD, former owner. The whole was much older but by how much? This remains a mystery that envelops both the place and its history. On the departmental archives the oldest date we can find is 1,020 but we know that the place is in fact even older. The Paccard Bells used to cast their bells here in the present restaurant to sell them all over the world : United States, Japan,... and it is precisely for the needs of its international expansion that the PACCARD family bought this place in 1850, as it met the needs of its industry in terms of capacity. The abbey has in a much more recent period become a 4 star hotel operating in tandem with a restaurant (front part of the abbey), a large project frequented by great figures of art such as Sergio Leone or Ray Charles. The REAL family, who bought the place in 2011 and restored it over a period of two years, plans to turn it into a world-class art centre, in continuity with the history of the place. The history of the site is therefore strangely more known for its future than for its past.

  • Price information for production: The rentable area is 3,260m2. The production price is subject to a surcharge depending on the project.

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