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Start-up style - garage !


Yes we are first ! :D
( Soon photos ! )
We are a french couple, proposing in summer our Garage we rearranged with whiteboards and tools. We use to host people via AirBnb so we know the sharing "philosophy" :)

We propose our Garage for startupers, ideally in IoT businesses because we can offer tools to work. We have a table we can mount on demand with 4 seats. I, as startuper, work sometimes on my desk too just close to the garage.
I also have 1 or 2 computers I can share for SOS needs (they are not warmachines :) ).
The garage is clean, with ground paint and electricity + a window and a garage door we can keep open on sunny/hot days.
In summer, our terrace and garden are opened + outdoor electricity and Wifi. Coffee and Tea at will. And sometimes, we can propose a bbq party if the weather is good. Theres a fridge dedicated to cold drinks.

Our home at 15-20 minutes by feet to Annecy lake. Ideal for lunch break. The place is quiet and peaceful.
This is not a luxury space but it gives good and simple commodities for travelling people.
Ideal for mixing vacations/jobs :)

We don't advise the place in winter because of cold temperature.