Our history

It started in San Francisco in the summer of 2013. Florian, Thomas, and Jean-Philippe were roommates in a downtown apartment.
These three young entrepreneurs spent several weeks living and working together.

At that point, their reality hit home: so many spaces in private spaces were either empty or underused, while a growing number of increasingly mobile professionals could put them to good use.
The three friends therefore decided to step up to the plate: put an end to wasted space in privately owned properties, while allowing professionals to use them, benefiting EVERYBODY.
That was the start of the OfficeRiders adventure.

Recognising two related trends:
1- Spiralling prices for commercial real estate in urban centres;
2- The end of "business as usual" with professionals who were adopting a more flexible, more mobile, and friendlier working style.

OR's response took a firmly collaborative approach:
They would invite private individuals to bring their abandoned space back to life, at least some of the time, by renting them out to 21st century professional workers.
This innovative alternative would allow the increasing numbers of mobile workers to draw on a vast pool of unique, flexible and affordable spaces, where everyone can find the ideal place to work.

Join OfficeRiders and become part of our growing community, which optimises the way we use the space we have to live and work better together!