Help & Frequently Asked Questions

What is OfficeRiders?

OfficeRiders is an online platform that allows professionals to rent underused space from private individuals. We put companies and professionals, who are looking for a place to work, in contact with any person who has space that is underused at least some of the time.

Which towns, cities and countries are covered?

How do I use OfficeRiders, in just a few words?

Is it possible to spend the night?

Which time slots are available for bookings?

How do I access the space I've booked?

Is it possible to make a booking for regular use?

When will I be charged for the booking?

How much commission does OfficeRiders take?

What should I do if there is a problem on the day of my booking?

What are OfficeRiders service fees?

What types of space can be found on the site?

Do you have to make a long-term commitment?

Is it possible to use bedrooms in the property?

What are my rights as a rider?

Can I negotiate on the price?

Will other riders be present too?

What happens with payment?

Is it possible to cancel a booking?

Where can I find details of location/space I've booked?

Is it possible to leave comments about the booking?

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