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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

What is OfficeRiders?

OfficeRiders is an online platform that allows professionals to rent under-used space from private individuals. We put companies and professionals, who are looking for a place to work, in contact with any person who has space that is underused at least some of the time.

Which towns, cities and countries are covered?

How do I use OfficeRiders, in just a few words?

Who are the riders?

How do I manage the riders' arrivals and departures?

Can I set up a rate that decreases over time?

How do I set the rate for my space?

Is my home insurance enough, or are there any extra warranties?

What types of space can be found on the site?

Do you have to make a long-term commitment?

What are my rights and obligations as a host?

What will the clients be doing at my property?

What should I do if my space is unavailable on some days or at certain times of day?

Is the platform secure?

How do I specify the equipment and extras that I offer?

What are the best practices to follow for a successful rental?

We're there to support you 24/7.Get in touch with our friendly team as soon as you need them. They don't bite and they're there for you at any time!