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In recent years, with the liberation of codes and access to certain areas of the working world, there has been an emergence in creating brands in the fashion world. The arrival of digital can explain this and the (less expensive) possibilities to make one's brand known to the greatest number of people on the Internet. However, the Internet is not everything, and it is clear that customers still need to see and touch your products to be convinced. It is in this perspective that we observe the democratization of showrooms these last years. Whatever their size or origin, it is common to attend a brand's exhibition in a sustained and pleasant setting. These events are often an opportunity for the brand to frame its products in a particular environment to highlight its products to the maximum. Visitors come to see the different pieces to get an idea of the brand or even do some shopping.

As the first collaborative marketplace, OfficeRiders offers these brands the opportunity to find an atypical and inspiring showroom space that will integrate and enhance your collection for a few days. Hundreds of individuals present their spaces on the platform to host your activities. Find a place, contact the host, transform this space to your brand's image, seduce your customers during your reception in a unique and warm place. In a word: let yourself be tempted by the OfficeRiders experience!

Find a place for your exhibition

When you want to organize a showroom or a brand or model exhibition, the search for a location in adequacy with the universe of the products and the event's scale is often perilous. Indeed, it is not a simple mission to project yourself in a place, often to be entirely modulated according to your wishes, to estimate if it will suit you. This mission requires a lot of visits and therefore time.

Several variables must be taken into account when looking for this kind of place. First of all, the desired volume is the first constant of your research; it is this one that will allow you to make a consequent selection and refine your research. This may be related to the number of rooms you wish to present, the number of people to receive simultaneously, the desired presentation, etc. Next, you need to think about location of the venue or exile an ideal area in which you would like your showroom to take place. This factor will give you an idea of the feasibility and especially the cost of renting a showroom for your showroom. This is only an example, and you will only be at the beginning, but it will allow you to place your pieces to modify the different factors of your event eventually.

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The last factor not to be neglected is the period during which you wish to hold your ceremony. As you know, the world of fashion is punctuated by unmissable events, each more prestigious than the last. If we take Paris's example, the months of September, October, January, and June represent the seasons of the Fashion Week in the French capital. It will be tough and much more expensive to get a showroom space for your showroom during this period. The premises' owners are extremely solicited, and the bids climb to get the most prestigious or best-placed places. It is also important to find out about the possibilities of delivery, decoration, and layout of the spaces you are interested in, but this information is secondary.

By synthesizing all of these factors, you will be able to estimate the cost and feasibility of your event directly and contact the venues that meet these criteria. Moreover, this first step will allow you to search on platforms other than the one specialized in the event industry, often proposing a very closed range of venues.

Rent the perfect place for your showroom with OfficeRiders

One of the gold mines for your search is the OfficeRiders interface; this collaborative marketplace makes the locations of thousands of hosts available to professionals. From this practice have emerged four specializations: meeting, event, production and coworking. Your search is in the area of event management, which includes the largest spaces for high-end and prestigious activities.

With the help of a few simple and intuitive steps, reserve the space that will ideally frame your exhibition and showcase your collection.

  • Join the interface (
  • In the upper section, indicate the location of your choice and select the "Event" section.
  • Then press the "View Spaces" button.
  • An interactive map will appear, showing an anthology centered on the desired area. The places corresponding to your criteria are not all indicated for the sake of readability. Stroll on the map or refine your search with criteria in the upper part of the screen. This map is associated with the descriptive list of places displayed on the map.
  • Filter your search. Thanks to many variables, refine your search for a venue according to the following criteria: cost/day, capacity, date, type of space, or the equipment included. You can also use the map to filter the venues according to their geographical location and thus obtain a selection according to the spaces' location. Only the spaces included on the map appear in the descriptive list
  • Select a place corresponding to your expectations
  • Access to a detailed sheet of the place, presenting it in more depth, the rules, etc. Observe if it corresponds to your specifications and if you do not observe any variable in disagreement with your showroom's good progress.
  • If the space suits you, select the desired reservation dates and click on the "reservation request" button. A request will then be sent to the host and will initiate a dialogue page with him. You can then exchange additional information about your request and proceed to one or more visits. He will then be able to validate or not your request.
  • In case of agreement, you will only have to pay your transaction directly on the web platform and go to the desired day

After that, all you have to do is proceed with the preparation of this great reception to make the event attractive and embellishing for your brand and your products. Of course, you can talk to the host to get more information about organizing your event.

If you would like more guidance in your search, you can call OfficeRiders to help you search. Using the number provided, get in touch with a team of professionals ready to help you. From 9 am to 6 pm, do not hesitate to contact them and they will be happy to help you in your search.