Renting a film location

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Through its collaborative marketplace, OfficeRiders revisits the production process. No more need for a studio or an over-equipped shooting location; opt instead for an atypical space that perfectly matches your scene's scenario. The location is often an essential element in making a film, a short film, or a photo shoot. That's why many hosts offer to host your productions in their atypical and singular places. There is something for everyone: a rooftop with a view of Paris for a photoshoot, a hangar or warehouse for the shooting of your video, or a three-story loft for your main scene. Be sure to find what you need by letting yourself be tempted by this new production experience.

A place corresponding to your expectations

When we look for a location for shooting or a photoshoot, we often have a precise idea in mind of the desired result. However, in the majority of the cases, whatever the place, the final result is different from the first idea fixed. This is because it is difficult to adapt all the elements (decor, model, weather, atmosphere, etc...) to our original idea, especially in the production environment. To make sure you get the rendering you want, you can make a list of the most important things in your scene: shot, type of architecture, lighting, the volume required, etc... Once this is done, it will be easier to discern which spaces are likely to perfect your shoot.

However, two particular types of production imply different working methods and a more or less consequent volume required: shooting and filming. The shooting is a session during which one or several models are photographed. It often follows a theme defined by the photographer, the model, or his agency. The objective of this session is to obtain high-quality shots for promotion. The shoot meets actors and a production team to make a film, a commercial, a short film, or a music video. The choice of locations for these two types of production varies enormously given the infinite diversity of the shootings and the desired ambiances.

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Your shooting in a house

On OfficeRiders, access in a few clicks to a large range of atypical places for your productions. Make the first opinion through the photos, contact the hosts, visit and project your scenes in the heart of unique places. Let yourself the opportunity to find a place corresponding to your ideal shooting place; the scheme is simple: their keys, your success.

Directly from the website, find a few steps to the location that will best frame your shooting. First of all, go to the homepage, indicate the city or the geographical area you wish to visit and specify that you wish to make a "production" there, then launch the search. You will then have access to a presentation interface of the locations with a list of locations with photos and some essential information (Name, price/day, capacity, volume, and the opinions of previous riders) and an interactive map showing the location of the different properties available for rent for a production. For most of them, the presentation photographs of the places have been taken by professional photographers and try to represent the layout and volume of the space as well as possible.

Also, you can access more information by opening the venue's file. These pages contain a lot of useful information, from the description to the equipment available on site. Once you have found a suitable place, contact the host and make a reservation request. The host will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your request.

An innovative and inexpensive solution

Beyond the great diversity of choices offered by this solution, it is also important to note a drastic difference in cost and organization compared to a "classic" shooting site. Indeed, for a similar volume, renting a shooting place at a private home will have a much lower cost than a place specialized for film shooting or photo shootings. We sometimes observe a division by 5 of the rental price for places of similar equipment and volume.

However, one must admit that the approach is not the same. Unlike a film studio or a specialized location, the space you book will be raw. You will have to shape it and bring the necessary equipment to transform this living space into a real shooting place. It is important to consider this to avoid being surprised once you arrive on location.

Shooting a film in a private home also has advantages beyond the economic interest. Indeed, the place in which the interpreters will evolve will not be a set but a place of life, and your scenes will seem more authentic. Moreover, the host will advise you on the different possibilities at the time of your arrival and initiate the installation of the space according to your needs.

Equip your shooting place

If you are shooting at a private location, it is important to take stock of the equipment you will need for your shoot before you arrive. It is important to think about the equipment that was available at the locations where you have already shot and that you might miss and make sure you get it on the shoot day.

If you want to add special equipment to your rental at the time of your shoot, OfficeRiders offers several options for outfitting your space. There are several types of equipment, ranging from simple office equipment (paperboard, video projector, etc.) to the addition of furniture for relaxation or entertainment (beanbag, arcade, etc.). Hosts can also rent out equipment or services they own at prices that are often more advantageous. All the "Services and Equipment" extras are available from the web interface. You will also find your quotes and invoices resulting from your additions. These are downloadable and adapt to the content of your cart.

Supply your teams

Whether it is a photoshoot or a shooting, a production can extend enormously over time and sometimes even over several days. With this in mind, you will probably need to call upon a catering professional or a caterer to supply your teams throughout the shoot.

OfficeRiders has its own florilège of catering partners. Via the web interface, indicate your needs and access many hand-picked meal options adapted to your request. Select an option that suits you. You can add or remove an extra meal at any time. As soon as you select an extra, you will be given a preview of the cost per person and the total price. All you have to do is confirm your extras if you are satisfied. The partner will be notified of your request and will validate if he can make the order.

Once both parties have accepted the order, all you have to do is indicate the desired delivery time and enjoy your production day.