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The choice of your meeting room: a strategic decision!

The organization of a work meeting deserves real anticipation: If it is well-orchestrated, it will meet your objectives (whether it is to take stock of a situation, develop a new solution, collect suggestions in "brainstorming" mode, etc.). On the other hand, if you don't think about all these details beforehand, this moment can quickly become a waste of time, be of no benefit to you and even penalize you. Here are a few essential tips for your next workgroup.

Renting a meeting room: what criteria should you take into account?

To allow everyone to meet in good conditions, you will most likely have to turn to a third party to rent a room. Indeed, whether you are organizing a promotional event or a simple work meeting, getting out of the company's premises allows you to create a more convivial atmosphere, encourage creativity, or simply enhance your image.

The budget

Don't underestimate the budget of your meeting, but rather take the time to think about all the expenses you will have to bear in the context of this gathering. For example, it is generally not enough to include the price of the room rental, you must also think about the other expenses: the price of the meals and drinks served during the coffee break or lunch, the options you subscribe to for more comfort (equipment rental, additional services, etc.), the payment of external speakers, possible gifts, etc.

At the same time, if you are planning to bring your teams together for a longer period of time, there may be meal expenses as well as hotel nights to finance. Do not forget any of these details to have a global vision of your project and its total cost.

Of course, you don't necessarily have to skimp on all the expenses, as you need to set up the minimum conditions of comfort so that the meeting remains both pleasant and productive for everyone. However, you can save money on certain items such as by-products, goodies, or stationery, to focus on the most decisive expenses, those that will have a real impact on the success of the event (material for the presentation, animations, comfort of the furniture, choice of an atypical place, etc.).

The type of meeting

Are you bringing together work colleagues as part of an internal event? Are you inviting collaborators, suppliers, clients, etc.? Is it to reflect on your organization's future and highlight new developments or present an innovation that has already begun? Depending on the nature of your event, you will obviously not approach it in the same way.

Nevertheless, whatever the purpose of your maneuver, you must give a nice image of your company. An internal meeting will generate a sense of pride and loyalty. For a gathering to which you are inviting others, the stakes are doubled because you still need to portray your brand or company in the best possible light.

Equipos y servicios para profesionales

Hot drinks
Projection et support / TV

The purpose of the event

When you set up an internal meeting to develop future products or services, you will need equipment such as a flip chart, video projector, computers, etc. Anything that facilitates group work and helps bring out ideas will make thinking easier.

In the context of a presentation meeting, you must anticipate how you will value the information/products or services you are praising. It is important to leave a positive impression on everyone present, as everyone should leave with a positive image of the topic being discussed. In short, when renting your meeting room, think carefully about why you are doing this. This will also allow you to have a clear idea of what you need in terms of equipment, so you don't forget anything.

Organization of the day

During your meeting, will the participants have to move around to take turns speaking? Will they have to split up into groups to work together? Do you plan to show a film or a long video? Are there times when all the participants will be able to share?

Depending on the day's schedule, you will have different needs, both in equipment and layout. For example, if everyone needs to interact, it may be useful to arrange the tables in a "U" shape. Conversely, you may need to move them around to form smaller groups if you want some people to think in smaller groups.

If there are break times and you want everyone to stay put at these times, you should, of course, buy food and drink for lunch, snacks, or even breakfast. For all organizers looking for a single point of contact to find the right room or plan entertainment and food, OfficeRiders is a partner of choice. A true collaborative solution designed to make better use of vacant spaces in the city and to vary meeting places in the corporate world, OfficeRiders assists everyone in choosing an atypical space to gather colleagues, suppliers or collaborators, while offering a wide range of services (equipment rental, caterers, etc.).

The number of participants

Finally, you must know precisely the number of participants when choosing your meeting room. Clearly, you should not underestimate the number of participants in order to save money, because you risk putting the guests in a very uncomfortable situation... And if they do not feel comfortable, they will receive a negative image of the organization, they will not appreciate the moment, they will not be able to understand the positive messages about a product or a service and could be less efficient. Of course, you should not fall into the other extreme, and position yourself on a space with tables that are much too big in order to avoid a "vacuum effect". On the other hand, nothing prevents you from renting a large room with just the right amount of chairs and tables, but other spaces with decoration, or even games (foosball, billiards) for break times. A more relaxed and fashionable way to prepare for professional gatherings!

The meeting room: these criteria that can change everything

Whether it's the geographical location, the standing of the room or the services offered by the owner or manager, discover all the criteria specific to the meeting room that you must take into consideration for your organization. A place that reflects the meeting itself, but also the brand! In concrete terms, your choice of meeting room should not clash with the meeting program. For example, if you are organizing a studious meeting, you can opt for a rather uncluttered environment, with an industrial style. This will both give you a good brand image and keep people focused. If you want to communicate about your new products, it is in your best interest to use original alternatives to give a positive image of your company. For example, furniture and "cosy" accessories will be a hit if you need a warm atmosphere. In a more general way, the furnishings must reflect your values as a brand. This is an opportunity to invite collaborators to unexpected places such as private spaces, apartments with a "jungle" atmosphere to clear up ideas, Parisian lofts or even terraces on the roofs of the capital!

A classic or atypical meeting room?

More and more establishments are choosing to organize their meetings in atypical spaces, for several reasons. It offers them the opportunity to reflect a younger and more dynamic image. Moreover, it is a good way to show that you care about your employees or partners, that you care about their well-being. For example, when you are surrounded by works of art in a workspace, green plants or large windows with a view on the city, you feel a bit "at home", and this allows you to be more creative. Even if nothing prevents you from sticking to the principle of the classic meeting room, think carefully about the atypical alternatives before you decide, because they can be beneficial to you on many levels. In order to help companies find original rentals for their meetings, OfficeRiders was created in 2013. This collaborative solution allows individuals to make their lofts and other apartments available to professionals for the duration of a meeting. In addition, OfficeRiders can also offer catering services, equipment rental and a wide range of services to facilitate the organization of the event (including entertainment).

Location and accessibility

To show that you care about your guests, invite them to a meeting in a place that is easy to access, close to the metro stops or even to the train stations, if you know that several people will arrive by train.

If your company has its offices in the suburbs, rent a room in the heart of the city, especially for meetings that last a certain amount of time: participants will appreciate being close to their hotel, or simply being able to easily find something to eat at the foot of the building.

Alternatively, you can request catering directly at the meeting venue. This will allow everyone to stay together, to create a bond, but also to work on your brand image. To do this, choose a quality caterer, and possibly bet on an original animation at lunch time.

A layout that reflects your objectives

Inside the meeting room, take the time to arrange all the tables and elements in a thoughtful way. Specifically, the layout must meet your needs, not only in terms of the tables' position for discussions. Ensure that everyone can leave the premises momentarily without disturbing the others (to go to the bathroom or to get a coffee discreetly), set up relaxation areas to facilitate informal discussions, create a bond, and don't forget to personalize the rooms by the style of the place.

Equipment and extras that enhance the experience!

Renting a meeting room is usually not enough: you'll need stationery kits that a service provider like OfficeRiders can provide, possibly a video projector or even a flip chart. But don't just think about these purely practical items: some details can change everything if you anticipate them correctly! For example, why not initiate more playful interventions in addition to the reflection time? They will relax the atmosphere and improve your image. With the help of OfficeRiders for the rental of your room, you can, for example, obtain surprising Parisian beers with the partnership of the BAPBAP brewery, delicious custom-made bagels with Bagel Corner, refined dishes with En Chemin (seasonal gastronomic caterer) or choose between numerous upscale or convivial animations, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create.