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Rent a workspace that suits you in Old Lille!

Are you looking for a friendly and professional place to gather your teams? All this, of course, within your budget. Head for Old Lille with OfficeRiders! Whether it's a conference, a training course, a business dinner or a lecture, this is where you'll find the room that suits your needs. In just a few clicks, you can make your day booking in Old Lille for a few hours or several days!

Trust our know-how to find the place that will bring out the most fertile ideas of your employees. Whether modern, arty, cosy, industrial or more traditional, each of our selected establishments is tastefully designed for a successful meeting. If you want to surprise your colleagues and clients, don't wait any longer to browse through the ads of our partner hosts. Compare their characteristics and save a lot of time: you will no longer be looking for the right contact in vain. So, choose your atypical space Vieux-Lille on officeriders!

An exceptional setting for your meeting in Vieux-Lille

With its cobbled streets and its friendly atmosphere, Vieux-Lille seduces at first sight. To appreciate the beauty of this 17th century architectural diversity, it is best to stroll around with your head in the air. During your meeting or tour of Vieux-Lille, take a stroll through the meandering cobbled streets! Admire the softly coloured facades, which highlight the abundance of decorations. This is certainly the best way to appreciate the character of a lively city, renowned for the smiles of its inhabitants. This old district in the north of the city has the advantage of being located in the heart of the city.

The day booking Vieux-Lille therefore allows you to have all the amenities at your disposal. You can visit notable buildings such as the Vieille Bourse, the Palais Rihour and the Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral. You will of course be subjugated by the Beauregard row, which sublimates the small square of the Theatre. Listed as a historical monument, this row of private houses evokes the spirit of Lille in all its splendour. Flemish by its chubby cherubs and its fruits in profusion. French with its conventional verticality. Robust by its famous balls embedded between the windows. Your teams will be amazed!

Focus on flexible rental in Old Lille with OfficeRiders

Since our creation, our digital platform has been distinguished by its innovative and carefully designed workspaces. But we also make sure we don't take ourselves too seriously: beautiful but cocooning, design without being pompous, professional and warm. OffiseRiders are mainly living spaces where you can offer your client a coffee while waiting for guests. Here, it is possible to invite him on the rooftop after the meeting. Above all, you can receive him in a meeting room Vieux-Lille that makes him want to stay longer.

Indeed, we have listed a wide variety of workplaces to help you find the one you need. Are you planning a large-scale conference? A professional space in a large townhouse will impress all participants. Need to train a small number of employees? A training room near the Lille Flandres train station will satisfy you. One thing is sure, the day booking Vieux-Lille is the best solution to enjoy the attractions of the capital of Hauts-de-France.

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A tailor-made meeting room in Old Lille

Depending on the image you want to give your company, we offer a wide range of professional spaces. Modular, modern and attractive, they come in all sizes and are arranged in various ways. If you are a freelancer, you can opt for coworking in a meeting room near Euralille. Are you planning a cocktail party for a product launch? To receive your clients and collaborators as they deserve, an artist's studio close to Lille Europe station will do the trick.

This atypical space in Vieux-Lille is specially designed to provide you with optimal comfort and make your events unforgettable. In order to meet your expectations, all the essential equipment is available: sheets, pens, whiteboard, wifi, numerous storage spaces... Specify how many chairs and tables you need. Why not a lounge and some poufs, if you don't have to type on your computer? Indicate the configuration that will be most conducive to discussions: round or rectangular table, U-shaped or amphitheatre layout, etc. For a warm welcome, drinks are also available!

Your turnkey workspace is easy to access

What is the purpose of a day booking in Vieux-Lille? To make a positive impact and create an atmosphere in which participants feel good. What better way to inspire and initiate discussions on non-professional topics? It is therefore essential to choose a space adapted to the stakes of the event and the profile of the clients. For a brainstorming session, a Haussmannian apartment with a roof terrace will be a source of creativity. For a touring in Old Lille, a loft in a former hosiery factory represents a unique and very qualitative setting.

In any case, betting on this entertaining district remains strategic. Close to the city centre, train stations and Lille-Lesquin airport, it is accessible by several means of transport. Bus, tramway, V'lille, your partners will be able to join you easily. Once there, there is no shortage of shops, restaurants and historical monuments. Take advantage of the lunch break to taste the specialities of the North. After a hard day's work, treat yourself to a sightseeing trip. From the unmissable Grand'Place to the emblematic Comtesse hospice, everything is a wonder. You will also plunge into the aquatic past of the city of Lille, by discovering some remains of 19th century canals. Surprising!

Organize your business activities efficiently

To improve the productivity of your employees, have you thought of bringing them together outside your offices? Rather than investing in premises in the four corners of France, think of the day booking Vieux-Lille. This way, you and your teams can meet in the capital of Flanders, while saving money. By using OfficeRiders, you also save precious time, since the procedures are done on the platform.

Phone calls to different service providers, multiple quotes to analyze,... all these constraints are now over. The specialist in the rental of flexible professional spaces invites you to mention your criteria. A list of spaces matching your requirements is instantly displayed on your screen. Once you've made your choice, you'll be put directly in touch with the host and will receive your quote without delay. In addition, you are protected from unpleasant last-minute surprises. All of our partner venues have been rigorously selected according to the quality of their services.

Enhance your brand image with an atypical space in Vieux-Lille!

The flexible location Vieux-Lille is the assurance to gather your teams in a place that matches your values in every way. So that the participants don't forget you in a hurry, a prestigious and unusual space will necessarily produce the desired effect. Set your sights on a bourgeois apartment overlooking the charming Place aux Oignons. As the area is pedestrianised, you will be able to give free rein to your creativity in a calm environment.

If your aim is to impress your guests, choose a meeting room Vieux-Lille with a view of the belfry of the chamber of commerce. Red brick-walled accommodation, vaulted ceilings, Jacuzzi, terrace: everything is designed to transform the working environment into a friendly and refined space. Thus, the participants will be in excellent conditions to listen to your speech. For your most formal company parties or simply a workshop, a tourage Vieux-Lille, OfficeRiders has aimed high! It's certain that your company's name will be on everyone's lips for a long time.