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Lille-Moulins, a cosmopolitan area

In Lille, as elsewhere, professionals tend to favour the city centre for holding a meeting. However, moving away from the city center can have many advantages. First of all, there is the fact of discovering original and unknown districts far from the tumult of the centers. In this register, a district of Lille stands out: Lille-Moulins. Located in the south of the capital of Flanders, this place amazes by its architectural treasures and its multiculturalism. Home to the University of Law, the district succeeds in mixing an intense university life with a marked popular character. A lively and vibrant atmosphere conducive to business events of all kinds. During a day booking in Lille Moulins, professionals will be able to take advantage of a place disconnected from the frenzy of the centre. And its off-center character should not be a deterrent: the area is very easily accessible.

Easy to move for a meeting in Lille-Moulins

Lille is one of the easiest French cities to reach. By train, sixty minutes are enough to get there from the center of Paris. For the professionals of the South, it is enough to join the capital, then Lille, from the North station. Then, from the Lille Flandres station, it's the metro that is essential. From the station, the Lille-Moulins district is reached in less than a quarter of an hour by the metro line 2. The option of a taxi or renting a car is still possible, but it is much slower. This is the double advantage of the district. As accessible as if it were in the centre, but with the tranquillity of the outlying areas. To be able to enjoy a place that is both easily accessible and peaceful is a rare commodity. It should also be noted that several bus lines serve the area. The travel time is significantly longer than that of the metro. However, this mode of transportation is still very much appreciated by those who like to discover a city while driving.

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Flexible rental in Lille-Moulins for your employees

Meetings, training, showrooms... So many events that punctuate professional life. For these moments to be memorable and unifying for professionals, the choice of a beautiful place is crucial. Colleagues generally give their best in a setting they like. For a flexible location in Lille-Moulins, there are many opportunities for visiting employees. Lille-Moulins is, of course, a popular district with very modern buildings. However, the other side of the place is the diversity and elegance of its old houses. Bourgeois residences, typical red houses, houses of executives of the old times... These buildings form the secret part of an unknown place. No doubt that colleagues will enjoy working in a colourful and well-designed meeting room ( And for optimal comfort, a beautiful modern apartment will satisfy everyone. An atypical space in Lille-Moulins can meet all the criteria that are important to you.

Where to find a film location in Lille-Moulins?

Shooting a film in large urban areas is not always convenient. In particular, it is the search for a location adapted to the desired atmosphere that can be problematic. In this respect, Lille-Moulins offers filmmakers a wide range of locations to capture on film. Such a district offers the advantage of having very urban spaces alongside others much more classic. The surroundings of the law faculty favour a very contemporary atmosphere. For a very realistic tone, the new and popular buildings offer a beautiful material. And for an "old-fashioned" style, you should look at the old residences of the Lille bourgeoisie. The streets of Valenciennes and Coulmiers will be of particular interest. In order to recreate a typical northern French climate, the rue de Lyon will be a great place to film in Lille-Moulins.

## Other advantages of a day reservation in Lille-Moulins

Lille-Moulins : the other face

Once your meeting or training session is over, you will be tempted to offer your employees a moment of relaxation. This recreational aspect counts a lot in the organization of a successful working day. There are two possibilities in this respect. On the one hand, you can take the metro and go and enjoy the old town with your colleagues. The journey takes no more than a quarter of an hour. On the other hand, it is possible to discover the richness of Lille-Moulins. This wealth is mainly due to a particularly active cultural life. There is an art gallery, various associations dedicated to culture, events dedicated to dance ... The students of the area also frequently organize activities there. A day booking in Lille-Moulins can be professionally fruitful and culturally attractive.

A bit of theatre in Lille-Moulins

In the last few decades, theatre has become a very popular activity for professionals. Whether as spectators, or actively in workshops, this artistic expression favours the creation of links. Many colleagues discover professional affinities and commonalities through this medium. This practice also greatly promotes self-confidence. In this field, Lille-Moulins is doing very well. An "international" theatre and three theatrical expression workshops form a unifying base. This is a great opportunity for you to create an artistic interlude between two work sessions. Think differently, get off the beaten track, avoid the obvious of attractive centres... This kind of mindset enhances creativity, strengthens relationships, and brings out the most original side of colleagues. In this sense also, the choice of Lille-Moulins for a pro session can be particularly relevant.