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A day reservation in Lille Wazemmes at the right price

Lille Wazemmes, a lively district

Lille, by its dynamism and its cultural vivacity, imposes itself as the capital of Flanders. In the heart of this amazing city, a district stands out: Lille Wazemmes. This cosmopolitan and popular place has had the wind in its sails for several years. Its diversity is rooted in the historical origins of this part of the city. Originally a working-class area, it has kept an openness and an authenticity from this heritage. Its central position in Lille has not failed to reinforce its attractiveness over the last twenty years. It is therefore not surprising that this heart of the city is now popular for professional meetings. A day booking in Lille Wazemmes is a great opportunity to gather your collaborators in a warm place. Moreover, thanks to its ideal location, this place will not pose any accessibility problem to your professional guests.

Meeting in Lille Wazemmes: an ideal location

The city of Lille, in spite of its geographical position very in the North, is easily accessible. One hour of TGV is enough from the capital to reach it. Paris being the center of the French transport interconnections, accessing Lille from anywhere is not a problem. Once you reach the train station, getting to Lille Wazemmes is very easy. Wazemmes is located in the center of the city, so all modes of transportation to get there are fast. By metro, by line 1 from the station, the journey takes no more than five minutes. By bus, the journey takes no more than twenty minutes. This also allows you to enjoy the architecture of Lille at your leisure. Numerous taxis can also provide the trip from Lille Flandres. And for those who like walking, it takes about half an hour to get to a day booking in Lille Wazemmes.

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Enjoy an atypical space in Lille Wazemmes

The pleasure of a flexible rental in Lille Wazemmes

For the organization of a meeting, a training session, or a showroom presentation, the choice of location is not insignificant. Nowadays, multi-sector collaborators are in demand of original and friendly spaces. Such qualities promote relaxation and a successful conditioning of the employees. Within the framework of a flexible rental in Lille Wazemmes, amazing places are open to booking. The age of the district, its working class origins, and the particularity of the typical red brick houses set the tone. Charm and warmth are the keywords of the bookable places in this part of the city. For a studious and uncluttered working atmosphere, in contrast with the area, one will opt for a modern loft ( In order to exacerbate the conviviality between professionals, why not choose a large, bright and cosy apartment? Finally, for work under the seal of confidentiality, an intimate vaulted meeting space will do the trick perfectly.

Find the perfect location for a film shoot in Lille Wazemmes

When it comes to film productions, finding a good location for filming is sometimes complicated. The city of Lille offers in this field a beautiful diversity of architectural styles and atmospheres. The district of Lille Wazemmes will be particularly suitable for shootings which action is set in the 19th century. The popular, working class and old character of the place lends itself well to the exercise. For a creation taking place in our time, all fantasies are allowed. This part of the city has been popular for several years, so it has the right dynamism for a contemporary creation. Also note the presence of some specific architectural elements, a godsend for certain productions. For an intimate atmosphere, for example, head for Place Casquette. The Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul church creates a mystical atmosphere. And for an authentic daily scene, the Place du Marché will be the best choice for a shooting in Lille Wazemmes.

Between two meetings, discover Lille Wazemmes

Opportunities of a day booking in Lille Wazemmes

Nowadays, work and pleasure are closely linked. During a work meeting, professionals appreciate being able to enjoy a pleasant and surprising place between two sessions. In this respect, exploring the Wazemmes district could prove to be very constructive. Just for a walk, it's worth a visit. The city's working-class past is evident at every street corner, and contributes to the character of this part of the city. In terms of cultural activities, it is mainly through music that the employees will get their minds off of things. The district is very rich in concert bars and offers visitors the opportunity to relax with music. Shopping is not to be outdone. This area has become over time a mecca for retail in Lille. Original shops and niche businesses flourish there for the pleasure of all.

Lille and the good food

Lille is a very popular city for business trips. And this, not only because of its beauty, but also for its culinary specialties. The North of France has one of the most roborative cuisines in the country, and Lille proudly carries this heritage. Salty or sweet, professionals will be delighted to exercise their taste buds after the effort. For total comfort after a meeting, opt for a waterzooï. This vegetable and chicken soup is as healthy as it is delicious.

If your work session starts in the morning, take advantage of breakfast to discover the cramique. This raisin bun is the best starters. And for a final treat before leaving Lille, a waffle filled with brown sugar will be a wonderful souvenir. Renting an atypical space in Lille Wazemmes for work is at the same time a professional, cultural and gustatory experience