Showroom rental in Bordeaux

Reserve atypical spaces for your professional activities.

All about renting an atypical showroom in Bordeaux

As an event manager, you necessarily need access to quality private spaces throughout France. The Bordeaux region offers you apartments, lofts and showrooms dedicated to the success of your event project. Take advantage of a showroom rental in Bordeaux and discover a historic city in constant renewal.

Why book a showroom in Bordeaux?

There are several reasons why you might be interested in Bordeaux. First of all, the city is a unique destination in terms of art and history. It is not only recognized and appreciated worldwide for the quality of its vineyards, but it is also a region that likes to promote its historical heritage. We will thus highlight the 350 or so buildings listed as Historic Monuments. Of which 3 religious buildings have been listed as World Heritage Sites since 1998, in connection with the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela. In other words, if you are looking to get your employees out of the daily routine and have them visit a large, historic and prestigious city, the south-west seems to be an ideal destination. You will always find a flexible booking in Bordeaux for the presentation of your products and services, or for the shooting of a promotional video.

But Bordeaux is not only a historical city! It is also a city with many districts that have their own identity, sometimes (often) atypical. One example is the Bassins à Flots district, which is currently undergoing a complete overhaul of its identity. Ideally located between the Bacalan and Chartrons sectors, the area is undergoing an impressive evolution. It is not only welcoming new inhabitants, but also new facilities and businesses. Near the docks, there is the former Nautilus building. Now converted into a business building, the site is home to the French retailer CDiscount. The company currently employs nearly 600 people. Booking an atypical showroom in Bordeaux in the Bassins à Flots district is to ensure a real human experience. Not far from the submarine base, now converted into a museum.

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What is the point of going to work in the Bordeaux area?

First of all, you should know that the climate in the south-west of France is particularly pleasant for most of the year. The "warm temperate" climate provides ideal temperatures, with a fairly mild winter. This is a good reason to make a flexible reservation in Bordeaux. For the rest, distance is never a problem. Bordeaux has a direct connection to Paris in only 2 hours. About 17 trains run daily between the two cities. This can only make it easier for you to decide on a day rental in Bordeaux.

Secondly, you should know that the city of Bordeaux is home to a multitude of different private spaces. All of them are likely to be suitable for the nature of your event. Whether it is a business meeting, a company seminar or an official presentation... You will easily find a flexible booking in Bordeaux that suits your project. If your intention is to hold a business meeting in an "old-fashioned" atmosphere, prefer the heart of the historic centre of Bordeaux.

Here you will regularly find buildings carved in blonde Aquitaine stone, with characteristic high ceilings. Rue Sainte-Catherine, the longest shopping street in Europe, offers hybrid venues for corporate parties, fashion shows and daytime showrooms in Bordeaux. If you are more the type to enjoy the advantages of an "industrial loft", the Chartrons district is the ideal place to be. You will find renovated spaces with many amenities (storeroom, office space, dressing room and 100 m2 garden among others).

What kind of showrooms can we find in Bordeaux?

As we have seen above, there are many possibilities to access an atypical showroom in Bordeaux. For example, we can propose to visit an atypical space in Bordeaux-centre. Perfect to organize events or to come and work for the day in open space. Located near the Place des Quinconces and the banks of the Garonne, the place is easily accessible via public transport. It also benefits from a nearby paying car park. This showroom rental in Bordeaux provides professionals with an allotted space of 120m² for a total surface area of 300m². With two rooms and many amenities (video-projection support, cocktail service, wi-fi and fiber optics in particular).

In a more industrial and less muffled aspect, you will also be offered to visit a modular space. It can obviously be rented for a day in Bordeaux. Such a space can provide you with a vast 100m² space on the first floor. With a catering area of 40m² including many services (tables, fridges, microwave and dishwasher). The impressive space available on the first floor opens onto an outdoor courtyard which itself overlooks a park. This is a great opportunity to imagine many different configurations when renting a showroom in Bordeaux.

Want to know more?

You now know a little more about the possibilities offered by the city of Bordeaux to welcome you and your team of professionals. However, there are still many destinations waiting for you in the south-west of France, close to the capital of Bordeaux. If you are looking for peace and quiet and a change of scenery in a unique and original setting, don't hesitate to visit the Bordeaux Caudéran district. This locality has a family, residential and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for organizing a day showroom in Bordeaux. You will find a charming property, entirely made of wood, situated on a 2200m² plot of land with trees. The central house, a loft, will welcome you and your teams for the time you need to shoot your promotional video.

If for you, the Bordeaux charm of a bourgeois house is priceless, choose a typical house. Combining charm, conviviality and the calm of the countryside. Such a house will be able to offer you an exceptional luminosity. A meticulous decoration as well as a framework at the same time calming and harmonious. You will find three bedrooms including a master suite. As well as a large living room and a glassed-in area directly overlooking a grassy area with a heated pool. One cannot hope for more when coming to work in the region for a professional weekend.